awkwardly, footloose

It took Saucy a couple of days to process what she saw over the weekend and to come to terms with the fact that she rather enjoyed it.  Normally she doesn't like anyone messing with her vintage teen years, her eighties, her time.  She enjoys the memories faded and a little blurry, as if taken with a Polaroid and left to turn vague and yellow on a bulletin board.

She was fairly sure that she was not going to enjoy Footloose, the remake, as she somewhat fondly recalled the Footloose of her youth:

See?  A little faded, no worse for the wear.  Readily available for viewing any given Sunday afternoon on a movie channel.  Just a tad preachy but entertaining.

And then she saw a poster for the new version, all crisp and hi-def and such and she thought for a moment... she wasn't ready for a change.  She thought at first that the poster looked like it should say Footloose Two: Dirty Havana Nights.

But when faced with the eventuality of the show opening last weekend, she examined her feelings closer.  She attempted to ferret out the root of her fears and it was this:

Her teen years, all angst-ridden and awkward, were... awkward.  They were documented in film by John Hughes and Saucy was no Molly Ringwald.

She was kind of the other, awkward girl.  More awkward than that.  Weren't we all, Dear Reader? 

So on Friday night, Saucy and Loopy headed to the Cineplex and poor Loopy suffered as Saucy waxed enthusiasm about how, in 1984, she was also in eleventh grade and saw the original Footloose. And the awkward memories came flooding after that:

But, Dear Reader, the more some things may be the same, the more some things might in fact change. 

For instance, Ren does not dance with a cigarette or get out of his car with a beer.  In the new version, Ren doesn't say pansy.  Oh, and they cut that whole book-burning bit out.  Nobody wants to talk about censorship, dammit!  This is a movie about dancing!

But there are still some deliciously awkward moments.  Awkward moments for a new generation!

This may not be a movie that defines Loopy's generation. In a laughable Google moment, Saucy found the phrase "Footloose is the seminal movie of the eighties" and she is unsure if that is true.

But, it was 1984 and Saucy was in eleventh grade and when she saw it, the music was awesome (she thought at the time) and that was enough for her. Hell, she was no Molly Ringwald and she was no movie critic, either.

So in 2011, Saucy returned to the theatre, prepared to be disappointed but she wasn't. She went with Loopy, who is in eleventh grade, who thought the music was awesome, and she also lurrved it.

Five magical, marshmallowy choke-on-the-glitter-in-your-mouth cupcakes!  Cast aside your fears of the remake and enjoy it.

Oh, and PS: Saucy made Loopy watch the original version tonight.  Not as good as she remembered, but plenty, plenty awkward.


sugar Creek said...

Oh my, I gotta take my girls to see it now! That just took me back to highschool as well! Just this morning I was watching Sixteen Candles and the other day was The Breakfast Club! Love those eighties movies!!

Anonymous said...

I so have to go with my daughter! I LOVED the original movie. Thanks for the always make me laugh!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's been so many years since I've seen the original. I can only remember a little bit of it! I've been hearing all around that the new one is great!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have such mixed feelings about this--but I despise remakes as a general rule, so there you go. I imagine it's more awkward when you go and find Dennis Quaid to be the hottie in the movies:)

Kate said...

I am floored! 5 cupcakes hey??? Well then. I guess I have to suck up my "They should never remake a classic" rule and go see it!

Girl About Town said...

I was probably too young to watch it at the time but the video store mixed up the VHS tapes in the box and instead of "Space Camp" we got this. It was awesome! I love her red boots! When her Dad comes to the diner to give her some money - that's awkward! Check out SJP in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - she has so much energy!

p.s. This is your best movie review yet!

Dana said...

It was good?!?! I didn't think it was going to be, I LOVED the original! Oh well, if Saucy says 5 cupcakes, I better get myself to the theater! (thank goodness I have a daughter so I'm not there alone! :)

sassy said...

off to see the movie next tuesday with the girls..I am still laughing at Veto's birthday outfit for Loopy! (heart attack is right Loppy would look so good I'd be worried to let her out too!!)

Kerrie said...

Overheard at the theatre: THIS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER'S FOOTLOOSE! It was really really good, but your review might be even better! Thanks for the giggle.

MJ said...

(This is awkward: I never saw the original Footloose. I danced like crazy to the soundtrack tho ~ how awkward is that!?)

I must also awkwardly admit that I've joined Veto by having a heart attack at the same time & only by seeing a photo. I too appreciate the top with the ruffles at the top as being a more suitable outfit!

It's also painful to admit that the upcoming teenage years will be very awkward for me!

Sandra D said...

Great review - brought back so many memories. I would like to see the remake but am not sure whether it is too mature for my 11-year old daughter.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

After being scared by "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" I said no more and swore I was not going to see this remake.

but after reading is I will give it a chance. Great review.

Deb Kennedy said...

Dear, Sweet Saucy, I find it utterly imPOSSible to believe that you, in any period of your life, could have been compared to 'not Molly Ringwald, but that OTHER geeky girl'. That would make you 'Geek Girl 2' (the actual credit Joan Cusak received in Sixteen Candles)... you, Saucy, are MUCH more Molly than Joan.<3

P.S.: Poor Veto.

Katie said...

Oh Saucy, Katie has just seen this movie. It made Katie feel sooo old. And from a mothers stand point, gave Katie heart palpitations and in general made her feel awkward. Not a bad remake though.

Saucy said...

Oh, Katie!

Saucy warned you... it would be awkward!! And Saucy is older than you are :)