quoth the swapper, nevermore

Saucy has really been off the whole internet swapping thing this year. She's had some pretty bad experiences with swap partners flaking and she puts in a fair bit of effort into her swaps so it gets discouraging. Plus, it's just been too busy around here with the kitchen renovations and much, much more.

She did decide to take part in Sarah's Halloween ornament swap - pretty impulsively - when it was announced and she's glad that she did because there hasn't been much crafty/making stuff happening around here at all. That said, she's not entirely sure about the outcome of these little Edgar Allan Poe ornaments... tiny black ravens were nary to be found for embellishment and the shipping date arrived too fast.

They are each adorned with a little orange Swarovski crystal, so that's nice. The portraits are mounted on aged tin and have an old-fashioned glass finish. 

So, if you are the recipient of a portrait ornament, feel free to add a raven if you can find it... 'tis only this, and nothing more.


MJ said...

You do such an amazing job in swaps! Fabulous ornaments!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

YOU are why I'd never swap--I'm so uncrafty and I'd be the flake!
But Poe in little metal frames--that is truly fabulous.

Anonymous said...

oooh, I like those very much!
Jen H

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love it!