juicy couture inspired

Saucy and some of the Cheerios have been wanting to cook up a photo shoot inspired by this series of Juicy Couture print ads for quite some time now. 

It's just so... cool. It's cluttered but it cohesive. There is so much going on, but it works.

The girls tried to find an old vacuum cleaner like that to no avail. Look how much junk is in this set: violins, tea sets, bowling pins, bikes, balloons, and rabbits in luxury handbags.

Plus, it was decided that it would just be the girls, with no boys in bunny ears. Boys IRL (in real life) don't want to hold your designer handbag, let alone wearing something silly on their head - and in front of a camera.

They gathered what they could and this is what it looked like:

Pretty close. The lighting is a little off but Saucy is afraid of the dappling sunlight, although there was plenty around. She chose a more shaded location - it was actually the bus stop at the end of the street - and she didn't have to worry about hot spots or lens flare.

Saucy is also limited by her kit lens and not having massive reflectors. That might have been useful.

It's got a good cluttered look but it probably could have used even more props and set design to look just like the advertisements.

Oh, and real rabbits. Nobody had real rabbits to bring along.

JWOWW wore some extensions and Snookie wore a coon skin cap.

It's funny what you can pull out of your closet and mix together for a deconstructed, couture fashion look. Snookie and her boyfriend found that old television at the side of the road.

So you know, other people are starting to attempt to replicate fashion editorial and advertising pictorials now, too. Saucy found someone else's version of this shoot here.

Now that Saucy has spent a few minutes looking at the originals, it could have been even sillier, and it still would have worked.

It appears that in high fashion, silly is good. Some might call it irreverent. Saucy calls it "garage sale chic."

Some cakes were brought from Wal Mart... that got things a little silly.

Saucy still enjoys the more candid shots of the girls best - when they aren't looking into the camera - sometimes, this is the way Saucy likes to capture them because this is how she sees them.

Yes, usually. Like that. With frosting on their faces.

Eventually, something gets spilled. Even that makes for a nice shot. This is one of Saucy's favourite shots of Beegie, ever.

Beegie spills things sometimes. She claims gravity is her nemesis.

It didn't take too long to set up and tear down this set. Yes, Saucy made sure there wasn't a speck of litter left behind, including those streamers.

Everyone grabbed as much Juicy Couture stuff they could... and even non-Juicy, if it looked luxe and crazy enough.

As you can see, there were a ton of shots. This is pretty rough editing because Loopy and JWOWW have editing assignments for their photo class and they can practice on these images. JWOWW actually turned her image above into a zombie... it's kind of cool but not that pretty.

And at the very end... it got real silly. One of the best shots of the day came when the girls were winding Loopy up in the streamers and Saucy got a quick pause for a shot.

Friends... we might be onto something here. We are feeling some lavish pre-production and photo shoot planning in our future. And if anyone has some live bunny rabbits that would like to be semi-famous, give us a shout. We can probably hook those rabbits up and give them their big break.


Rosa said...

How fun! What a shoot! Gorgeous.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

What fun for the girls! You are like the coolest mom ever! Great memories for them.

Anonymous said...

I think those are just as good as the originals from the magazines!

matgrif said...

What wonderful memories you are creating with those lovely lucky girls. I am inspired. :0) (somehow it keeps posting under my hubbies account - this is Kimi in Oregon)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

This is so cool and beautiful, your inspiration may be the one to drive me to try for a girl...maybe.

Pepper said...


Saucy said...

Nina... girls are the most fun! Just sayin'. Not like you can choose... but you can try ;)

Jerri-Lea said...

We don't have bunnies anymore but I may have been able to hook you up with one of those old vacuums!

sassy said...

no rabbits but how about a baby? :)
This shoot was OTT! My fav yet!

oliver rain said...

I love these shots. Your photos are just as good as the original. Loopy and her friends have so much fun.

Lisa Russell said...

You nailed it!! Awesome job!!