finding autumn and more at the dollar store

The inside of the house is still kind of a disaster area, Saucy can only show you the outside. This week she filled the window boxes and the iron urns with fall foliage.

It's fake.

It's all from the Dollar Store.

Saucy keeps it in the attic during the rest of the year, stored in a flat cardboard crate that's for holding plastic clamshells of strawberries at the grocery store. If you can get your hands on those crates, they are crazy-handy. They are made to be sturdy, light and compact. They usually have some stacking component to them like cardboard feet or tabs on the bottom that fit into the crate below it.

When Saucy gets multiples of crates like that, she does a little happy dance and then she sorts out her seasonal junk and stacks them up.

And speaking of storage... Candy asked yesterday "Saucy, where will the sprinkles go?"... and here is the answer:

On the shelves in the butler's pantry, in the jars from Dollarama that fit just so - seven astride of each shelf.

Saucy might need a couple more shelves cut... what do you think?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your jars are so sweet. I feel the need for more glass now.

sassy said...

OK this is just weird....I saw those jars at dollarama a while ago and cleared the shelf!!!!! Guess what is in them inmy cupboard...sprinkles! I also used 3 for teacher gifts, 1 for guitar picks and 3 or 4 more for various candies. I love the self sealing top but I cut it off a few for easier access. I can't wait to see the new kitchen!

Anonymous said...

saucy, the jars are it!,, imagine the colors of the rainbow all catching the sunlight! Pics please! candy

rach. said...

it looks so pretty!

love, rach.

Anonymous said...

So funny! It's strange we didn't run into each other at Dollarama because I have those very jars, along with a few others in my pantry. My planters outside are also boasting the very same flowers, leaves and FEATHERS! Aren't they great!!! D