time for some wisdom of the ages

As she finds herself deep in the middle of Loopy's teen years, Saucy is often wont to reflect on her own time at the same age... all knock-kneed and unglamorous. She and Loopy often drive around town listening to the music of Taylor Swift and Saucy is reminded of so many incidental moments in passing... things she hadn't thought of in years... things that seemed monumental at the time.

This year, Loopy survived the ups and downs of sophomore year. She, like so many other girls, got dumped by a boy over text messaging. She learned to navigate the social landmines of Facebook and learned to stay the hell away from Chat Roulette, lest she see something her tender eyes will never unsee. There have been mean girls and Miss Swift is right: all they're ever gonna be is mean.

Saucy and Loopy are on a little road trip to catch Taylor and her sparking guitar in concert. She will sing about love and loss through the eyes of a teenager. Sometimes Saucy marvels at the wisdom in her lyrics and other times Saucy can't help but smile because of all there is to learn yet.

Reader, what did you learn when you were a teenager? How did you get dumped? Who were the mean girls... and to this day if you could write them a song what would you sing to them?

If you could extoll some wisdom of the ages to Loopy and her peeps, what would it be? Saucy would surely appreciate it. Sometimes, hearing it from a voice other than your own mother's is very, very helpful.


lorier said...

I don't really remember any bad breakups from high school, but it doesn't end in high school. I was dumped by a note left on my door and the tender age of 40. The man that did the cowardly dumping was 46 years old.

Anonymous said...

My two cents: In high school, I always dwelled on the tiniest things and insecurities and thought they were huge and everyone noticed them. What I didn't realize until many many years later was that everyone was too focused on themselves to notice that my bangs looked bad that day or the microscopic pimple on my chin. Be confident, Loopy and friends, and try not to sweat the small stuff. :)

Niki said...

The most important things i learned in high school were:
1. grown ups actually might know something
2. school is about more than classes
3. the little things like hair and clothes won't matter in a few years
4. the big things like how you treat your friends will matter, always
5. boys are delicious, but should come with a surgeon general's warning about immaturity
6. the girls that you desperately want to be your friends but aren't, might not make very good friends any way

Megan said...

AHHH, just coming off my 20th HS reunion (what's that? yes, I know I hardly look old enough for that to be the case)

1. Some decisions you can never ever undo! (this refers to sex, drugs, driving, poor grades, etc)

2. Boys have a code - Bros before H.., girls should adopt that same code.

3. When someone says something very ugly about you, consider the source. Or better, I'm rubber, your glue, what bounces off me sticks to you!

4. Anon said it well - people are way more wrapped up in themselves to worry about you.

5. No matter what NO MATTER WHAT your mother loves you most of all. Most highlited 100 times and underlined 200 times.

Kat said...

My dad actually imparted quite a bit of wisdom for me in high school. He always told me to look out for the underdog and to never put people down. He said that people (even teenagers) hold a person like that in very high regard. And he was right. He also said to stand up for what you believe in even if it is not popular. Kids may tease you now but secretly they will be impressed (and many have come up to him, and I, years later and commended the belief).

My mom told me that you don't have to be the prettiest girl, the funniest girl, the smartest girl, the meanest girl. People just want to be around someone who makes them feel good. Meaning, smile. Be friendly. Put people at ease. Be kind. I found out how true that is.

I have so much I could say about boys and break ups and ALL THE STINKY MEAN GIRLS, but I just don't have the time here. Perhaps I should write a book. ;)

Good luck to your girl!!!!

Kat said...

And one more thing I figured out on my own.

Try not to dwell on your imperfections. People are far too worried about their own imperfections to be concentrating on mine. Life isn't all about me therefore I can relax and not worry about what people are thinking about me. They probably aren't thinking anything about me at all. There is freedom in that. Try not to take everything so personally as people most of the time don't mean it that way. The ones that do are probably just intentionally mean and not worth your time.

AND... (good grief this is long)

everyone has imperfections. Embrace them. I have a big nose and oily skin. I am goofy and kinda nerdy. I am stubborn. All of those things (along with the good things about me) make me who I am.

Kay. I think I'm done. ;)

CuteStuffInside said...

I don't remember what I learned as a teenager in school - I was too worried about how I looked and what I wore. Too bad. But I have learned a little along the way and that is God put you here like everyone else - no one is better than you. Respect yourself. Be kind to others.

Saucy said...

A dumping over note by a "grown" man is worse than a text... way worse :(. Saucy hopes Lorier returned the favor with a Molotov cocktail.

Megan, perhaps the correct code for girls is... chicks before... You know!

Kat is so right about imperfections! Nobody notices the little things we girls can beat ourselves up about (I'm talking to you, three week old chin zit. Screw you.)

MJ said...

I don't remember any of the stinky mean girls. I think I identified those prone to being stinky mean girls and just steered away from them.

The very positive thing I learned from high school was the importance of finding a wonderful, supportive set of teenage peers who have their heads screwed on straight. They made all the difference in my life as a teenager and their influence placed me on my path. I may have little to no contact with them now but I am forever grateful for their roles in my teenage years.

sassy said...

Mean girls never go away Loopy, I am so sorry. The great part is that once you finish high school you have so much more control about who you hang out with. I loved university because I was with others who WANTED to be there not a bunch of clowns and mean girls distracting me and being rude to others. High school was stressful, I find being an adult with a great husband kiddos so rewarding! (and WAY easier than school!)

Saucy said...

MJ and Sassy are right... good thing Loopy has good friends with their heads screwed on straight (at least Saucy thinks so). Steer clear of the others.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I got dumped so many times at Hardees that I got nervous whenever I walked through the door.
The girls were mean, equally insecure and jealous. I didn't care so much about them.
I wish I'd cared less about the boys and cared more about myself.

Anonymous said...

Loopy, know that everything seems important in high school, in reality nothing is. Your friends except maybe one or two will not care enough to keep the friendship alive, boys will dump you, and you will dump them. It's about learning and growing and realizing who you are and what you want. Be true to yourself and stay close to your family, they will still be there for you 20 years from now.Candy

Maija said...

I'd be singing "fuck you bitches!!"
Loopy rocks!

AmyF said...

Long time, no comment but I want to share what my dad shared with me and I am sharing with each of mine. After graduation you won't see 90% or more of these people. So don't let their words, actions or meanness define any part of you, unless its to be a better person. And most of those mean girls and boys, peak in high school. I am friends with a few on Facebook and it is amazing what they still find important in their lives. And its mostly bragging about inconsequential things. Be true to yourself and always stand up for your beliefs, even if you're standing alone. Cause there are people who will see your example and follow it.

Miss Quoted said...

1. The people that hate on you are the ones that secretly believe you are better than they are.

2. Love does not change. I'm an old lady, and when I fall in love it feels the same way it did when I was 16. Break ups too - still, it's all pretty good.

3. Being different is ok. I spent a lot of time wishing I was more like everyone else. Today, I look at them and their lives and they are great, FOR THEM. I am who I need to be.

4. Your Mom knows more than you think she does, and she loves you in a way you may never understand, she wants what is best for you - always. Give her the benefit of the
doubt on difficult days and always know no one will love you as much as your Mom.

Michaela said...

I got dumped by a boy by text message. That sucked, especially since it was my first relationship. Most boys are stupid. You just have to wait till you find a not stupid one.