eleventh grade

Loopy starts back to school tomorrow morning as a junior. Only two years of school left. Where has the time gone? Saucy swore she'd never ask that aloud. It seems she is asking herself that almost daily now.

Do you remember the excitement of picking your first day of school outfit? Like it was yesterday. Only Saucy's was a little different: Jordache jeans and a snappy pink shirt with an alligator on it, the collar carefully popped.

This is Loopy's back to school look. Not the shoes. God, no, not the shoes. The shoes are Saucy's and while they could be worn for the photos, more sensible shoes will be worn to school tomorrow. Sensible sandals from Wal Mart.

Saucy remembers grade eleven as being her very favourite year of high school. She hit her stride, she knew her way around. She had nice friends and the pressure of senior year and graduation and all of the decisions that were on the horizon were so far off in the distance that her biggest concern was where exactly she should tie her bandana - upper arm or knee?

Saucy never remembers having skin quite so beautiful as Loopy's. Even with all her babysitting money spent on Stridex pads and 10-0-6 lotion. What she wouldn't give to smell those smells again.

Loopy was allowed a little back to school spray tan. Saucy digs the idea of sunless bronzing but all things in moderation. Nobody wants to be orange. Back in the day it was lay out in the sun with your Hawaiian Tropic or baby oil. Later you would smell like Noxema, but even that odor is a fond memory now.

If you wanted an instant glow in the eighties, you applied Quick Tan. Your striped gams were a dead giveaway. Things are so much easier for this generation.

Saucy swore she'd never say that, either.

If you wanted highlights, you got Sun In hair treatment and only the lucky ones went truly blonde. The rest of us had red highlights to complement the orange between our fingers from applying the QT.

There were no teen-friendly fashion stores where we could find reasonably priced versions of runway fashion. Saucy could never have conceived of shopping at Forever 21 or accessorizing at Claire's. Back in high school in the eighties, you bumped into your twin around every corner and you all smelled the same. Like Giorgio Beverly Hills, probably.

What was your favourite year of high school? You can't flake on the question and say you hated them all. You had to have a favourite.

What was the best of the worst, then?

Loopy technically NOT "owling." Owling is the new planking. She's got the pose, but she should be set up on a fence or a high object to be owling.

She's been looking forward to school since the first day of summer vacation...

...even more so after we found the outfit.

Today we had makeovers at the Benefit counter and this is the result. A lightly winged eyeliner and a nude lip. Apparently it will be "the look" this year. She had to get "the look."

Saucy is loathe to admit it but she's thrilled school is starting again. She likes the schedule, she likes the rhythm of the week. She gets so much more accomplished when she's pressed for time.

Especially blogging. This weekend she's going to show you Veto's birthday cupcakes, a book review, a couple of cute things and... a giveaway.

Totally. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I only wish i was that good looking and confident as I entered grade 11.

S. Bishop

oliver rain said...

She looks so beautiful and so grown up. My favourite year was Grade 12. The drama of the previous year with some nasty girl fights was over and I had the hottest, 3 years older guy in town for a boyfriend for a while. And while I didn't know it then, one of my best guy friends would become my future husband.

I posted some of Lizzie's back to school looks on my blog. She starts Grade 8 tomorrow! Yikes.

Anonymous said...


Be.Spectacle.D said...

That's an awesome outfit! I'll use it for inspiration. She looks so pretty :). I'm also going into my Junior year, but it's college :-o. I can't believe it.
My favorite year of high school was sophomore year. That was definitely the most carefree year. I hardly had to worry about anything, and because I didn't have a job until that March I didn't have to pay for anything. When I did start working, it was still so new so I actually enjoyed it. My current (and first) boyfriend and I started dating my sophomore year as well. I didn't have to worry about staying up until early morning writing research papers because they weren't assigned and there's no way my mother would let me stay up that late.
This is my first comment on your blog, but I've been reading for a while! It's so entertaining and I like **thinking** that baking cupcakes the way you do is a possibility :)

Karina said...

She looks stunning!
Grade 11 was the turnover year. I no longer felt like a geeky kid and got a part time job, which of course let me get all the stuff my Mom wouldn't buy...
-Body On Tap shampoo (or Gee your hair smells terrific)
-Estee Lauder self tan lotion...unheard of at the time
-hair crimper
-leg warmers
-endless bottles of Aqua Net
Now don't try and visualize how I looked with all this, it'll ruin the magic.
*cheers* to a great school year!

K :) said...

She is stunning!!!!

Favorite school year was late 10th grade when I got my contacts!!! And, then I loved 11th grade, as well. Lots of changes and fun that year.

Jerri-Lea said...

OMG Loopy is absolutely stunning!! I wish I looked that good in high school...wait I wish I looked that good now. Have a great year Loopy!
My best year in high school was grade 12, it was the end and I could move on. High school was a very unkind place for me!

Sandra D said...

Loopy definately has "the look". She truly is gorgeous and your fabulous photos have captured her beauty. Grade 12 was my favorite year as my 2 best friends (who are still very much in my life today) were unstoppable. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Gosh, I wish I looked that good, she is stunning. My favorites where 2-3 (different grade system) which is sophomore and Junior years. I remember I was addicted to eyeliner then, wearing 3 pairs of different color socks and Noxema and Nivea.

Niki said...

hmmmmmm... ninth grade wasn't too bad; senior year wasn't terrible either

GREAT necklace on Loopy.

CuteStuffInside said...

Favorite year - senior - I knew I was on my way out. As for "QT" - if you hadn't mentioned it, I probably would have never thought of it again - orange skin in a bottle - how far we have come!

CuteStuffInside said...

Oh yeah - love the outfit!

MJ said...

Have a wonderful 11th year, Loopy!

My favorite year in high school was Gr 9. High school was new, exciting with lots of new everything all around.

After Gr 9, I then looked forward to going to university! Always greener grasses ahead!

Saucy said...

Loopy is wearing MY necklace! Her outfit but Saucy's accessories... she's got a good gig going on.

ChaChaneen said...

Lurve the nude lip and winged eye look - looks natural in an understated way!

And my oh my, she is looking so much like you everyday - especially this year - all grown up!! Beautiful my friend!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!
I remember loving high school, we were very lucky in my home town not to have a bunch of cliques, and everyone hung out. Not in funky outfits like Loopy's I might add. I have fond memories babysitting for $2 an hour to save up for my Au Coton and Beaver Canoe T-shirts. With jeans and, you guessed it, sneakers!!! No heels or skin showing. They were much simpler days, weren't they? Love D

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Genevieve said...

Where has the time gone...look how grown up she is! So gorgeous...wowzer, Veto...get ur gun.