peace, love, juicy necklace

Saucy used a few miscellaneous bits of jewelry and some pieces from her empty perfume bottles to concoct a necklace inspired by the fragrance Peace, Love & Juicy Couture:

The look is sort of boho-chic and glam. It only took a few minutes to alter a plain necklace into something short of fabulous.

Saucy had on hand: a pretty little rhinestone bird necklace from Forever 21... it was inexpensive of course and really needed to be jazzed up anyway. It cost about six dollars. She found two charm bracelets at Claire's for a dollar each and she salvaged the baubles from the neck of her Peace, Love & Juicy and an empty bottle of the original Juicy Couture scent.

She detached the rhinestone bird from its plain chain and replaced it with a bracelet on each side, making sure she left the toggle closures at the correct end.

The heart shaped peace sign and the embellished "j" are from perfume bottles. The bird charm was just kicking around. So were a tiny crown, heart and key charm. Who knows where they came from? Saucy doesn't.

It was finished off with the tassels from the perfume bottle. Time will tell how well they wear.

Coming soon... to a Loopy photo shoot near you! Now, what might that crazy faux fur/feather stuff is around the model's shoulder be the inspiration picture? Anyone?


Jerri-Lea said...

Could it maybe be llama or alpaca fur? CJ is having a photo shoot with friends after we watch the Judy Moody movie for her birthday next week! Wish us luck!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I was JUST at a Stella & Dot jewelry party where they had lots of necklaces of that ilk. You are SO stylish!

Lisa Russell said...

Love the necklace! You are so good at repurposing things! :)

Mrs. G. said...

I love this, standard Saucy style!

Mairead said... *could* be brushed/combed alpaca. You could probably simulate it with something from a fabric store or something loosely knitted from white fun fur. (Eurrrrgh on the fun fur, but it'd look similar.)

Crista said...

Love it Saucy! I wish I had a teeny tiny bit of your creativity! The model in the Juicy photo looks to be sporting a vest similar to the one that was handed down to me by an uber cool babysitter. It was the early 80's... it was long and furry (in my mind it was Alpaca) but I know it was a fake fur of some sort. She even had the boots to match but I wasn't lucky enough to be given those... lol! Can't wait to see the results of the photo shoot too!

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