konked out

Over the weekend Buddy Budderson and Loopy attended a comic book and anime convention. If you know anything about these events, attendees usually arrive dressed like their favourite superheroes or characters. They'd been looking forward to it all year.

Of course, Buddy is old enough to come up with his own costume. He did pretty well, Saucy figures, as she has absolutely no idea who he is supposed to be. Apparently, he was a big hit. They both were.

Saucy helped Loopy find the right cargo pants and shirt and then Uncle Bug came to the rescue and helped make that giant wrench. Loopy was dressed as girl mechanic Winry Rockbell from the Japanese show Fullmetal Alchemist. Saucy actually knows this because she's been watching a little bit of the series with Loopy some nights when the homework is all finished. It's animated, but don't call it a cartoon. These things are not cartoons.

At any rate, Loopy was also a huge hit at the convention and other attendees asked to be photographed with her. She also got an autograph on her wrench of one of the voice actors from the show (that is not a cartoon) appearing at the event.

In the meantime Saucy has been busy, busy, busy spinning her wheels and never really getting anything done to a finished state enough t share with you here. Hopefully next couple of weeks she can show you the completed outdoor kitchen (waiting now for backsplash and counter to be installed) and definitely she's going to show you what 32 dozen Cheerio cupcakes look like... she and the girls finished that on Friday night for a successful sale on Saturday morning.

If you also have twenty unfinished projects on the go, let Saucy know about it. Her hopes were dashed about getting caught up by the time the washing machine konked out on Thursday. That's sort of how Saucy feels right now... konked out. How about you?


LisaInCT said...

I'm with you here... weeks have flown by these last several months. I had hope for June, but it's the 6th already and I feel I'm getting next to nothing done!

Anonymous said...

My kitchen is ripped out right now, so I have no sink, stove or anything!! The mudder comes today, and hopefully we have cabinets by the end of next week! So I have been getting nothing done except dusting, and trying to keep our little temporary kitchen(plastic table), and coffee station(small table at back entrance) up and running!!! Certainly no baking going on here. You are not alone Saucy, keep reminding yourself! D

Kristi said...

I'm still recovering from my husband's 40th birthday weekend...last weekend...most of which was a complete surprise to him. I planned a backyard fajita/margarita/sangria party for 60, with lots of attention to detail (balloons, party favors, dessert table, etc.) and a super-surprise delivery of a Big Green Egg as his gift. On Sunday, we were off to attend the Rangers baseball game, where I surprised him with 6 of his bestfriends and "fan of the game" in the 8th inning. Monday was a surprise flamingo flocking in our front yard followed by dinner, cake, ice-cream and gifts at home with the family. Needless to say...he felt super-special, but I am worn out!


How fun for them. I can't wait to see your new indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Lisa Russell said...

The kids look great, but Loopy looks fabulous!! Love the wrench! Great idea to get it autographed. They have this coming up here in Tampa soon, my friend is taking her daughter to it. They go every year!

Niki said...

My To-Do List now has prioritized sub-categories it is so dang long.
We'll get everything done, but i think maybe we should take tonite off.

Angela G. Willis said...

You know me. I ALWAYS feel conked out!

I LOVE Buddy and Loopy's outfits! They look amazing!

Love you-Angela