it's practically saucy's birthday

With her 44th birthday in just one week, Saucy realizes that she has some fairly impractical wants. She's documented them along with a few more realistic possibilities, just for fun. You might be so kind as to help her determine which of these items might be the most practical - as in, which she might be able to justify to Veto!

PRACTICAL: The forecast says it's going to be another rainy, muddy summer. Saucy needs rain gear when she was Googling galoshes the other day she found someone selling her almost never-worn pair. Usually the thought of second hand footwear would send Saucy scurrying to the sanitizing lotion but for some reason pre-owned rain boots don't faze her in the least for rummaging around the garden and pool area on yucky days. Very practical!

PRACTICAL: This is a great little hiding spot... but now that Saucy's told the world where she's thinking of putting her valuables, she may as well not get this socket wall safe from Think Geek.

So far, you're thinking, Saucy is pretty darn practical. Hold on.
NOT PRACTICAL BUT SAUCY COULD TALK HERSELF INTO IT: Saucy needs a new coin purse and this one from Tiffany & Co. is calling her name.

And while you're there, her bracelet is quite worn out. In the end she's worn her bracelet every single day for ten years now, making it a cost of less than six cents per day. That's almost practical.

NOT PRACTICAL. Tiny adorable pinwheel earrings from Etsy. Cute, but the sticks might get caught on things so they are not practical at all.

PRACTICALLY INSANE: In Chicago last December Saucy spied a few of these Argentinian glass and steel candy store display units. She couldn't fit one in her luggage of course. Wouldn't this be grand in the new kitchen? It would be amazing and styling and although it is somewhat practical storage, it is not a practical price.

VERY PRACTICAL: Saucy really thinks it would be handy to have a docking station near the bed for an alarm clock. Waking up to the sound of James Taylor would be so much more soothing than the buzzzz that happens now. Plus, her phone could charge while she sleeps. Isn't that practical? Saucy can be quite practical.

UNTIL NOW. Saucy has always, always wanted a retro style bicycle and this snazzy one from New York bike shop Adeline Adeline would be wonderful...

Can you imagine zipping around town delivering cupcakes to friends? Saucy can. Please add a basket to that order. Baskets are practical.

ON A MORE PRACTICAL NOTE, this cruiser from Wal Mart might be a better idea. There might not be much bike riding weather this summer. Saucy might just have to walk around town in her second hand galoshes.

NOT PRACTICAL but affordable and easy to justify: a mini tiered cake pan!

COMPLETELY IMPRACTICAL AND it's kind of silly and embarrassing... but Saucy collects dolls. Not in the I-have-creepy-dolls-that-stare-at-you-all-over-the-place kind of way, more like the I-never-noticed-Jackie-Kennedy-up-there-on-your-bookshelf sort of way. She's somewhat jonesing for the commemorative Duchess of Cambridge bride doll. She has a fierce case of Royal Wedding fever.

There's only one cure:

Not more cowbell. A replica ring. Not a real sapphire surrounded by fourteen clear diamonds... faux! See? PRACTICAL!

Asking for kitchen stuff for one's birthday can be risky business girls but you have to admit this scraping beater blade attachment is pretty sweet. No cupcake frosting would escape this bad boy... making this a very PRACTICAL birthday gift!

Saucy is PRACTICALLY DYING FOR: an 85mm (1:18) lens for portraiture and Loopy & Co. photo shoots! She's wanted an 85mm or a 100mm for absolutely, practically... forever.

The last MOST PRACTICAL item (not really) for Saucy's birthday is this Cuisipro cupcake corer at Williams Sonoma. It's practical because it's not a very big purchase but it's impractical because Saucy can sort of do this already with an apple corer. Practically.

Reader, what do you think? Are any of Saucy's demands less than practical? Let's forget about the doll when you answer that.


Karen said...

practicality pshaw - the heart wants what the heart wants

Saucy said...


Kate said...

Love it all of course...but the bike totally caught my attention! Wonderful! And the coin purse had me swooning in my chair. Really...nothing on the list is out of the question in my opinion. Giggle. Veto just has to ask himself if you are worth it. And we all know the answer to that!

Jill said...

Okay, that is one great list and I fully support each and every one of those choices. I'm in love with that coin purse, omg. I also think that Jackie O. needs someone to have happy hour (or tea) with on that bookshelf.

Birthdays are for fun indulgences. I say live it up!


PS: I have one of those scraper-beaters, and it's nice. Maybe Duke can give it to you for your birthday, since he likes the goodies you bake.

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Very cute ideas. The ipod/alarm clock seems like a necessity...and I think Kate really wants to join your bookshelf Jackie O...I have an Anne of Green Gables doll on my bookshelf - is that freaky LOL? To be fair, she's standing next to all my Anne of Green Gables she kind of fits in!

alittlebitofscrap said...

The bike or the boots... the boots or the bike.. hm! BOTH! :)

Lisa Russell said...

Dearest Saucy, we are alot alike. Who would have thought my twin was Canadian? Oh well...let's see! I have the retro bike (hunter) in pink, but I need the basket. I have the iHome docking station for my iPod and LOVE it! I use it every night! My birthday was last week, and what I wanted was the beater blade for my KitchenAid mixer. A friend of mine got one for Christmas and I have wanted one ever since! The doll -- my mother was a doll collector and I have quite a few myself. She had the Diana/Charles set, so I may just have to get the Kate doll to complete that collection! ;) My favorite is my That Girl Barbie! I also have my barbies/skipper/francie/little kiddles from when I was a kid. :P My vote is for the Juicy rain boots and the Tiffany coin purse (which now I want too)!! Both cute as can be and affordable! The other things you can put in your amazon cart throughout the year. :)

Happy Birthday! xoxo, Saucy Lisa

Shannon said...

I think Saucy must have the retro bike!!! Happy Birthday, drag your birthday out as long as you can.

MJ said...

Don't overlook the doll. Consider it a collector's investment! Investments earn money!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That bike--I want the bike, too! With a basket!

Sandra D said...

Love all your choices. Since Mother's Day is coming up too, my vote is for you to get all your heart's desires - especially since they are so darn practical. Thanks for giving me some suggestions for my Mother's Day list too!

j said...

The wall safe? Magical! I love the baking stuff and that bike? Dying. Hope it is a wonderful birthday week!

the treat girl said...

I have the bike...I got it last year for my birthday! ...the one from Walmart :)

My birthday is at the end of the May...and all I'd really love is a Wusthoff bread knife and a new set of thin Sharpie Markers....oh, and a day all to myself to sleep in and do crafts!

Be sure to let us know how you make out :)

P.S. I've worn my bracelet almost every day for the last 10 years too!!! My mom treated my sister, me and my daughter to one when we went to Chicago in 2001. I will love it always. said...

I am a little late to the party so to speak and I think I will just forward your post to my hubby - but with one change - the bike would be lily pulitzer although hubby already pointed out the walmart one when we were in the store :( Happy Birthday!