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To determine the winner of the $50.00 Target gift card, Saucy first chose which of the five posts last week would host the winner... it was Monday. Monday had six comments. She then generated a random winner from those six comments:

Congratulations, Jill! Shoot Saucy an e-mail with your snail mail address and she'll ship you your gift card full of awesomeness and get shopping! Thanks everyone for the comments and wishes... it was another fulfilling year of blogging.

And if you didn't win, remember: Target comes to Canada next spring!

Things have been good and busy around here since Saucy, Veto and Loopy got home from Arizona. Buddy Budderson came home for the long weekend to celebrate his 21st birthday. Carrot cake was served, as is the custom. The roof of the house was replaced while everyone was away on holiday, so nobody had to endure the clacking of hammers and nail guns - just the neighbours.

Since getting home, Saucy has been engrossed in planning the kitchen renovation that will go ahead this summer. She's spent three sessions with the draftsman for Cabico Cabinetry. The plans are almost complete... she has another session scheduled for Tuesday to finish things up.

Wanna take a peek? These are the cabinets:

Simple shaker doors with inset frames so the hinges will be exposed... it will fit this 99 year old house, don't you think? The colour will be a pale dove grey, very close to white. This picture is from the company website but it's pretty close to what Saucy's ordering. The backsplash will be white subway tile, too.

She really wants classic hexagon tiles in this pattern on the floor, but she has a backup plan. If it's cost prohibitive or won't work meeting the adjacent flooring, she'll go with dark wide-plank hardwood. No biggie. She doesn't get too bent out of shape about these things.

She's for sure ordering one section of cabinets in a blue shade. It will make the whole look a little less fitted, more like an original kitchen to the age of the house. Classic cup drawer pulls are a must. The range hood will be like this one, with a ledge for bottles and vases and a cool clock overtop.

Light quartz countertops with a farmhouse sink...

... beadboard on the ceiling, schoolhouse lighting and some open shelving also. Texture on the ceiling is awesome.

One section of cabinetry with glass doors... should she paint the interior for added interest?

But the best part... the part Saucy is so excited about... she might pee her pants a little:

The whole area that was formerly a breakfast nook will now be a pantry and baking centre. Not only has Saucy washed and saved every spaghetti sauce jar that's passed her way for five years, she found these three inch bad boys in a box of 144 with chrome lids:

Imagine it for a moment: a wall of sprinkles. Yes, she said it.


And as sure as she is about this faucet, she's unsure about one thing. Maybe you could help her.

While she's always envisioned this sink (she had it at the last house)... now she's not so sure. It was a tiny bit high maintenance. It scratched easily and Saucy more or less babysat it. She polished it with ceramic cooktop cleansers and didn't let anyone throw tea, coffee or wine down the drain without rinsing. She was a little fussy about it. She kind of drove everyone crazy. She buffed it like it was a sports car and she was a fifty-five year old man in a Zeppelin tee shirt.

Reader, what do you know about copper sinks? What do you think? It should be durable. It's got a nice look.

This is what to consider:

The copper sink actually will cost less than the white version. A savings of about $300.00. Veto's on board with that, as you can imagine.

Saucy's not too excited about the decoration on the front of the copper sink. What do you think? Getting it without costs substantially more money, wanna know why? Because this way is more easily produced by machine but otherwise it has to be hand-hammered for a finish. So if she gets the copper to save money, she'd get the pattern. Otherwise she should just get the white and be done with it.

Also, the copper might not be available right now in the double basin option. Saucy's last farmhouse sink was single basin and it really cramped her style. She thinks. Maybe she can't remember. She washes a lot of dishes.

The sink will be right next to the dishwasher, and it's stainless steel. The white sink won't look bad next to it... but maybe copper will look funny?

What colour of faucet do you put with a copper sink next to a stainless steel dishwasher? It's mind boggling.

The copper is probably easier to care for in the long run, if Saucy just lets it develop its natural patina and doesn't obsess over it. It's also more forgiving if something gets dropped.

But ooooh... white is looking good too. What would you think if you walked into a kitchen with a copper farmhouse sink?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

It is amazing how much alike your dream kitchen and mine would look! I'm all for the white cabinets, drawer pulls, hood shelf, painted cabinet, ceiling tiles, and......the WHITE farmhouse sink!! I think the copper would look a tad funny with the SSteel. But that is just my humble lil opinion! We are still a few dollars short of being able to finalize our dream kitchen, so I'll just live vicariously thru yours!

Congrats to your winner of the giveaway!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Lady Annabell Morris Pine said...

I say stay with the white sink. We have a white porcelain sink and my mother literally walks around with a spray bottle of bleach. You know how when you brew coffee and you can smell it in the whole house? Well, I can tell when she's attacking the sink!

Jill said...

I won! I won! Thank you soooo much!! I'm so excited~ I have a Target around the corner, so that giftcard will be spent in no time at all!

I'm totally lovin' the inspiration for your kitchen. I love the sprinkles wall idea. I collect sprinkles and display them on vintage spice racks. I have to change them out each season though because there's not enough spice rack space for all of them. A whole wall of sprinkles sounds amazing!!

Thanks again for the giveaway giftcard!


PS: I'd splurge for the white farmsink. Mostly because it would be easier to choose the faucet. I also think it would flow better with your light, clean, cool look you have going on. That copper sink is pretty neat-o though...

T@iy@ said...

I *love* the copper sink! Just love it! I have a white sink in my kitchen that was there before we moved in... and already pre-ruined for us. It's discolored and there is *nothing we can do about it. I think the copper would give your kitchen a little added spunk, be a little unique, and a whole lot of fun!

Don't ask me about the faucet part, though. *Those decisions are much harder for me. The what-matches-and-looks-best decisions always leave me second-guessing myself.

Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! Good luck!

Sarah said...

you need bar keepers friend. it keeps those white sinks white with very little effort.

MJ said...

If you go with the copper sink, it would be worthwhile to get it hammered out. I can only imagine the accumulation of kitchen stuff in that decorative area.

I wouldn't want a kitchen without a double sink. I understand your concerns about cleaning a white sink & would be tempted by a stainless steel country sink. I think Bianco makes one? White is certainly the standard choice in this sort of kitchen but I have always enjoyed the more carefree stainless steel sink!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very pretty plans! I love white, too. My sink is white and I wish I'd gone for stainless--it scratches easily. *sigh*

Jana said...

I have a copper farmhouse sink in this house...use to have the white farmhouse sink in the old home...between the two, it is definitely a toss up as to which one is better. I have enjoyed the copper but it changes colors constantly from grime, water, and just plain use. I thought it would turn a beautiful color and stay that way...nope. It just looks dirty on the sink bottom. When you scrub to clean it, it is very shiny but then it doesn't match the sides anymore since their patina is now a darker color. The white sink is more maintenance and does scratch easily...with the copper you just scrub until you like it again so in that regard, it is easy to take care of. I guess I am saying I like my sink but I don't love it like I thought I would. I actually got mine from Mexico but off of ebay. Good luck on your decision! I would love to go for some type of rock sink next. :) Always looking for the indestructable sink that has good looks!

oliver rain said...

I love the new kitchen ideas. I think you should go with the white sink. I don't care for the decorative front on the copper. And a wall of sprinkles, de-light-ful.

Sandra D said...

Love all your wonderful ideas for your new kitchen - it is going to be fabulous. My preference re the sink is the white rather than the copper, especially if you are going with SS appliances.

Dana said...

Congrats Jill!


Pepper said...

I do love the white sink, you already have your family "trained" because of your last house!

Dakuro said...

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