golden weekend {silver lining}

Daisy Duke, JWoww, Trooper, Beegie, McSteph

You're probably wondering how the Cheerios made out in their new uniforms at the Provincial Championships this weekend. Saucy needed a little decompression time before she could blog about it. Here's the story.

There was no school on Friday so the road trippers got an early start and were checked into the hotel by mid-afternoon. Saucy is pleased to report that every single one of them were well behaved and civilized in the hotel.

They swam and sat in the hot tub, enjoyed a pizza supper and loads of snacks. There was even some craft time, if you can imagine.

They were tucked in early for a 5:30 AM wakeup call on Saturday morning. Saucy wrote goodnight and good luck messages on foam cups and delivered them to the rooms with teabags of Sleepytime Tea.

Snookie, DJ Jazzy Anna, Captain Q

Good thing, as there was lots of prepping to do in the morning to be on the warmup mats at 7:28 AM!

Some people have quite a bit of energy at 7:00 AM.... you have no idea. And not enough coffee. They do not make enough hot black caffeinated beverages for mornings like this.

Captain Q, Fly Girl, The Tower, Monty, Spanky, Snookie

The girls were beyond excited to wear their new uniforms. They're soft and comfortable and very easy to move in, being yoga wear and all.

Soon enough, it was time to take to the performance mat. Guess what? There were no nerves or jitters. The Cheerios were giggling and laughing backstage with the other teams.

To say that they nailed their routine is an understatement. Between this performance and their previous competition, more difficult skills were introduced and they even got the new things just right. It could not have been better.

In this part, Snooks and Trooper run across a bridge of Cheerios into the waiting arms of bases who turn, face the front, and then "leap frog" them over another girl into the arms of more teammates. It's pretty cool the way it happens, all in just a few seconds.

And then... it was over. The girls could see from their coaches' reactions that they'd done well. They knew it. They were elated as they left the floor.

Saucy should really try to post a video here so you can see it, too.

Veto came to find everyone and he was proud... you could see it in his face. The girls were jumping up and down to get pictures with him.

JWoww, Beegie, Veto, Snookie, Loopy, The Devine Miss S

Everyone wanted in on the action! Veto with his adopted cheer daughters.

Also, to the blog readers who Saucy calls friends - a sincere thank you for going out of your way to support the Cheerios. Saucy was touched by your effort to attend and the team said they felt like celebrities! It was such a boost for them.... you were cheerleaders for cheerleaders!

After that performance, there was nothing to do but wait... and maybe celebrate and dance a little.

And here they are... the silver medals! Were the girls disappointed not to repeat as provincial champions this year? A little, sure. Of course they really wanted to win. That's why they went. They were however, the most gracious losers. They congratulated the winners as well as the third place team.

You know, they worked so hard for it. They don't get a fair share of gym time so they devoted their Christmas and midterm breaks to have a chance to practice without the hinderance of the ceiling in the cafeteria. Even in the gym, they don't have the proper mats and they roll out the old wrestling mat upside down to be safe. They're really dedicated like that.

Perhaps the thing that really smarted were the scoresheets. They performed their best of the entire season and they received their lowest scores. The judges comments were mostly negative, leaving them a touch deflated. As a coach, Saucy likes as much constructive criticism as a judge can dish out, so she knows what she needs to fix. But at the very last event of the season, when the team won't have any opportunity to improve - this is it - sometimes its just best left on a positive note.

Oh, but wait... it was!

Saucy, Mustang Sally

During the evening session, the Cheerios were recognized with the Spirit Award, acknowledging their enthusiasm, good sportsmanship and team conduct... out of all the teams in all divisions, they had exemplary behaviour. And guess what? They were more than thrilled to get that award. They took photos of it, they hoisted it above their heads and they said, "This means more to us than winning! Now we have a silver medal and the Spirit Award, this is amazing!"

Manny the Mascot, JWoww (Safety first!)

And with that, it was time to celebrate. Everyone was off to Chuck E Cheese. Nobody's too old for Chuck E Cheese.

Loopy, Snookie, Chuck E, Lashes

Lashes, JWoww, Loopy, Snookie

Monty, The Tower, Beegie

After everyone was full of pizza, wings and cheese sticks, it was time to return to the hotel to celebrate three team birthdays!

Saucy had made a special cake for the occasion: a teddy bear wearing the new team duds. So, there were crowns and cake and cupcakes at the stroke of midnight. And then it was over. The excitement died down and the girls felt good about the outcome, they stayed up a little later and the next morning everyone made their way home.

Saucy is... exhausted. She hasn't even unpacked completely yet. Why does she do this to herself?

This is why she does it. And it's all worth it.

Team windup is on Friday night and Saucy has a few things planned. She'll try to check in with you a bit here this week but she can't really spoil any of the surprises that she will be working on. She's counted on her fingers how many hours between now and then... and she might not be able to pull off what she wants to do, but she's giving it her best shot. She'll keep you posted. After all, windup is one of the most important parts of the season. It helps the kids understand how far they've come and what they've accomplished. That it's all worth it.

To find out about last year's windup, click here.


LisaInCT said...

I applaude you... for being a GREAT mom and for guiding these young ladies. I know being a Cherrio and having you as a coach will be moments they will always hold close in their hearts.


Kim said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad for you and the girls that they pulled it together for the championships.

By the way, silver isn't losing!!! I'm betting that there were way more than 3 teams competing, so they were in the elite category.

e.m. said...

WoW. You are the best! Loopy is a lucky young lady. Congratulations on a great WIN! Please post a video her or on fb. I'd love to see it.

oliver rain said...

The girls are very lucky for have you coaching them. These events will be what they remember as adults. Congratulations on the Silver medal and the Spirit award.

I love the picture of you and Loopy. You two make a great team.

karen said...

way to go Coach!! great job Saucy Sasha - I really love the new uniforms - they look so modern and fresh and feminine and flattering!!! Gosh the girls look happy - so wonderful for them

sassy said...

I'm blinking back tears...what an amazing team! Those gals are sooo lucky ot have you...and that Loopy is the luckiest of all! Way 2 go to ALL of you! (veto made the road trip?! awww! he sure luvs you :)!)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Great job girls! And Saucy!! I don't blame you for being exhausted lol.

Kerrie said...

Those are bright, sunshine-y uniforms that look as happy as the young women wearing them! Congrats to all of you. You're ALL winners and I bet people copy your new look next year!

Dana said...

We want a video!!!!

the treat girl said...

It is all worth it...TO.TALLY!!! What a great finish to a great of luck getting all of your fun surprises ready for the wind will trully be hard to top those bracelets from last year! A super coach for a FAB group of Cheerios!

Saucy said...

One of the dads is dropping off a video tonight. I think I can post it to YouTube and put the link in a post or embed it for you! It's coming!

Angela G. Willis said...

Are you freakn' kidding me?! AND you made a Bear Cake AND cupcakes, too. Oh, you are something...

No wonder you were up past midnight making cupcakes before you went!
Gosh... I really should move there so we can help each other!

As I said before the girls have done a wonderful job this year, especially after all the obstacles in their way! They should be so proud and so should you! (would love to see a video)

So glad to have seen Veto there- he looked so proud! ; )
You really are a wonderful person, you know - beautiful, inside and out!

Love you, dear friend.

Christina said...

Congrats to the Cheerios!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!! I've been wondering how their competition went so thanks for posting!!

MJ said...

Hurrah! Sounds like a great outcome for all your efforts!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a great ending--even with a silver. Well done--and you had a fabulous time on the journey which is what they'll remember more than anything else.