cities {photos by jwoww}

Jwoww is pretty much the official team photographer now. Saucy doesn't even pack a camera anymore because her photos pale in comparison and besides, Jwoww has herself firmly planted behind the lens, documenting every minute of silliness.

Such as Snookie contemplating the tiny Pop Tart on a stick she was facing. Notice, Saucy had them sit in a circle around a trash bin and they threw the wrapping in there as soon as they ate. She told them to imagine it was like a campfire. But tidier.

McSteph cuddled up with Manny, the team mascot.

From left to right: Beegie, Loopy, Fly Girl, Snookie, Daisy Duke, Q (the captain, Quinn... just like on Glee but much, much, much nicer)...

... until she squares off with Fly Girl and a can of hairspray.

Time to warm up! Everybody stretch!

Trooper warms up her jumps.

Lashes warms up her scorpion... with a little attitude on the side. Nice work!

During the performances, the competing schools bring it. Jwoww catches most of the action until she passes the camera into the stands before the Cheerios take the mat.

Check it out... this is a brand new team in the city. This was their first time competing. Pretty awesome, hey?

The Cheerios were the last ones to take the floor... they rocked it. Saucy and Mustang Sally made several changes to the routine the day before this competition and nobody forgot them. They just tackled it like pros and did what they needed to do.

The next time you see pictures like this, it will be after the Provincial Championships on Saturday. Do you want to see the Cheerios in their brand new competition uniforms and bows? You'll just have to wait.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those are some jumps. Good grief! I pulled something just LOOKING at those shots!

Angela G. Willis said...

See... everything turned out great! Nice Mini-Pop Tarts and Packaging!
JWoww is a good photographer...
So glad the girls did so well! Good luck on Sat. I can't wait to see the new outfits and bows! : )