so that was christmas

It's come and gone for another year. Saucy would love to tell you a tall tale of travels, a whirlwind of parties and festivities and keep up the general allure around here. But in reality, she spent the bulk of the last two weeks planted firmly on the sofa, with the fireplace blazing, iPad in hand, watching movies and generally chillaxing with Veto and Loopy.

She entered a self-imposed hiatus from... everything.

In truth, there were days she didn't go out the door.

Hell, there were days she didn't get out of her pyjamas.

And the baking? It was non-existant. After cranking out 300 cupcakes with the Cheerios the week before the break, she just wasn't into it anymore. Besides, she and Veto are heading for Antigua this month and an excess of shortbread isn't what the world wants to see on the back of her thighs, nor does Saucy want to have to deal with it, so she didn't.

It's strange, isn't it, to bake all year long and take delight in preparing and cooking and then during the holidays to throw a temper tantrum and throw in the towel and serve a cheesecake from the grocery store at Christmas dinner? Very strange.

More about that later.

Saucy managed to decorate, even setting the table for the almost non-existant dinner that was followed by a trip to the movies to see True Grit.

But she wonders, after not cooking, not entertaining, not going out much... why is she so damn tired? It could just be the nasty cold weather outside.

The butcher paper makes an excellent table runner. It was perfectly in keeping with Saucy's low-key theme this year.

Oh, and if you wait until the very last minute, you can get very lovely seasonal flowers for a table arrangement for little money the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Now, it's all over but the cleanup. Okay, Dear Reader... did you also cut corners this year? We cut spending, we cut time spent, we cut out a lot of things (including calories).

Are you still exhausted from the sheer thought of it all?


{Happy Homes} said...

Completely with you on this one, Saucy. Absolutely exhausted from this year. I did decorate, however, it all came down on Jan 1! I'm the one usually with my decor on inside and out, though February. Mainly, because I like (NEED) the lights. Fortunately, at this point, the days are getting longer, albeit in tiny increments. Blessings, and Happy New Year!

Pepper said...

With our trip to Pittsburgh in the middle of December,
a low key Christmas was just the ticket for us. I know that it isn't something I would want to do every year but this year it was great.
Not sure how you managed the "eat less" part....
BTW, your house still looked beautiful.
Happy New Year Sash!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and new years eve.
Heres to 2011.
Have a wonderful week

Sheryl said...

Sasha I am so with you on the cutting back. We did the same thing this year too. Everyone accused me of being a Scrooge. That had nothing to do with it. I actually was full of Christmas Spirit. I just chose to simplify things this year. We were supposed to have a houseful and all that jazz but things just didn't work out that way. I didn't even put a Christmas tree or do much as far as decorating goes. Instead I purchased some Styrofoam cones from Micheal's and let the kids cover them with glitter. so we had a Christmas tree forest. :) As for all the baking this year like you it was nonexistent and we really didn't miss it. I asked the kids what they wanted for supper on Turkey or Pizza. they opted for pizza so we made homemade pizza and had a picnic in the living room and watched movies. I think this is actually one of the first Christmas that I have really enjoyed in years.
Happy New Year. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

We (I) did cut back. I skipped one big party I usually have. Skipped a friend's holiday party. Baked only sugar cookies -the kids needed to do those. Didn't get out all the decorations. Everything is torn down now. I just have to haul it all downstairs. Back to work tomorrow. I'll have to wear a bra. Ugh.

Grace said...

Wow I thought it was just me! Everyone kept asking if I was depressed? I decorated not over the top then I got the flu and could not finish shopping. So the week of Christmas I got a phone call and my brother and his family could not come over and my cousin and her family either. Everyone was sick. So now they understood how I felt not depressed. Then I fell for New Years and so glad 2011 is over and I just need to get a few gifts and wrap and then will feel so happy that is also done and can move on!! lol Have a wonderful wonderful trip. I hope 2011 is full of health laughter family friends and lots of fun and ok wealth also!! lol Grace xoxoxo

Sandra D said...

Christmas should be whatever works best for you & it sounds like you needed a quiet, restful break. Hope 2011 brings you good health, happiness and lots of great travel opportunities.

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see that I am not the only one who didn't go all out this year. Actually I felt so guilty for not having more than a christmas tree for the kids (got home from a business trip on the 22nd) that I burst out crying on christmas morning :( but.....we made up for it with continuous partying since then! Spent New Years watching a movie and drinking champagne in the hot tub!

Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

It's getting out of hand. I dread it every year, instead of looking forward to it. My perfect holiday would be AWAY... but that leaves what to do with my mother and as an only child, not too sure that is an option. Someday.

I tend to do the minimum... gosh, I sould like Scrooge, but I'm not really!

Angela said...


Just say Julie said...

As much as I said I was going to cut back, this was the first Christmas in the new house, and it had so many places to decorate. I didn't realize how much until this weekend when I tried to pack it all away (and had to go buy a few more storage boxes). I fully support spending the whole day in pajamas during the break. I had at least 3 of those days.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I am so lucky that both days people cooked for us and I didn't do a thing. But I am super tired from traveling to NYC and sleeping on an air mattress. So chic, huh?

MJ said...

Sounds like you had a divine (& much needed) break. Your decision not to bake is completely understandable. Continue resting & the best for 2011!

Lisa Russell said...

We cut back also. I had canned jams during the summer, so those went out to friends and neighbors. But was running low, so I canned some praline and walnut syrups to pass out. For the baking, I made Gingerbread Cookies with my youngest and made my yearly fudge recipe. That was it! And horror of horrors, because of guests staying late Christmas afternoon with heavy hors doerves, we got chinese food for takeout and ate Christmas dinner two days later! Gah! Too funny... Merry Christmas dear Saucy!! Enjoy your down times, because we don't get too many of them. xoxo, lisa

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, we cut. And it was fantastic! All the things I hated to do I didn't do--I didn't shop for an adopt a family, instead I cut a big check direct to the Salvation Army. I didn't make 7 kinds of cookies. Instead we made a couple and people gave us cookie plates that were yummy. I didn't knock myself out on shopping, decorating or making plans and we enjoyed our Christmas so much.

Lena said...

Your "doing less" is so much more than most folks "do"! LOL!

Everything looked lovely Sasha

Love and a Happy New Year to you and to your family.

Kerrie said...

Just lovely as always dear Saucy... Have a great new year and thank you for the inspiration. The tree with the birds is to die for! I could see it in a store like Nordstroms.