korker bow tutorial

Even if you don't have twenty Cheerios to prepare for competition after Christmas, you might like to know how to make cute korker-style hair bows. They'd be sweet on any girl over the holidays, or they'd be lovely on packages.

For Saucy, making korker bows for the Cheerios is about economics - bows like this retail for ten to fifteen dollars each. Saucy got all of the materials to make enough bows for everyone for less than fifty dollars. She only made this one... it's a prototype. If it is Cheerio-approved, then they can come over during the holiday break and set up an assembly line to make their own competition bows using the steps in Saucy's tutorial:

Gather your materials: 5/8" grosgrain ribbon in any colour you desire, medium sized wooden dowels, wooden clothes pins and sharp scissors. You will also need: clear nail polish (or Fray Check), yarn (any colour) and zip ties (small and medium, one for each bow).

Start by wrapping your ribbon around the dowel as shown. Don't overlap it, it should just be wrapped snugly, not tightly. Secure both ends of the ribbon at either end of the dowel with a wooden clothes pin.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! You'll need about fifteen pieces of curled ribbon that measure 4 to 5" long...

Bake your ribbon sticks at 275 degrees for twenty minutes. This is why your clothes pins need to be wooden.

Important: remove from oven and let sticks cool completely, at least five minutes.

When thoroughly cooled, the ribbons can be gently and carefully removed from the sticks.

Cut your curled pieces of ribbon to the length you desire. A four or five inch length will make a nice, full bow. If you want a cute compact bow for a younger child or parcel, cut to three inches.

When they're all cut, use your Fray Check or clear nail polish at each end of the curled ribbon and let dry thoroughly. This step will prevent the ribbon ends from fraying and unraveling.

Next, stretch about eight inches of yarn onto your work surface and tape it down. Begin stacking your curled ribbon pieces as shown. Seven on the bottom...

Saucy wanted straight spikes too so she cut them on a diagonal to four inches, dabbed them with nail polish, and stacked them in with the curled pieces.

The next stack of five curled pieces and some more straight pieces goes on at a diagonal.

The final stack: this can get tricky... goes on at the opposite diagonal. It's going to get all sloppy and fall and Saucy readily admits she gave up at this point and could have added a few more curled pieces but her medication was wearing off with it goes her patience. More pieces would give a fuller and firmer corkscrew bow. She's going to remind the girls to be better stackers when they have the work bee.

Remove the yarn from the taped surface and tie it, cinching all of the ribbon pieces. You don't have to tie it extremely tight at this point.

Why? Because that's what you have your handy zip tie for. Now that the bow is gathered, use the zip tie as a secure, tight cinch in the middle.

Then, cut out the yarn... it's not holding anything at this point anyhow.

Finally, you can use your korker bow as is, or you can fasten it to a larger, traditional bow using a larger zip tie and then attach it to a ponytail holder to use in a hairstyle or use a glue gun to attach it to a barrette blank.

Saucy stores the Cheerio hair bows in a nice flat container and attaches them to their high ponytails moments before they compete using - you guessed it - zip ties. That way, she knows they'll never go astray. After the competition is over, she and Mustang Sally zoom around with side cutters and clip them out of everyone's hair and put them back into storage.

It's a finely tuned machine, people.

yes saucy realizes it's wednesday already

Frostie's Root Beer SOLD

One Calorie Cocktail SOLD

... and here they are... Saucy is sorry if she kept you waiting but the job was larger than anticipated and some items were selling as fast as she could list them... you sneaky girls! You were waiting!

Well, if you didn't get the one you want, a few more were added. The ephemera necklaces will go up over the weekend: for Cyber Monday!

Frostie's Root Beer SOLD

Holly Day Punch SOLD

Canada Dry SOLD

Peppermint Martini SOLD

Open Bar SOLD

Gin and Juice SOLD

Seabreeze SOLD

Champagne and Strawberries SOLD

Jolly Good Refreshment SOLD

If you noticed that the names of the new collection for this holiday season are all the names of cocktails, it's no coincidence. When Saucy hits the "list item" button for the last time, guess what she's going to do?

'tis the season to be tiny

When Saucy was asked to come up with a little project to include in Matthew Mead Holiday this season, he mentioned that "something like you would do for Club Little House would be nice" and immediately, this is what she decided to do.

This miniature box of Christmas fal de rah is exquisitely cute, don't you think? You can start with an actual empty matchbox, or if you consider yourself a top-notch crafter you can cut heavy cardstock with a blade and make a small box to start with.

No matter, but fill it with the tiniest things you can get your hands on - they're pretty plentiful at this time of year. Start with some cut up tissue to line the bottom of the box. Gather some regular-size wrapping paper with no pattern on it (patterns are out of scale) and wrap it around some sort of small stick, like a wooden skewer. Cut it down and make sure you bend back the paper edge to make it look like a bit of a messy roll.

Glue everything into the matchbox, building the vignette as you go: use tiny beads and charms for ornaments. Teeny tiny candy canes are available at craft stores (Michaels) but the best part is if you can find those little strings that look like Christmas lights. Swag them, tangled as in real life, in and out of the box.

The final touch for this project was a piece of foil confetti from the party store that says Merry Christmas and looks like some sort of full-size decoration spilling out of the top of the box.

When you're done, this tiny box of jumbled holiday stuff will look sweet as a package topper or found in your actual little house.

Now Saucy needs to get her real-life jumbled boxes out of the attic and start sorting.

Readers of Holiday with Matthew Mead will find Saucy's project on pages 8-9.

new bracelets

Saucy is working overtime to get new bracelets ready for you this week. She peddled her wares while the Cheerios pushed cupcakes at a couple of events last week and to her surprise, she was almost cleared out... meaning there wasn't much left to put into the Etsy shop.

At any rate, the pliers and jump rings are flying around here and there will be a few new bracelets and a load of Ephemera Necklaces online by... let's say... Wednesday. Sound good?

the dare

Well, here's a post that's been a long time coming. Pepper can vouch for Saucy - the idea of posting pictures of herself sans makeup has been a lingering thought on Saucy's mind for a year or two now.

It just so happens that yesterday her pal Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor set about a little challenge... like a truth or dare scenario. And when faced with such a decision, Saucy will almost always go dare. Why? Because she really tries to speak the truth all the time, no matter how ugly it is. So picking truth isn't really that much of a challenge for her. Let's go with dare, shall we?

Mrs. G dared her readers to send along or post pictures of themselves without their makeup on. Without their ammunition, as Saucy often calls it.

Since she's telling the truth, Saucy needs to say she'd rather die than be seen out and about without her makeup. This stems from a traumatic experience that dates back to her eleventh year, long before The Fan gave permission to wear Bonne Bell lipgloss to school on a regular basis.

The family was at Woolworth's - for what reason Saucy cannot say because truthfully, she cannot name another time she found herself in Woolworth's with her family - but, there she was. She asked permission to leave the small appliance department that her parents were engrossed in and went to the lunch counter on her own.

When she sat up to the counter to order a Coke, the lunch lady approached and asked,

"What'll it be, son?"

And there it was. The moment that Saucy's developing self-esteem was shaken to the core. The moment she faced her inner demons and realized, without makeup on, I must look like a boy.

Ever since that fateful day, Saucy has dutifully applied the cosmetics ascribed by Elle, Vogue and Glamour. The de-puffing cream. The undereye concealer. The skin lightening gels and the brow wax.

Yes, the brow wax. Without it, Saucy lacks the desired forty-five degree angle achieved when her makeup brush is held aloft her nose and alongside her inner eye.

And it's a shame.

Saucy supposes that it's a shame she's spent hours of her life obsessing over these minute details... but there it is. She can't get it back. She can't get back the value of a small hybrid automobile spent on said waxes, gels and creams, either.

But she can say, here I am. Like it or leave it. And she should. If nothing else, for Loopy and the rest of the Cheerios. Because no amount of product can make you feel good about yourself... you've got to do that part on your own.

For the record, Saucy feels pretty darn good about herself. But she's still going to try to get an appointment to have her roots done this weekend. Old habits die hard.

Yes, it could be worse. It could be a popular blog.

brown sugar acorns

If you are American, then your Thanksgiving is on its way. If like Saucy, your Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone... then file this idea for next year. Making your own sugar cubes in fancy shapes is easy and can be done for any season if you have the right molds!

Saucy has all of her Auntie's old chocolate molds... she's got a load of them. Simple shapes, seasonal ones, even tiny turtles to make her own chocolate pecan candies. For this project, she dug around until she found an autumn mold that had acorns and some sort of flower in it. The acorns are much cuter than the flowers.

It's easy: just measure a bit of brown sugar into a bowl (about 1/8 cup or so, those little holes don't hold much sugar) and add room temperature water, a few drops at a time, until it is wet but still quite granular. If you add too much, you'll have syrup. If the water is hot, you'll have syrup.

Don't grease the molds or spray them with non-stick spray - they should be clean and dry. Fill them with a little of the sugar mixture and pack each hole tightly. Use the back of a flat spatula or knife to level off the back of the mold when it's packed in as tight as can be.

Flip the mold right side up and tap the sugars out onto parchment or wax paper immediately. If you leave them in the mold to harden, they'll get stuck in there (hello... wet sugar?) and you'll have to rinse them away to get them out. Just gently tap them out and leave them to dry... about a day. Oh, and don't dry them on a paper towel, the water will be absorbed and the sugar will stick to the towel, you'll never lift it off nicely.

They're pretty and durable - you can package them up as hostess gifts or you can just have them on hand to offer your company tea.

Would you like one lump or two?

for local readers

758 Konihowski Road, Saskatoon

This Sunday the Cheerios will be on hand at Tammi's Christmas Open House and Shopping Spree event! Be sure to get there early to have your pick of delicious cupcakes - there will be two special edition Christmas flavours on hand that day that won't be available at Saskatchewan Scraps on Friday! (Oh, for those of you at Sask Scraps, there will be a special edition flavour there for you that won't be available at any other event, all year long!)

Also, Saucy will be on hand with new charm bracelets, ephemera necklaces and more! This will be the first peek at her Christmas 2010 pieces... what doesn't sell this weekend will be on Etsy next week!

See you Sunday between 1:00 - 4:00 at 758 Konihowski Road - everyone welcome! It's a great event... and a chance to get a head start on your holiday shopping!

time to sell the cupcakes

Check out the Cheerios wearing their new aprons made over the summer break by Daisy Duke and her Grandma. They were pretty pumped to wear them and look professional at the first cupcake sale this past weekend.

On Friday night there was a work bee at Saucy's house. Roxy and Blondie whipped up ten batches of buttercream frosting while JWOWW, Loopy and Beegie scooped and baked 240 cupcakes.

On Saturday morning, bright and early, this crew met in the kitchen of the community centre and worked like a well-oiled machine to decorate and assemble the cupcakes and get the display ready.

It doesn't take long to decorate 240 cupcakes if you have a plan and most of the people have experience. Only one rookie joined the crew this time, the plan is to assimilate the rookies a few at a time and then everyone will be trained as cupcake apprentices.

Once the megaphone and poms were put out, everyone at the Christmas Craft Market knew where the profits were going.

The best part? The Cheerios sold out... all 240 cupcakes were gone, gone, gone.

The Rookie posed for a shot with the Cheerios' Signature cupcake: a green velvet vanilla sponge with golden buttercream and a Teddy Graham bear, of course!

The Dirty Blonde cupcake is vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream and pink sprinkles.

Of course, Saucy's Signature Cupcake was on hand: chocolate fudge with strawberry buttercream and sprinkles.

The red velvet cupcakes were a hit, too!

Whoops... okay, so the Cheerios need to work a bit on their quality control, the miniature Oreo is upside down on this Oreo Cupcake. They sold fast anyway.

Saucy and Mustang Sally are extremely proud of the girls. Everyone worked together so perfectly... not a single cupcake was less than saleable after they did their work. They are turning into quite the little bakers. Plus, the kitchen was slightly cramped quarters for eight people and nobody got frazzled. Everyone remained single-minded in their goal to have the table up and running on time. The kitchen was probably cleaner after they were done with it than before they found it, by the way.

Saucy forgot that she left her camera unattended while she looked after some other things... like looking for a strong cup of coffee.

Look at that! All proceeds from cupcake sales will help the Cheerios travel to the Provincial Cheerleading Championships in March.

There are two more cupcake sales this weekend and that will be it for November. If you are local and would like the Cheerios to provide cupcakes for your Christmas event in November, please email Saucy at sasha {dot} libby {at} shaw {dot} ca and she can give you information on pricing and delivery.

If you are attending Saskatchewan Scraps or the Christmas Shopping Spree on Konihowski Road this weekend and would like cupcakes set aside for pickup at either event, please let Saucy know. The Cheerios will be on hand at both events peddling their sugar highs!