yes saucy realizes it's wednesday already

Frostie's Root Beer SOLD

One Calorie Cocktail SOLD

... and here they are... Saucy is sorry if she kept you waiting but the job was larger than anticipated and some items were selling as fast as she could list them... you sneaky girls! You were waiting!

Well, if you didn't get the one you want, a few more were added. The ephemera necklaces will go up over the weekend: for Cyber Monday!

Frostie's Root Beer SOLD

Holly Day Punch SOLD

Canada Dry SOLD

Peppermint Martini SOLD

Open Bar SOLD

Gin and Juice SOLD

Seabreeze SOLD

Champagne and Strawberries SOLD

Jolly Good Refreshment SOLD

If you noticed that the names of the new collection for this holiday season are all the names of cocktails, it's no coincidence. When Saucy hits the "list item" button for the last time, guess what she's going to do?


Jessie said...

Will you hold one for me?? I will be making Thanksgiving dinner and I'm worried I won't make it to my computer in time!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!! Please!!!! I will email you!

Clandestine Road said...


Lisa Russell said...


Jenn said...

What yummy Christmassy goodness! They look awesome indeed Saucy!

Anonymous said...

Love "Holiday Ale" maybe b/c I see my soldered art pendant in it!!! Yay! Happy Holidays to you!!

Gracie said...

Saucy do you take special orders????