'tis the season to be tiny

When Saucy was asked to come up with a little project to include in Matthew Mead Holiday this season, he mentioned that "something like you would do for Club Little House would be nice" and immediately, this is what she decided to do.

This miniature box of Christmas fal de rah is exquisitely cute, don't you think? You can start with an actual empty matchbox, or if you consider yourself a top-notch crafter you can cut heavy cardstock with a blade and make a small box to start with.

No matter, but fill it with the tiniest things you can get your hands on - they're pretty plentiful at this time of year. Start with some cut up tissue to line the bottom of the box. Gather some regular-size wrapping paper with no pattern on it (patterns are out of scale) and wrap it around some sort of small stick, like a wooden skewer. Cut it down and make sure you bend back the paper edge to make it look like a bit of a messy roll.

Glue everything into the matchbox, building the vignette as you go: use tiny beads and charms for ornaments. Teeny tiny candy canes are available at craft stores (Michaels) but the best part is if you can find those little strings that look like Christmas lights. Swag them, tangled as in real life, in and out of the box.

The final touch for this project was a piece of foil confetti from the party store that says Merry Christmas and looks like some sort of full-size decoration spilling out of the top of the box.

When you're done, this tiny box of jumbled holiday stuff will look sweet as a package topper or found in your actual little house.

Now Saucy needs to get her real-life jumbled boxes out of the attic and start sorting.

Readers of Holiday with Matthew Mead will find Saucy's project on pages 8-9.


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

This is so cute! :)

Rhonda Roo said...

Freakin brilliant is what it is. How do you come UP with this stuff? Tiny elves that whisper while you sleep? Duke? Lack of migraine meds?


this is so fun i think i must attempt it.


MJ said...

I'd be so tempted to start doing the miniature route after oogling your stuff! But there's a pile of projects ahead of the miniatures and a lack of patience (& creativity!) You do it so well that I'll just admire it!

Jill said...

So cute! I should make one of those for The Little Pink House. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of MM Holiday! I'm so excited to pour over each page!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

J'adore the itty bitty. So twee.

Lisa Russell said...

I saw it in the magazine! So cute!



I can't wait to get my magazine! I'm so proud of you for being one of the "chosen ones".