new bracelets

Saucy is working overtime to get new bracelets ready for you this week. She peddled her wares while the Cheerios pushed cupcakes at a couple of events last week and to her surprise, she was almost cleared out... meaning there wasn't much left to put into the Etsy shop.

At any rate, the pliers and jump rings are flying around here and there will be a few new bracelets and a load of Ephemera Necklaces online by... let's say... Wednesday. Sound good?


chapfan said...

I just checked yesterday to see if you had any Christmas bracelets. Yay!

Sue Sykes said...

Ooh, I still need to email you about my bracelets! I will check my stash and drop you a line... Can't wait to see the new ones you are creating!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

There isn't enough YOU for the demand, Saucy!