tryouts start monday

It's that time of year again... Cheerios tryouts are on Monday after school. Saucy and Mustang Sally are pretty psyched about getting back into the gym and picking a new team of... champions. At the very least, picking a team of sweet fun kids to have a barrel of fun together.

Like making fancy posters.

Here are the things that Saucy didn't put on the posters because it would have sounded silly:

The uniforms are really cute!
You'll probably get a nickname!
You'll be dancing to Michael Jackson, the Spice Girls and Ozzy Osbourne!
There are fancy hair bows!
Everyone wears matching hair and makeup!
Pop Tarts are served on the last Tuesday of the month!
We're taking a road trip this year!
Saucy makes charm bracelets!
You can get a team jacket!
We bake cupcakes together in matching aprons!
That's right, Daisy Duke and her grandma made APRONS!

It really sounds silly on a list, but it isn't. Even fifteen year old girls like to know what they're signing up for. At this point, we can only put up posters and hope that word spreads about how great last year was... because it was.

This year might just be more of an adventure than the last. That's what it's shaping up to be.

So in the midst of Halloween and housework, Saucy has a few things to get ready before Monday. Tryouts won't be too scary because lots of the kids there will have never cheered before and Saucy doesn't want them to get freaked out or worse yet, scared away or traumatized. At this point, she's just really looking for kids that are polite and pleasant who have a good attitude and are eager to try something new. If they can function well as a member of a team and if Saucy and Mustang Sally think that it will be a good experience for them, then it will all work out.

Did you try out for cheerleading in high school? Saucy remembers stepping out in front of the panel of senior cheerleaders and a few teachers who made the decision, her legs wobbling with fear, nervous that she'd make a mistake. If you have any advice for would-be Cheerios, now is the time to lay it on them.


Lisa Russell said...

Where do I sign up??? Wishin' I was a 15 year old in Saskatoon!! Sounds wonderful - good luck to all!

Jenn said...

You make me want to be a cheerleader :)

Anonymous said...

Potential Cheerios should be themselves, relax and smile. It sounds like Saucy runs a pretty happy team so tryouts must be a happy place too. :)

jessielou said...

Aww I was a competitive cheerleader in college...I would just advise to go in with an open mind ready to learn because whatever you THOUGHT you knew about cheerleading could be completely different to what it is. Also, don't forget those FACIALS!

Kerrie said...

Yep, facials are key! If you think you look ridiculous, then you look just right! LOL you might have a crazy silly smile and you should look happy, enthusiastic and even surprised!

Sandra D said...

I have another thing to add to the list not on the posters: "You will learn many important life lessons from Miss Saucy." Good luck to all!

Bettyann said...

Sounds like a good time.. I was a cheerleader in Grade 10 at an all-girls school lol..

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm laughing because this makes me think of the GLEE episode earlier this season--try outs. Heh.

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