mustang sally gets hitched

Saucy coached Mustang Sally way back when... they were cheering for the Mustangs. Now Sally helps coach the Bears with Saucy. On this past beautiful, sunny Saturday, Mustang Sally took a groom.

Some of the Cheerios were on hand before the ceremony to present Mustang Sally with her bouquet - a token of their love and appreciation. JWOWW put in a hard day's work with Saucy taking pictures. Here are some highlights... and some tips, in case you ever take photos at a friend's wedding.

Get a beauty shot of the venue, indoors and out! This old church is beautiful. JWOWW also got some great photos of the sun shining through the windows from the inside.

Saucy and Mustang Sally did a little photo shoot the Saturday before the wedding. It took some of the pressure off of the big day. Sure, there were still a few opportunities to take shots of the bride by herself at the formal wedding shoot, but mostly they were out of the way and done beforehand. Doing the shots when Sally had her practice hairdo was the trick... she looked fantastic and together she and Saucy could take all the time in the world with the bridal shots.

Little blue shoes? Can you believe it? Too, too cute.

If you have access to a fun and funky chair, bring it. Don't be afraid to put a fancy chair in an unexpected spot. In the art biz, its called juxtaposition, and it works. It's an awesome trick.

Get beauty shots of the flowers, cake and rings.

Don't be afraid of lens flare. It tells the story of a bright and sunny day with a bright and sunny future. Plus, shots like this add an element of photodocumentary to the portfolio, and that's cool right now. Here, the groom and his daughter prepare for a wonderful future with Mustang Sally in their lives. They're very lucky.

The rule of thirds? Divide your frame into three parts: one part positive space (the subject) and the rest negative. Embrace it.

The bride wore a vintage veil and headpiece. Make sure you get shots of the back of the dress, the veil and train.

Snap candids of the groom when he's not looking... the bride will love it.

The less "posed" the shots of the wedding party these days, the better. Try to capture them in the moment. That is, after all, how the bride and groom will remember them.

Men especially don't like to pose. Have the groom take a seat with his guys and shoot the breeze. After a few minutes they will forget you are even there. Ask them to look your way and snap the shot. You can do this indefinitely, they'll get more at ease with you. Play with the angles a bit. Walk around them quietly, but let them have their "guy time." You can fiddle with your camera and just let them "be." It will all work out.

Absolutely one of Saucy's faves! Mustang Sally lookin' downright sassy! The best accessory a bride can wear is confidence. Sally had it in spades this weekend.

Get a hand-in-hand shot or arm-in-arm... just zoom in whilst you are taking the formal shots.

Don't forget the guest book! Sign it, and take a picture of it. Take a picture of a full page, though.

Mustang Sally decorated her own cake! Zoom in on each of the tiers or certain parts of the cake. Details, details, details.

Thanks to digital cameras and the help of JWOWW and The Plaintiff, there are over a thousand pictures to sort through. This is just the tip of the iceberg but Saucy's peepers are pooped from this very tiny bit of editing.

Lastly: don't even try to dress fancy to be the wedding photographer. You can't go wrong with dark pants and top, working in layers (black) and wearing flat, comfortable shoes with a quiet sole. Your commitment typically ends after the bride and groom share the first dance. After that, get some rest. You deserve it.


Angela said...

beautifully done

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing. jada you look beautiful! love eliza <3

karen said...

Great shots - the rapport between you and the bride came through in them - you captured some great moments!!

Lisa Russell said...

Beautiful job, Sasha!! She looks so pretty and I love her little blue shoes!

LisaInCT said...

JWOWW and Saucy did damn good! Best Wishes to Mustang Sally and her new hubby.

Anonymous said...

I am wishing my wedding photos were this nice and conveyed as much emotion. I paid literally thousands and there isn't a single one I would print or put in an album.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Looks like the best kind of wedding: full of love and affection. And the blue shoes ROCK! She's gorgeous and the photos are too.

Jex said...

What a beautiful wedding... *sigh* And amazing pictures! =)

Anonymous said...

Jada, you just looked so happy and radiant. xoxo the fan

Nikki said...

There are those beautiful flowers! You did great, girl!