a cell phone full of photos

If vacation pictures bore you, what about the camera roll on a friend's cell phone? Have you ever been offered a slide show from someone's handset?

Today is your lucky day... or not. Saucy is sharing some of the pictures captured by her iPhone this year.

Loopy trying on fancy dresses just for fun. Saucy attempts to take a picture but the saleslady says photography in the dresses is prohibited. Loopy bursts into fits of giggles when Saucy follows her into the change room to snap secretly by phone.

It all feels so much like... espionage.

After a particularly bad day at school, Duke clambers onto Loopy's lap on the way home to console her. As she is part drama queen, she has donned sunglasses to hide any evidence of tears.

In the Cayman Islands, Saucy is stalked by a lizard that follows her around a garden path.

Back home, Pepper adopts a tiny kitten named Stella. Saucy and cats have a long hate/hate relationship but with Stella, a truce is drawn. She is too cute to hate.

In The Windy City, Veto contemplates the decades-long predicament of his Chicago Cubs.

In Vancouver, Saucy attends the grand opening of a new Sephora store. After waiting in line for what seems like hours but is actually hour, she enters the store to find it stripped bare of stock, a longer lineup at the checkout and not a single freebie to be had. Pfft for opening days.

Also in Vancouver, Saucy becomes enamoured with the Japadog. A Japanese style hot dog: pure Kobe beef frank served with edemame and seaweed. On a return trip to Vancouver, she consumes three more Japadogs in as many days.

At home, when stopping for a smoothie, Duke waits patiently in the Jeep.

Its almost like he catches a whiff of the Japadogs...

At a Calgary antique store, Saucy spies these fantastic reclaimed corbels salvaged from a house in rural Ontario. She kicks herself forevermore for not buying them.

As always, Duke waits in the car for her return.

At a retro car show n' shine, Saucy finds the actual tiny red MGB convertible that The Secret Weapon owned while Saucy was growing up. She takes loads of photos to show him... the owner promises to give her a ring and come around to take The Secret Weapon for a spin in his former wheels for old times' sake. Saucy decides, right there and then, that if she ever wins the lottery, this is the only thing she would consider splurging a stupid amount of money on.

Back in Calgary after another orthodontist appointment, Loopy awaits her turn at the cupcake counter. Cupcakes make everything better.

The Calgary Flames follow Saucy and Loopy home to play an exhibition game against the New York Islanders. Out of sheer boredom, the entire family attends the game. Out of sheer boredom, they leave early.

As ever, Duke waits in the car... to hold Saucy's hand.

Every town has its characters. In Saucy's city, there is a lady who roams the downtown core in a muumuu and slippers, chain smoking and mumbling. There is the guy who rides year-round on his tricycle, and there's Sailor Dan. In this landlocked city, he draws pictures of sailboats and peddles them in front of drugstores and doughnut shops. Every once and a while, rumours of his death circulate the city. Saucy likes to snap his picture on her cell phone when she sees him so she can vouch for his existence.

Wearing his snazzy winter coat, Duke shares the back seat with some new cupcake carriers.

He seems to know they will hold his beloved little cakes soon.

At Cheerios practice, Saucy uses her cell phone to record the formation for the start of a dance... next practice, there will be no confusion as to where they are supposed to stand.

And still, Duke waits patiently for Veto's return from work.

Now Loopy is madly in love with trying on fancy dresses back at that store where photography is prohibited. She whips out her cell phone to capture the moment.

The Cheerios compete to become Provincial Champions! But you know that story.

Loopy assumes a less glamorous pose... she sits for her first drivers license photo.

In Detroit, she picks up the phone to snap Saucy draining the last of her margarita at California Pizza Kitchen. Good to the last drop...

A view of Toronto from the window of an airplane.

Back in Chicago, The Inmate and The Warden wait for their meal at The Emerald Loop restaurant. If you need to get off your feet when Christmas shopping and have a great burger, go there.

But for now, let's go home. This cell phone needs a break.


devin said...

How fun...it's neat how much cell phone pictures show about a family!

Jill said...

Loved the photos-- especially those Duke photos. He is just too funny! Don't you love those cupcake carriers? I call mine The Cupcake Condo.

Jennifer Vance said...

Lol,who's in the back when she is trying on that red dress?

Pepper said...

That is awesome! I will have to scroll through my phone pic's too! You're always thinkin'!

MJ said...

I remember that red convertible! I was wondering what happened to it!

Duke is such a sweetie! He always has his paw out...

SandraD said...

Loved all the photos - your caption under the the one of the red MG made me cry. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Saucy said...

Behind Loopy while she's trying on the red dress is one of the Cheerios - the boy Cheerio we had on our team last year! He was pretty game to tag along with the girls while they did their thing!

Anonymous said...

Love Duke. He and my Scout Finch (goldendoodle) should get together. She like to hold my hand too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You know, you and Duke and Loopy are welcome here in October when our new Sephora store opens...I hate the mall, but I think you would make it fun.

RB said...

Thanks for reminding us of the importance of the everyday.
So great to see a picture of Muggy after all these years. That car was a HUGE part of my summer of 1980.

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