Looking in wedding magazines before taking Mustang Sally's photographs led Saucy to look at all of the beautiful new wedding dresses and she was particularly taken with the new Vera Wang collection. Even more so when Ms. Wang appeared on Oprah to unveil her new collection, White by Vera Wang. The whole idea of affordable couture had Saucy more than intrigued.

Later, when out thrifting, Saucy ran across this little number:

Thirteen dollars. Twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents, to be exact. In pretty fine shape, just in need of a light sponge bath around the hem. It's pure polyester, it can take it. Into the bathtub it goes.

Are you thinking what Saucy's thinking?

A Loopy photo shoot. Let's do it. Let's turn this plain jane thrifted prom dress into something spectacular. Are you in?

The bodice has potential. The potential to be covered up. Again, it's in wonderful shape. The very light pink colour won't be a problem. Even some of Vera Wang's new collection are in pastel shades.

Saucy paid a visit to her discount fabric store. Its more like a rat's-nest hole-in-the wall but she invested another fourteen dollars on fabric. She got the last chunk of ivory organza off the roll and a huge whack of fine tulle. Oh, and a little black netting too, that seems to be a trend. All of it for fourteen bucks.

Now, she just has to work a little magic. And she doesn't sew, you know that. She can pull out a needle and thread to pull it all together, but don't go expecting an all-out reconstruction project worthy of the runway. This is for a photo shoot so looks, not construction, are key.

Should she layer the tulle and organza over the skirt?

Should she cut the organza into wild, uneven strips and slip stitch it together to create a sculptural effect?

Or, if she can't decide, a little bit of both? And maybe add some feathers... she has a few ivory boas in a box in the attic. You bet she does. She even has some fabulous long black vintage gloves around somewhere.

These gowns by Vera Wang take Saucy and Loopy's breath away. Loopy will certainly wear one of them to become Mrs. Jonas. If you want your breath taken away, have a look at the runway show here. Then come back, and tell Saucy how you would go about this thrift-gown-makeover.

Because she really, really doesn't know exactly where to begin but she knows it will be fun and it will be fabulous.


queen-of-nostalgia said...

What a great find!

Long gloves are a must, and I like the sculpty "organic" look to the tulle....

CuteStuffInside said...

Saucy, here's what I think - pleated ruffles (maybe out of tulle) - I love those - and I also like swirls of narrow bias cut strips that have been gently gathered on both edges (you could do those in black). How about something unexpected on the back of the dress? Or maybe white gloves with black lace overlay or something. Please, Saucy, could we have some shots of Loopy smiling because those models in the video made me depressed - it reminded me of something Tim Burton might have directed. Hey, if you're going to wear a fabulous dress, shouldn't that make you happy? Anyway, I say start pinning - walk away and have a cupcake or martini (or maybe both) - go back, rearrange and pin some more. I know it's going to be stunning!


Vanessa said...

I'm loving the uneven sculptured look! These dresses are amazing, and I could gawk at them all day long!

I can't wait to see the end result Saucy, and the photo shoot too!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I think the last 2 pics are my favorites. I cannot wait to see what you'll do. Amazing find.

Saucy said...

Yes, let's make a little magic.

I love the idea to do something unexpected with the back of the dress... did you see in the video the back of one dress had tiny bows in an uneven line that were made of tulle - like little tulle bow ties dotted unevenly down the back of the bodice.

I'm thinking the deconstructed look is going to be easy to pull off but just a little time consuming to do all of that ripping.

I will have to pull out the sewing machine after all, to do the ruffles or the swirls, won't I?

Nikki said...

I vote for uneven layers of tulle and frayed satin. Something messy, but classy.