shark week!

Saucy looks forward to it every year... Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. You may think it nerdy of her, but she just cannot get enough of vicious sharks, chum-sicle bait and the cool footage of deadly sea creatures.

The camera men always manage to get themselves into precarious situations... and Saucy imagines that life with the sharks is pretty similar to high school. The sharks travel in packs, they intimidate each other, they have turf wars... you get the gist. On the other hand, maybe it just reminds her of West Side Story. But no matter, she is addicted nonetheless.

The Great White is like the popular thug bully on the football team. Don't mess with this guy. Don't make eye contact and don't get in his way. He's the boss of the whole place.

The Lemon Sharks that travel in large schools and have feeding frenzies on the smaller sharks remind Saucy of the mean girls. Stay away from them, too.

Do these Cheerios know to stay away from the sharks? Saucy has them trained to stay away from the mean girls.

The Hammerhead Shark, one of Saucy's favourites... and greatly misunderstood. A little goofy looking, but ultimately, like the high school nerd, a success in his own right. Don't underestimate the Hammerhead. He's going places.

To celebrate Shark Week, Saucy whipped up a sea-predator inspired libation that she enjoyed whilst she watched the documented terror.

It began with some plastic shark toys. These Great Whites don't look too menacing, at least not too menacing to be the festive garnish on a summer cocktail.

Saucy shook one part pineapple juice, two parts blue Gatorade and one part pear vodka in a martini shaker over ice and then poured the whole mixture through a strainer over ice in a tall, chilled glass.

She perched the Great White on the rim...

... and filled his gullet with a grisly measurement of grenadine. The sweet syrup fell to the bottom of the glass and the resulting colour was a deep blue-purple shade. It was menacing, but delicious.

Oh, and The Fan fell yesterday and broke her wrist. She will be fine. Saucy will be packing up the martini shaker and paying her a few visits so don't you worry. She might enjoy being a Shark Week watcher after all.


karen said...

Hope the Fan gets well soon!!

Love your drink!! Will have to try an alcohol free version for my son - he would love the blood dripping part!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Where did you find those sharks?

LisaInCT said...

Oh my goodness... poor Fan! Get better soon!

Shark drink... cool, gross and ingenious! :)

The Stiletto Mom said...

I love this! We get so excited about shark week around here, I wish I had thought to make up a special drink for it. Hope The Fan is on the mend quickly!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Fan recovers quickly.

That drink looks amazing!! I too will try the non-alcoholic version for my son. Where did you buy the plastic sharks???

S. Bishop

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

You're a hoot - great idea for a drink!

Hope Mom heals quickly. What was she doing to land her in the hospital??

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Only you can come up with something this original.


Shannon said...

Who knew there was a shark week, my kids and I would love to watch that. Love the drink, so gruesome looking!!

Hope the Fan is feeling better, I'm sure a martini will cheer her up!

Lisa Russell said...

Sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she heals quickly!! Love the shark analogy and the drink. xo, Lisa

Lisa Russell said...

Oh, and I've been watching Shark Week as well. Let's just say I have been staying away from the beach and I'm glad it is winter in Australia so I won't be tempted to venture out into the deep blue see of OZ! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

Shark week is my favorite too, but missed most of it! Darn it! Hope your Mom is feeling better soon!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We're stupid for shark week, too. It's true.

Niki said...

Best wishes on a speedy recovery to The Fan.

MJ said...

Poor Fan! The benefit of a summer injury? She's likely got a great excuse for the rest of summer and autumn to avoid all yard chores! Hey, Buddy, what are you up to this summer/autumn?! LOL I know you will take good care of the Fan!

ChaChaneen said...

Oh no FAN! Have a double, no make that a triple martini and get better soon!!!

Lurve your shark drink, very fun!

SandraD said...

So sorry to hear about the fan's broken wrist. One of Saucy's shark attacks will take care of the pain!

the treat girl said...

I'm a closet Shark Week watcher as well.....too bad I didn't have me super cute blue drink to sip on while I watched!

Erin said...

I love that idea! Where did you find the sharks? I've been looking online and can't seem to find ones like yours. Please help!!!


Anonymous said...

I also couldn't find the toy sharks.
I noticed that two other people asked where you found them but I didn't see your response.
Did I miss it, Saucy?
Or perhaps, did the other two 'comment-ers' (that left the same question) find them eventually on your own??
Any assistance would greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Saucy said...

Girls, try the Dollarama (dollar store) they all carry different things in the toy aisle but that's where I have found them. I've also seen them used at Red Lobster... do you know anyone who works there?

When the weather gets nice the inexpensive stores carry "summer toys" and they sometimes have an entire section devoted to cheap plastic summer-themed items so check there too!