relax? you want saucy to relax?

Saucy wants to remind her readers how very often, and without remuneration, she recommends products that you might find to be of value or quality.

Today, dear friends, Saucy wants to share with you another recommendation.

She recommends that you STAY AWAY from Rheem water heaters.

Saucy and Veto had a Rheem water heater installed in their house recently. More recently, it stopped heating water. Funny, huh?

It would appear that this small component of a very large purchase can cause major problems. It would seem that if the power vent on your water heater fails, you cease to have hot water.

Of course, this is a problem for Saucy. You already know of her penchant for doing laundry and taking baths regularly. You see where this is going.

Smart, cool plumber came over to take a look at the water heater and announced that he'd seen this type of thing before. Repeatedly, as a matter of fact. Oh, and as a matter of fact, Rheem knows of the problem and they are now producing replacement kits (known in the biz as "rebuild kits") to correct this problem so that Saucy may begin enjoying her leisurely baths again.

He figured, as did Saucy, that the kit would be provided free of charge or under some sort of... what's the word... WARRANTY... because it seemed to be a common problem.

The only problem is, Rheem charges around six hundred dollars for a rebuild kit. Plus, Saucy is obliged to pay her cool plumber his labour. She has no problem with that per se, because she likes her cool smart plumber but she kind of thinks that Rheem should help her out on this one.

You see, in an interesting turn of events (and Saucy says interesting when really she means infuriating but the turn of phrase is usually interesting... and Saucy wants to avoid being too darn inflammatory) Saucy attempted on numerous occasions to talk to a live person at Rheem.

Saucy doesn't know about you, but she really finds it infuriating when she calls a customer service help line and cannot speak to a real live person. She pushes buttons, she spills her martini, her eyeliner starts to run and before you know it, she is uncontrollably and irrevocably unhappy. And when Saucy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

When she finally speaks to a real, live person, she expects them to say something like, "I understand your frustration."

Instead, she talked to a real live person who said, "we don't consider this a problem and if we did, we would have issued a memo about it."

Next, Saucy contacted a guy who deals this brand locally. His explanation was that even though the original component may have been faulty, they can't make them the same way anymore for replacement... so they had to use new and different pieces and that is why it is called a rebuild kit.

Well, duh!

Because Saucy never thought for a moment that if the first component was FAULTY and needed to be replaced that you would replace it with THE EXACT SAME PIECE OF FAULTY MACHINERY. Saucy may be a girl and all that, and she may be drinking martinis at eleven o'clock in the morning because she can't have a hot bath to relax, but SHE KNOWS A STUPID ARGUMENT WHEN SHE HEARS ONE.

And the best part was when Saucy asked to speak to someone else, someone who might work directly for Rheem and she was told, "we don't want to give you his name." Then the guy said, "People who buy other brands of water heaters have problems too."

Because, of course. SAUCY NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED THAT. "I'm sorry you're having a problem with this Mercedes, ma'am. But someone who bought a Jaguar might also be having problems with their car."

Nice argument.

So it would appear that Saucy is caught between a rock, a hard place, and a hot water heater.

Your thoughts, reader?


April said...

We just had a leaky washer in our laundry room which led to a laundry room renovation. As part of the deal we had to rip out the floor, which meant we had to move the hot water heater. Since you never can tell when they are going to go, we decided to go ahead and just replace it. We went with a Bosch tankless. My husband and a contractor friend installed it and it is a dream. You NEVER run out of hot water. I highly recom. them. Good luck with the other....I can't imagine your frustration.

Deb Kennedy said...

sigh. Apparently, dear Saucy, you've been RHEEMED. {Gives it a whole new meaning, huh?!}

Shame on them.

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

I'm with Deb ^^^ Shame on them! They should be going out of their way to make you happy. After all, you ARE a customer! Apparently, they don't want to keep their customers nor have good word of mouth.


Michelle said...

We aren't in serious need of a water heater but we are looking around for a decent one - definitely not buying a Rheem!

I smell a class action suit right here, this is BS!

Sarah and Jack said...

Did you buy this piece of shit from a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot or something? If so, have that sexy plumber remove the piece of shit, get in the truck with him and drive it back there. Stand at the customer service desk and wait patiently. When they say they will only replace it once you have had it serviced by a certified warranty person be persistent.

They should take it back.

We had BIG problems with a kitchen full of frigidaire appliances. I had to call lowes a few times but they agreed that if I had to have the appliances serviced one more time (they were only a few months old) that they would take the pieces of shit back at the store.

Thankfully we finally got a "certified" repair guy who fixed the damn things, but I was ready to set them on fire in the yard. For real.

P.S. We decided against tankless. There are some good opinions on traditional vs tankless at this old house dot com, which is generally spot on their "ass"vice.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Oh Saucy, thank for letting me know about this! We're considering a new H/W tank too, and you can bet I will never choose a Rheem. Past the fact that their product is utter garbage, having rude customer service is beyond unforgivable.

I'm with Sarah - if you bought it at a big box store, take it back.

I would definitely go with a tankless water heater, I think, and probably will. I've heard such great things about them so far.

Good luck with this! You might want to check out some local mom's and other neighborhood forums to let them know about this too. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Jerri-Lea said...

Oh MAN!! My stomach hurts thinking about it all! Icky purchase!! Unfortunately the proper, morally correct solution won't be presenting itself anytime soon so you'll have to shell out xyz amount of dollars to fix it.

We've had car problems and then more problems after the first has been 'fixed'. Big story with that.

BUT my dear, in two sleeps you can spend the evening with Michael who will make you forget all your troubles!!

Christina said...

Can you ask the guy to remove it? If it stopped working, it's a dud, right? Perhaps make the point that you purchased a WATER HEATER that you actually want to work. It doesn't. Therefore, reverse payment to the company and tell them to get it out of your house.

I know this doesn't help but we just built a house and it is stunning to me how many things are done half-ass. Our most recent thing is water coming through a door leading out from our kitchen. Clear water damage on the door and on the floor boards. We were told they would fix the issue (supposedly it was where the glass lined up with the door) and replace the entire wood frame. I just arrived home and all they did was paint over the water damage. And we had another storm this afternoon and it's leaking on the other side, with a nice pool of water right by the door and more water damage. I checked the door that leads out from our laundry room (located like 5 feet from this other door) and I'm not surprised to find THE SAME PROBLEM with that door.

I think people could make a ton of money if they would come right out and say ... I will charge you more for work but I guarantee I will do it right the FIRST TIME and, if for any reason it stops working in the future, I will come out and fix it immediately. We have had so many issues with our builder that frankly, I don't want his subcontractors in our house anymore! I'd rather pay of pocket for people who aren't doing a half-ass job.

Good luck ...

Kate said...

We don't want to give you his name? Lordy, I wouldn't want to be THAT guy. Dear Rheem, you have no idea the thunder you have called down. I wish you luck in surviving the wrath of Saucy. This is another example of how if enough of us raise a stink maybe {just maybe} companies will start making their products just a tad...oh, I don't know...useable.

GinnyO said...

Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely NOT look at Rheem water heaters for our house. I hope you can get a quick and fair resolution!

Niki said...

Sounds like it is TV news customer service advocate time. You should see how Rheem likes being called out on the 6:00 news.

Angela said...

Oh, man... I hate that this is happening to you. All your readers have given you some very good advice. Call the company back and tell them that yours doesn't work and you want them to make it right. If they refuse, call your credit card company and have the payment reversed, on the basis that the company is stealing from you! Then have hunky plumber get the thing out of your house. I would also think about posting to local groups and maybe even putting an ad in the local paper, or sharing it with your local news channel. All those ideas are really good.
I hope things work out well for you, soon.

Saucy said...

Well of course we have long since paid for the actual water heater that was installed by nice plumber. He got it for us through a supplier (the guy who wouldn't give me the reps name, the one who said "other brands have problems too")

The supplier is Eccol Electric, they are a supply chain. If only we had purchased through a big box (can't believe I'm saying THAT) I'd have a place to take it back. Eccol won't stand behind it because they say the problem, if any, is Rheems.

I don't see it as Plumber's problem. When he installed it for us he did a good job and it was done in good faith; he thought it was a good product. It is subsequent that he has seen many problems with that model. He also figured there would be some sort of recall or extended warranty for the faulty part.

So, in short: I can't reverse payment, it's long since been made. I can only make some squeaky noises and hope Rheem hangs its head in shame and I cost them lots of future business.

I've put loads of tags on this post so hopefully it will come up when people are searching for info about RHEEM products.

Amanda said...

OMG! The timing! We need a new water heater before winter and the plumber said he'd fit us in when school starts - I called him right away and said DO NOT BRING A RHEEM WATER HEATER INTO MY HOUSE! Guess what? That's what he had us down for!!

I told him to bring anything but and I also looked it up and am a little confused because it looks like GE and Rheem are maybe manufactured by the same company so once I get that sorted out I'll post here. I don't want anything to do with Rheem.

Nathalie from FL said...

Dear Saucy,

May I suggest contacting the CEO of Rheem since his customer service folks don't seem interested in providing any customer service?

JR Jones is the current CEO.

and the Corporate Office address is: Corporate Office: 1100 Abernathy Road, Suite 1400 | Atlanta, GA 30328

Personally, I would call the office (office number listed in link above) and ask for the email address of his executive assistant and email her/him the link to your blog post with a note saying that you will ask to feature your story.

Good luck!

Kari said...

Sounds like the customer service I got from IKEA and I love IKEA.... I was floored when the the lady on the phone blamed me for buying the 8'X8' Expedit shelf!! and I quote " Sorry doesn't fit together but it was your choice to buy from us..." and " there is an assembly area you could have used to see if it all fit together".... RIGHT, so after I assemble the 8 foot square shelf, how do you think I will get it back to my house, which is 6 hours away???

they do not know the power of Saucy... good luck getting some answers!

The French Bear said...

We could all send them an email and tell them we don't like their treatment of our friend and don't they know the power of blogging people!!!!
Sorry you've had such problems, I just can't image not having hot water, even for a day, but seriously I'd call that plumber again...just to look at him, ha ha, just kidding!
Margaret B

bamemories said...

Did you pay via credit card because most credit cards have a one year warranty/insurance beyond the manufacturer's warranty. I have a RBC visa and when I cracked my screen on my camera and it was past the warranty, my VISA paid for the repair. Also, you could also dispute to your credit card company that you did not receive the product that you were charged for and they may reverse the charges. If not, then just be persistant and don't give up on calling them. Good Luck!

Coco said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will def not buy a Rheem. 600 for a rebuild kit???? Wow. My brand new hot water heater didn't cost that much to start with.

Anonymous said...

Please Saucy, put down the martini and call your local television station that has a consumer help line. If these "retards" feel that they might get bashed on the local evening news, they will sing a song that Saucy wants to hear. Let us know how this dilema turns out. Oh, and by the way, we all want Saucy happy! Candy

Pepper said...

Clearly, they don't know who they are dealing with...
I agree, call the CEO!!!!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I agree. send a letter. They usually pay attention when you said you are contacting stations and the BBB.
Good Luck!

LisaInCT said...

I feel for you. This is the type of thing that makes me want to:

1) scream
2) kill people (I didn't type that!)
3) live AWAY from "society"

I cannot not tolerate when people feed me sh*t lines, thinking I am dumb and will fall for it.

I notice their damn logo says "Relax, it's Rheem." SHAME ON THEM for treating a customer this way.

I would continue until I got some satisfaction with this idiotic company.

However, you can be ASSURED this blog reader of yours will be sure NOT to buy a Rheem... and will spread the word on your behalf.

Companies who do not take the time to address these types of issues (when it is THEIR fault) should


LisaInCT said...

Oops... missing part of my comment:

Companies who do not take the time to address these types of issues (when it is THEIR fault) should not be suprised when sales drop off... thanks to Saucy and her peeps!

Marc said...

Sounds kinda like my phone company, who one day decided that Marc didn't need his home phone anymore, despite the bills being paid on time. Imagine calling home trying to tell the significant other your gonna be late, only to hear "Sears Canada, how can I help you?" Then when you inform the phone company of this they say "I don't know how this happened." Anyway this phone company is known as "Bell Canada" with the middle eastern call center, and if another phone company were to start up here and offer service for twice the price, I would take it.

the treat girl said...

Thanks so much Miss!!! I'm hoping you make big noise for the Rheem people......I know I'll never consider one when it's my time..

Anonymous said...

Happy owner of a Rheem water heater for 15 + years (:

Elizabeth said...

Have you decided if your gonna do the hollowen swap? I really would like to to be in the swap!
Elizabeth D.

Jen Anderson said...

I can't help you with laundry, but as far as bathing goes, warm some water on the stovetop and mix it with some cold water from the tap. As a renter, I've had to deal with no hot water every now and again and that's the best method I've been able to come up with.

dragonflydreamer said...

Thanks for the heads up about Rheem. I will be sure to let everyone I know about this company that knowingly sells faulty products, doesn't stand behind their product, doesn't care about the customer and definitely doesn't understand that in the year 2010 word of mouth is spead at the speed of light via blog, twitter, email, forums just for such information, and is spread around the world in real time! I agree that you should contact the CEO and T.V. news consumer advocate. Good luck, Saucy.