crown swap for heidi

Saucy was dreadfully remiss on a swap this summer. Truth be told, she struggled with getting it just right and in the end, her swap partner admitted the same thing. The theme of the swap was "crowns" hosted by Molly at Fleur de Bee. Thank you Molly for hosting this fun swap!

Saucy's swap partner was Heidi at Foxgloves, Fabrics and Folly. She is a talented designer and has the most wonderful Etsy shop. Saucy admits that it was a little intimidating coming up with something for such a partner. It had to be something so special. It was the actual making of a crown that bent Saucy's brain past the due date. The rest of it came naturally:

A special crown pendant for Heidi embellished with vintage type keys, vintage beads and coins from Europe: Francs and Six Pence pieces from the 1960's.

A working locket and two vintage timepieces - one of them a Seiko, it really works too.

The crown, however, was not as easy. Saucy had a vision and she wanted it to reflect Heidi's aesthetic of vintage golds, whites and neutrals. She wanted it to look like something straight out of the Renaissance.

What do you think? It is actually a little cage, the bottom swings open and will hold some sort of lovely treasure.

The Fleur-de-lis came from a vintage garden decoration. The Secret Weapon helped Saucy by reclaiming it and fastening it securely to the crown.

One lovely detail that is not overly noticeable are the rectangular black onyx stones sewn around the fur rim at the base of the crown.

A view from above. Between the vintage pearls dangle vintage crystal pieces in varying sizes and shapes. That's the thing when you are creating with vintage bits... there's never enough of the same thing, but the finished product is all the more beautiful for it.

Sprays of Swarovski crystals sprinkle extra sparkle around the entire crown. Photographs don't do this piece justice; it is very sparkly.

Saucy threw in some other treasures into the swap parcel including some crown tissues, bee lotion, and a lovely glass box to hold the necklace. She hopes that Heidi forgives her tardiness and enjoys these treats that were created just for her very much. It should be on her doorstep by now.

Tomorrow Saucy will share some of the delightful treats that Heidi sent all the way to Canada from sunny California.

You know, the swap thing might be getting a little old. Saucy feels horrible enough about sending Heidi's package out late, but in return she's still waiting for some swap parcels that should have made their way here in June or July. Do you think swaps are on their way out?


Linda Crispell said...

Those are beautiful and well worth the wait. I am a bit hesitant to sign up for another swap. I get very stressed about letting the recipient down.
Your Pal,

Lisa Russell said...

Swaps are good if you have a fabulous swap you are involved with, with fabulous people who are in it! Your crown gifts are DEFINITELY worth waiting for!! Love-Love!! xoxo, Lisa

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I would have certainly wait for months for your swap.

Doreen said...

I really love swaps and would like to do more. Many only let you participate if you have a blog though, and I don't. Yet, maybe. I love your bracelet swaps! And Heather's boxes. So fun!! Beautiful crown and necklace - I'm sure she didn't mind a bit if it was late because it's so worth it!!

devin said...

this is so pretty! you make the most beautiful necklaces!

Sue said...

Love the necklace, especially the crown pendant!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that swaps AREN'T on the way out, as I have just discovered the concept last night. I came across a website called, and I've signed up for a couple of them. I'm really excited about it, as I absolutely adore getting parcels in the mail!!


P.S. Enjoying your blog, as always.

MJ said...

You do such a great job with swaps! I would hope that they aren't out for the recipients' sakes!

As for me, no more swapping. Sadly, even my minor contributions (in comparison to yours!) take too much time.

Madison said...

That is beautiful! I have no doubt she loved it.

Fleur de Bee said...

You have skills for miles!!!! I LURVE your crown you made! Can't believe you welded anis made that thing. Amazing!! I am learning to weld in my classes at Univeristy so I hope to make you proud lol!

Necklace is a work of art too! Heidi will love it all I am sure!

xoxo Molly

Liberty Biberty said...

Oooooh! That little crown is just fabulous!!!

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