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Veto and Saucy have a friend nicknamed Sarge, and Saucy and Veto have a friend nicknamed Sarge. One Sarge they know through Saucy and the other Sarge they know through Veto so when Saucy tells this story, she doesn't want the Sarge who didn't get cupcakes to be upset, his time will come... these cupcakes were for... Sarge.

Sarge requested carrot cupcakes for his birthday but the problem was, he's an out-of-province Sarge. It was time for a cupcake challenge, anyway. Could 24 decorated cupcakes travel by Greyhound bus 393 miles to their destination intact?

This is how they left Casa de Saucy. Stacked in a funky little drink cooler that Veto found. It was the perfect size and height for 24 cans (or 24 cupcakes).

Bubble wrap, stacked cupcake holders, more bubble wrap, air bags and ice packs... and away they went into the night.

Do you want to make a perfect ring of toasted coconut around the edge of your cupcakes? Easy.

Using a large round tip, pipe cream cheese icing around the outside rim of the cake. Don't wait to do the next step... as in, don't do all of the piping and then all of the dipping. Sorry, but it's best if you set your piping bag down and dip each one while the frosting is tacky - before it forms a little shell and the coconut will resist sticking.

Turn that bad boy upside down into a tray of toasted coconut. Toasting coconut is fast and easy - just set it under your broiler and watch it like a hawk. It contains natural oils and sugars that make it burn very easily. Saucy likes toasting the fine coconut best. It looks fancier on baked goods and the fine chop is nicer for little cakes.

For shipping, Saucy decided to decorate and finish Sarge's cakes directly in the cupcake holder. That way, the could really push them down into their places securely by poking the middle of the cake where there was no icing yet. Do you follow?

After the cakes were securely in place, the large tip on the bag is brought out again and the cupcakes are finished with a swirl in the middle.

A small star tip on a bag of green frosting makes the carrot leaves... and another large round tip is used with orange frosting to make the carrots.

So, you're wondering: how did they ship? Pretty well. What you see is what Sarge got, they were a little smudged on the top but some of them were just perfect so all in all, Saucy will call this experiment a success in shipping.

But don't get any ideas.


lynne said...


The cupcakes were wonderful, and the toasted coconut was an added bonus. Forget the smudges, the smudged ones are all gone. We are trying to save the perfect ones for company but I don't think they will last!

Thanks so much,

Sarge's wife

Kim's Treasures said...

They are so cute! You were brave to ship them!

Just Beachy said...

I am shocked , it must have cost a bundle too .
Please tell me where you got the cupcake containers I am hoping you know of a Canadian supplier I have been searching high and low for one .

Jerri-Lea said...

Great job!! I think you should put in BOLD "But don't get any ideas." Or you'll soon be flooded with orders!!

MJ said...

Those looked scrumptious! Love the tip about the roasted coconut!

ian said...

Remember that I live in Washington and that is pretty far from you... so if you ever needed me to say, oh, um... test taste anything for you, you would have to ship it... now wouldn't you? Hum... ; )
But you understand that I am not asking.... or "...getting ideas..", right?

Love you,

Angela said...

Apparently, I was logged in as Ian!!LOL!

Rosa said...

Wow. I'm impressed by the shipping! WOW. They look beautiful, still! I wish I had about a dozen to eat all by my lonesome. YUM! (dieting, so i can't eat any . . . which makes me want to eat them ALL! of course.) xo

Pepper said...

No worries, I won't tell the "other Sarge" about know he hates to miss out on your baking!

The "other" Sarge's wife


the treat girl said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have never considered trying to ship some....I would have been too afraid...I probably would have flown to the final destination and made them there :)..Once again, you're my hero!!!

Anonymous said...

Those look completely, absolutely, amazing!!

Clandestine Road said...

Those are adorable!

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