peach pie

Nothing says summer like a fresh fruit pie. On a nice July day, the smell of a peach pie baking is irresistible.

You will need six or seven ripe but firm peaches. If they are small, use more.

After washing, remove the pits and slice into pieces about 1/2" thick. Saucy leaves the skins of the peach on, but it's entirely up to you. Some cooks like the flavour and the colour the skins add (in this case, a little deep red and a tangy bite) and some prefer the smoothness that skinning the peach gives to the dessert. Saucy leaves the skins on because she just can't resist that extra zing they add. Also, leaving the skin on is easy... and this is supposed to be easy.

Yes, you'd never leave the skin on an apple in a pie, but this is a peach and have faith, it will bake down nicely. Without the skin, the filling can be a little like canned peaches.

Prepare two 9" rounds of your favourite pastry recipe. Saucy uses her food processor and cuts 1/2 cup cold butter into 1 and 1/4 cups white flour with a dash of salt and about a tablespoon of sugar until it is coarse like peas. Then she simply pours about three tablespoons of ice water into the machine and pulses quickly until the dough gathers... turns it out to a floured surface and rolls into a 9" round.

Prepare your dough before you finish preparing the fruit. You'll see why in a minute. Get the bottom of your pie pan filled with that first round of dough.

In a large bowl mix two tablespoons of corn starch, two tablespoons of quick cooking tapioca (that's Granny's old trick), 3/4 cup sugar, a pinch of salt and about 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon. You may find that odd in a peach pie... but cinnamon isn't just for apples. Toss the fruit into the blended starch and sugar mixture quickly, covering every piece.

See how saucy and immediately gooey and runny the fruit gets when you toss it around in there? That's why you need to have your dough ready int the pan. Get it in there, pronto.

There really is something wonderful about an unbaked pie... don't you think? It holds a world of possibilities.

Don't get too excited. The whole thing needs to chill the fridge, unbaked, for about a half hour. You can turn your oven on to 375 in the meantime.

Oh, and nobody has enjoyed a pie pan quite like Saucy has enjoyed the Pampered Chef Deep Dish Pie Plate that MJ gave her about five years ago. It's brilliant. Sometimes, Saucy just heaps and heaps fruit into that plate and it looks pretty ridiculous before she bakes it. She'll show you one of those sometime. This one wasn't so ridiculous.

Before baking, you can choose to brush the top crust with a beaten egg white and sprinkle with sugar.

Your pie will be done baking in 50-60 minutes. It should be golden brown on top and the juice should not run clear... it should look cloudy and thick like a nice sauce.

Cool and serve. Now do you see what Saucy means about the peach skin? It just adds something. Something delicious. Something summery.

Ice cream adds something delicious, too. Scoop it on, people. You only live once.


Jerri-Lea said...

Mmmm! That looks so delish!! (Moto-Moto used to call me 'Peaches' when we first started dating....17 years ago! Wow.)

toadman said...

How did you know I love peach pie?

toadman said...

ugghhh...I guess I am signed on as Toadman... well he loves peach pie, too... Love, Angela

Isolder said...

Why do you let it cool in the fridge before baking?

DV-Becca said...

I just finished your entire blog. You are delightful and a breath of fresh air. I especially loved the 'sold rug' story. I hope your health has improved and your arthritis subsides. Have a great day, and thanks for all your hard work on your blog- it was fun.

Saucy said...

Putting it in the fridge before baking lets the butter in the crust get very cold and firm so when you put it in the hot oven the way it melts with the flour, your pastry will be especially flaky! That's why you need to work cold with pastry: cold lard, cold butter, cold water :) = flaky pastry!

Lisa Russell said...

Oh, I LOVE peach pie, put I don't think I have ever had it with the skin on. You really need to do a cooking video for us! Upload to You Tube! :-)

MJ said...

I love peach pie! Looks wonderful!

I also blush with the realization that I've only (maybe) once used my own Pampered Chef pie plate. Humiliating, I know.I plan to try to make pie crusts in the future now that the girls are older. (Blush again)


Sounds and looks wonderful! Yummy!

CuteStuffInside said...

Dear Saucy,

Oh, how I would like a bite of that peachy goodness, the only problem is peaches don't like me - I break out into humongous (is that a word?) hives if I even touch one. Have you got a great recipe for lemon meringue - my all time summer favorite?


Jill said...

Oh, my... that looks SO good!! I love the idea to leave the peels on the peaches. My mom use to leave some of the peel in her plum jam and it made it even better- sweet and tart.

Crista said...

Mmmm... it looks divine.
I am not one for much pastry (rarely successful!) I make 'crisps' more often. And funny enough I made a peach crisp last night! I also have a pampered chef dish that is used solely for fruit crisps. It is now seasoned perfectly! I leave the peel on simply because I do not enjoy peeling peaches. I never noticed that it added flavour... but since you mention it you are so right! We didnt have any vanilla ice cream so fresh whipped cream took its place.
I love summer fruit!!! Thanks for sharing your pastry recipe, I will have to give it a go sometime!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

If there is anything better, I've yet to learn of it.

SandraD said...

Yummy! Fresh peaches are so good right now. The recipe I use has a pastry crust with a crumb topping. A good sized piece served warms with good vanilla ice cream is divine.

~*~ Sandy ~*~ said...

Saucy you Divine thing you! I'd like to ask for the exact pie crust recipe. I'm always on the lookout for the best one - and I'm sure, by the looks of your pie, THIS is a good one! I like that its flaky and pretty! care to share your recipe... pleaseeee? Thanks!

Rosa said...

yummy yummy. i'm going to get some peaches on my way home next week and see what i do with them. i love the white peaches best!

the treat girl said...

I'm sooooo craving a piece RIGHT NOW!!! I've never made a crust from scratch......gotta give it a try!