farewell, farewell, eliza dear

Do you know the poem by Robbie Burns? The Cheerios had to bid farewell to their Eliza Dear when she returned to Australia this weekend. She had a wonderful year in Canada but it was time to return home to her family.

She leaves behind a cheer family who loves her very much. They knew it would be hard to say goodbye.

As a coach, Saucy must say that Eliza Dear is one of those special, committed athletes who makes coaching enjoyable every single day. She brought a smile with her to every practice. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She set a good example for everyone on the team and we were proud that she was a captain. Saucy resisted the urge to dub her "Captain Kangaroo," and for that, Eliza Dear must be thankful.

Imagine the maturity required for a fifteen year old girl to leave her home and cross hemispheres to live with her grandparents and attend a public school where she knew not a single person. Imagine then, a year later, everyone heartbroken at her departure, not knowing what next year will be like without her.

Eliza Dear returns to Australia with the memory of the success we had in competition. More importantly, she returns knowing that success like that is attainable in whatever she chooses to undertake down under.

In May, we took her photograph near a city landmark so she will never forget the place she left behind.

In June we saw Carrie Underwood together... and took a ride in a rickshaw.

Saucy reminded the Cheerios and Eliza Dear that goodbye is not really goodbye these days. Through email, Facebook and Skype everyone can keep in touch.

It made farewell easier to think of that. So you see, farewell is not goodbye.

We sent Eliza Dear packing with the team mascot, Bo Champ. Inside his foot is a little speaker that plays the team chant. Eliza Dear can play it whenever she gets lonely for the Cheerios.

Knowing that the internet would keep them close, farewell was easier, but there were still long goodbyes at the airport. Time for last pictures together.

Time for last group hugs.

One last time to stand arm in arm... they stepped their feet into a heart shape together. And then she was gone.

Farewell, farewell, Eliza Dear. Until we meet again. {Hugs}

Julie, you are the winner of the Hair Flairs! Time to add some glimmer to your 'do but first, please set down that Bacardi Breezer long enough to send Saucy and email with your delivery deets. Congratulations!


Cheerific said...

I feel your pain! Our german exchange student has gone back home as well. Next year just won't be the same without her :(

karen said...

What a loving tribute - you are very sweet

Eliza said...

Thank you saucy, you are amazing <3