these things take time

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Sample #2

Tonight in a moment of near frustration, Uncle Bug reminded Saucy that these things take time and that getting this website moved over and running the way you'd like is sort of like baking... it's going to take time and you are going to have to find the right recipe and mix up the right ingredients... and you get the drift.

Uncle Bug is tied up with a paying gig. The nerve! As if he doesn't enjoy being his sister's beck-and-call-guy when it comes to this stuff, now the jobs that actually pay cold hard cash are more important.

Because Saucy has a dream: a dream of several blogs running simultaneously into one homepage that will post the most recent when you arrive on the domain. Then, say, you could just move over to the cupcake blog or the crafting blog or the event blog... and see the most recent post in that category. Sounds way cool and professional, doesn't it? And for those of you who ask Saucy to bookmark recipes and ideas in a handy format... that sounds like what you want. With a search bar within each separate blog... do you see where she's going with this, people?

To the untrained nobody, it sounds like something that you can *poof* whip up in no time flat. But then again, to the bakers in the crowd, it's unreasonable to expect a fantastic new concept in cheesecake to be "whipped up in no time flat," so there's the catch.

Reader: what do you find the most desirable when you are navigating a blog or a website? Spill it, so Saucy and Uncle Bug can take these things into consideration. This is your hangout, too.

Please bear with Saucy as she makes this transition. In the meantime, cheesecake sounds pretty good right now, doesn't it?


karen said...

Good luck with all the work - it will be wonderful. I really enjoy your blog.

In terms of suggestions I would like a search function!!

What about putting Etsy on the right side - its where the reader's eye ends up and below it the Twitter link.

I like it when the Etsy has some photos (and they help lure you in).

It sounds like you are creating a magazine kind of feel with different topics so a table of contents might be helpful. Or maybe like a store with different departments and a floor plan...gee a Saucy Emporium would be a blast.

I would love a link to your recipes organized by category with a little key picture, because I may not remember the name but a category like cupcakes, dessert, etc. and picture would let me find what I am looking for or browse for ideas.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Rafael's Mum said...

Good luck ! That sounds like mega mega organisation!

I like blogs that are organised (still trying to organise mine!) with clear links in the sidebar so you can find what you are looking for. e.g. in categories and then subdivided.

I also love lots of pictures as a pictures speaks a thousand words....

Looking forward to seeing all this new loveliness!

Lisa Russell said...

The Pioneer Woman's site is set up like that. I don't know, I like the old way, but I know the new way is more organized with different topic areas to search. Whatever you decide, it will be wonderful! I like the categories on the top of the page so you can navigate through them easily. And please, no music when you click on a page! ;-) xoxo, Lisa

CuteStuffInside said...

For me, it's the "search" thing.


Dayle said...

I just don't like it when blogs look too cluttered. I like nice clear links. And a search option is always nice.

Becca said...

I like archives that are easy to navigate, maybe they could be categorized because I am always looking through them for certain recipes or things I saw and sometimes I didn't write down when you did them.

Also I like a nice bright picture right when I open the page, pictures are everything and that's one of your strengths. I like to really study the detials on pictures of baking and projects - and the Loopy photoshoots!

This will be awesome!


Claudia said...

I don't know but I tend to stay away from websites that have too many complications like The Pioneer Womans or Cherry Menloves site. I used to read them but now I don't.

I like going to a blog and having the post right there - I don't want to click through a series of commands.


Sandra D said...

Good luck with your new creation & yes cheesecake does sound lovely!

Coco said...

I wish I had a clue as to how to do what you are doing. Best of luck.

coRinne not connie said...

your blog is awesome to read and i've enjoyed all the posts. i agree with the commenter about no music - i don't have speakers at work (sshhh - i read on my break tho!) so the music play list is wasted on me, and my taste in music is probably very different than others. when there is music on someone's blog, i go straight to their player and turn it off - to me it's very distracting. i prefer a blog with no flash player going - can't read those ones on my break time at all and some older computers and dial up (i know that is still out there) have issues with flash players. organized and pretty -you're well on the way and i know whatever you choose will be awesome!

Saucy said...

I agree Claudia, some websites get too complicated for their own good. Another example: Dooce. How on earth do you find anything unless you visit every single day? I don't want it difficult for my readers to navigate. Also, don't want too much clutter by way of advertising or third-party junk.

Thanks everyone and please keep those thoughts coming!


Anonymous said...

I know there is a function/feature that as a "blog follower" you can have alerts sent to you when something new has been posted. That way you can follow many, many blogs without having to go to each of them every day. But that is something the user has to set up, not the person making the blog... and I haven't got that many that I follow that I have had to learn how to do the "alert" thingy yet... I love your blog though and it is one I do check everyday.. just to see if something new is there.

Kate said...

The last photo you have on Facebook is my fave so far. I appreciate clear fonts. If I can't read it the first time I don't go in for a second look. I can't stand it when people try to use white writing on a yellow background or something! And I like how your archives are set up with the seperate categories...Jonas, Loopy's photos, cupcakes, etc. I don't always bookmark stuff {and never remember the date it was posted} but I know I can go into your archives and find a recipe every time. You know I love photos {you have that in spades} and I love colour. You have that too. Not much to improve on here...a few tweaks here and there and you are golden! Now if we could just adjust Uncle's Bug's attitude toward the whole "Paying gigs come first" thing you'd be set! LOL

Saucy said...

Poor Uncle Bug... I phone him and hassle him so much about this, he's going to have me arrested for harassment pretty soon. Of course the paying gigs come first but I am so darn whiney!

I agree about the clear fonts. Plus, I have actual paper stationary that is designed with my current blog theme so I don't want to stray too far away until it is used up (frugal to the point of being cheap!!) so I will probably stick with mostly a layout change and it will function a little smoother from now on... but I will use the current fonts I think.

Should I have an area where archives are sorted by category too? That seems handy.

Niki said...

I love it when everything is obvious: you want etsy, there it is; you want cupcakes, there it is; you want photo shoots, there it is.
I really don't like it when there is so much going on on both side bars and the top and the bottom that you have to scroll around for a year to find anything.
And i totally agree with no music: it take longer to load and is a pain at work.

Good luck with the construction!

J.G. said...

I like it when . . .

stuff is labeled in plain English (but with a little humor, cleverness, or 'tude)

there is a search feature (definitely)

the ads are not too big and they don't pop up, move or flicker

the print and background are contrasty, not blendy like lavender print on gray (for those of us who are a Certain Age)

when people ask me what I like (yay, you!)

I know it's going to be great.

Deborah said...

well 'caus you asked...
I like sample 1 best. That script in the header is lovely.
No music
Clear fonts
no sticky posts at the top...hate scrolling past them to get to the new stuff.
search is good. I can always find what I want in your left sidebar but a search would be lovely.

Fleur de Bee said...

I like the top one best....both look fab however and I think it is what you are aiming for and what would be more user friendly. I have visited so many sites in my research of my own website I am working on and it is surprising that it takes me twice as long to figure out where to click or how to follow along. I love the idea "IN THE PAST" you have on the sidebar. May have to borrow that one :)


Claudia said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I like sample #1 the best, though they both make sense, if you know what I mean. I second what everyone said about music. I have my mute button on when I look at blogs. I love music as much as the next person (I was a singer for many years) but my taste is not necessarily that of every blogger. The music function just becomes annoying.

You will come up with the perfect site. Can't wait to see it.


Cassandra said...

I love your blog! It remains my absolute favorite of all the blogs I read, and really the only one I READ on a regular basis. I've had to resort to Google Reader to keep track of all the wonderful blogs I peruse...but not yours. Yours is a come over, sit down, have a cup of tea and read kinda blog for me.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get to the point of is that your blog is about the content for me. So I will like, or at least get used to, whatever layout you choose, as long as the inner Saucy stays the same as I know it will...kind of like that lipstick on a pig kinda thing, but in this case it's lipstick on a princess! A good blog is a good blog no matter what the front page looks like!

And lastly, I hope that you remember that although all these comments are nice, and of course you want your readers to be happy...that this is an expression of YOUR vision. You can't please us all, so your main focus should be to mainly please yourself. "If you build it we will come"...sheesh, I'm just chock full of cliches this morning, aren't I?


ChaChaneen said...

Hi there! I like sample 2 the best.. to me less is best as its not as busy to the eye as sample 1.

Ya know Saucy, I lurve the blog the way it is. ha ha The layout is easy to find recipes, crafts, etc.

Thyri said...

G'day Saucy from wet and wild Wollongong, Australia! I just found your blog, and am madly reading up! At 34, I finally figured out what I want to do with my life- so in a few weeks I will start a baking course- I want to own my own cupcake store- and I'm chasing my dreams! You're an inspiration! I can't wait to show my daughter your blog too- she's almost 13, and I know she'll relate to Loopy and her friends- you offer some great advice for the young women of today. I just wanted to say hello, and that I'd be following wherever you end up- I am eager to try some of your recipes, and getting an insight into life in your part of the world! I hope one day my blog will be as great as yours!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your site!

Crista said...

hmmm... I like sample 2 - just easier to look at and a more simple approach.
I too like to SEARCH.. that is a big plus!
Other than that... I dont really have any major thoughts... well, lets just say I trust you. Havent steered me wrong yet!
thanks for asking... always nice to be asked :)
PS - Lurve the picture of you!!!

hupaelota said...

check out the moda website, it is set up how I think you are trying to do yours...

Amber said...

Tasks involving the internets can make anyone impatient! ;)

I like large photos, for a blog to still load well into a blog reader!!!, and NO music! I often leave several tabs open of projects I want to try or recipes I want to write down, and I hate when I go to watch a video online and there is hidden music from a blog in one of those tabs that I can't track down for the life of me!

I like your idea of topical pages/tabs for baking, events, crafts, photography, etc. because sites that are arranged in that way make it easy to find that one project that you know the blogger posted way back when that you just have to track down!

Miss Quoted said...

I like Sample 2, for the pic of you ( here I am Saucy!) and Duke, I am a sucker for the dogs.

Searches are nice, but you for the most part already have a good hand on the organized.

Mostly though, no music! I work from my home, so I usually have my itunes ramped up, and while I do have an appreciation of various types of music, I already have something playing... and Lily Frost and Travis Tritt together? Not a good thing.

LadyK said...

I like a bit of the old and the 2 samples all mixed together. I like the heading you have now, the title bar on #2, your pic on # 2 but make it smaller and use the columns from # 1 below it. I don't like the scrolly font on#1 - please no music!!!!! Search feature would be nice too - but then again I like what you have now :)

TidyMom said...

We Saucy....everything you do turns out BEAUTIFUL, so in good time I'm sure this will too!!....could I borrow Uncle Bug when you're finished with him? lol

Personally, I don't really care for the "magazine" blog layouts...only because I don't like to click all over the place...but I understand that some people would like to just get to recipe post...or craft posts etc....

One feature that I REALLY like in a blog, and get frustrated when blogs don't have a search box. Sometimes, no often I go back to a blog to find something I know I read, and I don't feel like trying to figure out where it would be - I just want to type a few words in a search box to find it!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!