the cookies will reveal the winner

Veto proclaimed them (before they were even filled) the most delicious sugar cookies he's ever tasted. Mighty big boots to fill. And yet, Dear Reader, Saucy can tell you this much: they are.

Who can resist trying a nip of butter and sugar creamed together? Not Saucy. Nor you, she supposes.

Cream 1/2 cup softened salted butter with 1/3 cup canola or other vegetable oil and 3/4 cup granulated sugar. This can be done nicely with the whisk attachment on your stand mixer.

Add one egg at room temperature and 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and beat until light and fluffy. Test it again, just to make sure it is still delicious.

Sift together 2 and 1/4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and gradually mix into the egg mixture using your paddle attachment.

When the dough is nicely formed - and it will be, so soft and white - divide it into two parts and roll equal logs about two inches across.

Wrap the dough securely in waxed paper and place in the fridge for at least two hours or overnight. This part is imperative if you want to slice the dough for baking.

But... if you would just like to chill it for under an hour, roll it on a floured surface and cut shapes to bake and frost - do it. Saucy did that with the first batch she made because quite frankly the dough was so delicious, she couldn't wait for the sliced cookies.

She ate her weight in dough and then in "test cookies." That's how it goes around here. Someone has to be the tester.

But, if you are a patient baker with a specific goal in mind, keep the dough chilled overnight and then slice it with a sharp knife, to about 3/16" thick (5 mm). The slices may be slightly egg-shaped and depending on your aesthetic, you may choose to leave them so or you can use your fingertips to round the discs a wee bit before baking them at 350 degrees for 8-9 minutes, until they are firm and only slightly golden.

Because, sugar cookies should be as white as you can get them while still being completely baked - but let's face it, a very tiny hint of browning makes that nice sugary taste we like. Don't tell Saucy's very Scottish grandmother she said that... she frowns on the browned sugar cookies and shortbreads.

She favours them white, white, white, like her hairdo.

For the filling: in the mixer blend 1/4 cup softened salted butter with 1 and 1/2 cups sifted confectioner's sugar (no lumps please) and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. The filling will be quite stiff but you'll get over it. It's very easy to work with.

Divide the filling into different bowls and proceed to flavour and tint them: some orange zest and a dash of tangerine food colour.

Some lemon zest and a very small dot of yellow food colour - these ones are for Veto but go easy on the tint - yellow can look garish quickly. You want this to be very light and lemony.

Or, forego the food colour altogether and put some raspberry preserves through a sieve to remove the seeds and stir it into the filling - yum.

Look at the consistency of that - spread a little bit on the back of a cookie and start searching for a match. That's the tricky part but you surely can find a kitchen helper for this sort of work, no?

The yield on this recipe is 48 t0 50 sandwiched cookies. After all that dough tasting and cookie testing, Saucy had 44 - making 44 the magic number for the draw. Ergo, the winner of the "pay it forward" necklace draw is Eliza. She should email Saucy, pronto, to claim her prize.


MJ said...

Make sure to keep this recipe on your sidebar, please! I always struggle with my mother's white sugar recipe and would like an easier version!!

Saucy said...

Oh, it IS! I was just so happy with how this dough handled, even without refrigeration. So soft and nice to work with.

It also mixed up in a matter of minutes. A+++ for that! Off to add it to the sidebar with the other sugar cookies I use (the Wilton recipe) but this one will likely take first place for me now. I think it is the vegetable oil component... they bake up so beautifully.

Eliza said...

YAY!!! I won :D saucy you are amazing :)

Lisa Russell said...

These look delicious! And pretty also. Hope the cheerios enjoy them!

Junie Moon said...

Oh my goodness, I just gained 731 pounds just reading your lovely post. Seriously, the cookies look awesome! And I'm so pleased for your lucky winner -- she'll be so happy.

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh I wish I could bake like you! My kids would REALLY appreciate me then. For now, they survive on store bought cookies :(

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I could visit you today. I don't often comment but I would like to let you know that I am having problems getting your blog to appear on my page and it distresses me greatly - yours is one that I just must read every single weekday. It makes my morning coffee.

Thank you so much,
Irene (Long Island)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Nothing, NOTHING beats the perfectly baked sugar cookie.

Dreams of Perfection said...

You an invite me over anytime to be tester! I wouldn't complain, I swear..pinky promise.

ChaChaneen said...

Congatulations Eliza! Yummy cookies Saucy, would be perfect with my tea right now. Mmmmm

the treat girl said...

Just when I thought I had the perfect sugar cookie recipe!!! Gotta try this one too! Thanks for sharing :)

Two Rivers Soap Company said...

Those look so delicious! I'll be making these with the raspberry filling sometime soon. It reminds me of the Chocolate cake with raspberry filling you posted a while back. That was fantastic!

Shannon said...

Saucy do you think these would taste good with nutella in the middle? We love nutella in our family, not sure if it would go well with the sugar cookie though.

Maija said...

I think this cookie would make my head explode! Yummy!!

Jen B said...

These sound delicious! I gave my brother in law a 'cookie and cake treat of the month club' membership (from my kitchen) for Christmas and will definitely be making these for him. Ok, and me.

Saucy said...


I think Nutella would taste pretty good with these cookies but I'm wondering if it would "set" or stay in its creamy form, making the cookies a bit of a mess in storage. If you do use Nutella (yum) you might want to spread it on just before serving ;)

Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!


Melissa said...

I will be trying these soon. And I'm going to use Ginger Spread by The Ginger People in the frosting. Yum!

Mrs. G. said...

Is there anything you can't make. I contend that sandwich cookies are the very best cookie around.

Joanne said...

These look AMAZING! I'll be linking in my "Week in Review" roundup tomorrow at Ready, Set, Craft!