we're into it, for spring

Saucy and Loopy are loving the new scent by Vera Wang, Glam Princess. It's so light and fresh and floral and fruity... you can bet that a Loopy photo shoot is in the works for this one... just as soon as the weather warms up a little more. Now that the craft room is in order, Saucy might even be fashioning a special tiara for the occasion.

Saucy would like to share two great new hair products that we've been using around here:

For total amplification (which Saucy adores... big hair means you're closer to heaven) try Osis+ Dust It, a chalky powder that can be applied sparingly to your roots when your hair is dry. If flat hair troubles you, a little of this dusting powder does the trick and fluffs up your roots, adding texture and body. Perfect if say, you like to do a little back-combing like Saucy does. Just a note: Loopy doesn't care for the chalky feeling near her scalp so if you think that will bother you, skip this one. But if you struggle with limp or flat roots: go for it.
Since Saucy is really struggling with feeling like her hair is thinning right now, she was thrilled to find that Living Proof haircare is now being sold at Sephora. This whole line smells just delicious and the Full Thickening Cream applied to slightly damp hair before blowdrying works wonders adding a nice thickening effect without feeling greasy or adding any buildup. A little goes a long way with this stuff, so get the small bottle.

When shopping for supplements, Saucy decided to try Flintstones Gummies. Why not? They're as yummy as any gummi candy out there so they satisfy Saucy's sweet tooth and add a few viteys to her day. Loopy and Buddy Budderson are also gnawing away at them and Saucy figures, it can't really hurt anyone, can it? Saucy knows that the dosage is for kids, that's why she munches on a handful at a time.

Until Glee returns in April, we are appeasing ourselves with the soundtracks, now available on iTunes. It's the go-to on Saucy's iPod playlist right now... just like Kurt Hummel. Check out the website - you can download full episodes and there's even an open casting call to be one of the new cast members. For those of us who wouldn't make the cut, there are downloads, ringtones, wallpapers and even sheet music to grab from the official webpage.

Loopy got a Flip video camera for Christmas. We are having a blast with it - so far it's been pretty handy to videotape the Cheerios but when we have time, don't worry... we'll make a movie where Duke is the star and little cakes are the sidekicks.

The handiest part of this gadget is the direct USB connection - no worries about cords or memory cards!

Saucy's loving every single morsel of these Praeventia mini granola bites. After sampling them at Costco, she thought it would be the Cherry & Pomegranate to crave but the Apple & Almond is absolutely yummy. The best part? It's not just that they're only 100 calories each, or that they're sweetened with natural agave extract... it's the dark chocolate and red wine extract.

That's about it... what are you into right now, Peeps? Saucy lurrves a good tip from a trusted reader.

Thanks to Anonymous who left a tip yesterday, head on over to Desire to Inspire and check out not one - but two of Saucy's laundry rooms featured in their faves!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome for the laundry room tip :)

My pleasure!

I really enjoy reading your blog--I love your style!

Lisa Russell said...


We love those gummy vitamins also, but you can get the "adult" version called CRAVE gummies one a day. They are shaped like fruit instead of Flintstone faces, and you don't have to feel like you are too young for them. And they taste just as good!

Have you tried the chocolate flavored sunflower seeds? They are really good. Seed, chocolate, and a cute pastel candy coating. They have them at Wal-Mart called "chick feed" in the Easter section, and at Michaels in a long plastic tube. Yummy!

My iPhone. I seriously don't know how I survived without it! Love all of the apps and ringtones I can find, plus facebook, email, the internet...heaven at my fingertips!

I'm also into Bakerella's cake balls and your cupcakes! Gotta master those this year.

Love you!!! xoxo, saucy Lisa

Suzy said...

I didn't realize you had two laundry rooms....How lucky are you!

Kate said...

Ever since I received a sample in a Sephora order, I've been in love with Boscia's Skin Perfecting Primer. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way.. besides, if you can't splurge on face-care, what can you splurge on?

Also, my Keurig Coffee maker! My mornings have never been the same since I received this puppy! Prices ranging from 80.00-200.00 bucks per machine (depending on the frills), but it more than makes up for the 4.00 Coffee at your local starbucks. BigCatCoffees.com allows you to make up your own variety pack of K-cups, so you can chose from hot chocolate, tea or different flavored coffees, all in one box for a low price. The machine warms up quickly, and brews an individual cup of coffee in under a minute! Can't beat it.

Saucy said...

AARGH! I was going to pick the Boscia sample in my last order but didn't so on your recommendation, Kate, I will next time!!

Anonymous said...

Those granola bites are yummers! I'm going to grab a big box at Costco if I see them again.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

i thought that laundry room looked familiar! oh do I covet them!
Glee makes me happy, too.

Rosa said...

We love our flip too! And that dust looks interesting. Are you all thawing a little up there yet??? xo

Shannon said...

Thanks for the hair product tips. I have thin hair and I'm all about hair products that help hair look fuller. I haven't been on the Sephora website yet, it's on my must do list!!

My tips....I love overstock.com, lots of great deals. My tassimo coffee maker is my best buy ever. I love my latte in the morning and nabob just came out with a skinny latte for tassimo, yum.

Thanks again Saucy.


Anonymous said...

And two lovely laundry rooms they are! But one of them was at your old house, right?

Anonymous said...


Glad you guys are total Gleeks too!

Sarah J.