time to sparkle

Tonight the Cheerios compete in the City Cheerleading Championships. On Saturday night they came over and had a little tutorial about how to do their hair and makeup. They each packed little kits containing a hair bow, a zip tie to attach it, a school face tattoo, a piece of paper towel, a disposable eyeshadow applicator and the striped socks Saucy found in Calgary. We even dyed one of the girls' hair in the kitchen... it was a madhouse, but these things have to be done.

There was much laughter when videotapes of cheerleading events past in the eighties and nineties were viewed. Most of this laughter was at Saucy's expense. You know, hair was big those days. We liked it that way, girlies.

Today, Saucy packed a giant suitcase with those kits and all of the other necessities:

first aid kit
iPod with the music on it
sound system
curling irons
bobby pins
safety pins
eye makeup remover
bottled water
paper towel
extra uniform pieces
video recorder
Tide to Go pen
sharpie markers
extra hair elastics
sidecutters (for zip ties)
feminine gear
makeup to distribute:
green eyeshadow,
yellow eyeshadow,
black eyeliner,
green glitter liner,
and lipgloss.

... did she forget anything?

The cookies! She made the lucky shamrock cookies with a dusting of green sugar and edible gold glitter for the Cheerios to give the senior cheerleaders for a treat. With both teams from our school competing, it could be a very exciting night. The recipe can be found here.

And that's it. We're off. All they have to accomplish tonight is to complete their routine cleanly in under two minutes and thirty seconds to qualify for the provincial championships on March 27th. May the luck of the Irish be with the Cheerios! Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Jill said...

I love that you have your old cheer tapes. Wish I had some of mine. Big hair was totally rad, wasn't it?! Best of luck to The Cherrios!

Heather@PixieDust said...

good luck!! you sound very prepared!!

Kate said...

Good luck!!! GO CHEERIOS! {Plus Saucy, you are AMAZING. All that and you blogged it too!}

Vanessa Wolfram said...

Tide-to-Go is a MUST for all coaches! Just this year we had a chocolate milk incident on the white portion of a uniform! Of course it didn't land on the blue part, but right smack in the middle of the front of her skirt! You know, the one small portion of white on our entire uniforms! Good thing I had it in my Coaches Bag/Team Bag/Everything and anything a cheerleader needs bag! We used a metal clip for our bows, but the zip tie is a great idea! Keep us posted on how they do tonight! GOOD LUCK!

Oh and just so you know, your baking has inspired me to make a tasty treat for my cheer teams practice tomorrow. Off to the store for a BIG container of blue food coloring! Mmmm I can almost taste the cupcakes already!!!


Anonymous said...

Saucy, I do think that if you're going to tell us there are videos, we should somehow be able to view them ... How 'bout a YouTube of your highlight reel?

Jerri-Lea said...

Good luck, have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Cheerios.....

MJ said...

Give 'em a B! E! A! R!

You will have fun!

the fan said...

I just returned from the competition and I can report with all honesty:the Cheerios were perfect!
xoxo the fan

Kristy said...

Good luck cheerios! A-W-E-S-O-M-E...awesome, awesome, awesome...that's the way to be!

Saucy said...

You have no idea how amazing they were... as spot-on perfect as we could have imagined for a very first performance and in such a large venue!

We are so proud of them... I hope I can snag a video off USTREAM... I'm on the hunt!

the treat girl said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you!!!!!! Go Cheerios!!!!!!!!

Crista said...

So happy to hear the Cheerios did so well.

I do have a "tip" for you Saucy... if the Cheerios are wearing the loose glitter kind of make up the easiest way to remove it (and clean it up to make it perfect) is scotch tape. the stickier the better. Works like a charm. Its a must have in my daughter's cheer bag!

Hope the rest of your competitive season is full of clean runs!

Saucy said...

I need to add scotch tape to the list! We used the mineral makeup in green and gold for the eyeshadow but little specks of the green sometimes fell and wouldn't wipe off completely with the brush, so the tape is a great tip! Thanks!!

SandraD said...

Way to go Cheerios! It is not surprising that they did so well - just look at their awesome coach! Congrats all around.

karen said...

Congrats coach and congrats cheerios!!
Wearing green on St Pat's day might have helped but you are a talented bunch.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You're like a boy scout with pom-poms. Just sayin'.

ChaChaneen said...

Beautiful cookies! I cheered in the 80's too, B-I-G hair was/still is the best! Ha ha