love is in the details

This is the only action shot from last night that has surfaced so far. Truth be told, Saucy was too wired to operate a camera during the Cheerios performance... she could only sit in front of the mat, nodding and smiling, gesturing wildly with winks and thumbs-up signs... typical stage mother stuff.

Were they fantastic? In a word, yes. Where five months ago there existed no cheerleaders, there is now a team. A group of friends bound together forever by common experience (and heaps of success).

They worked so hard. The accomplished a goal and are prepared for the final hurdle next week. Can they do it? Yes they can. They have what it takes. Plus, the details have been taken care of.

Fifteen matching hairdos and fifteen matching bows. Gel, spray, and more spray. Wait five minutes, then spray again.

Good friends to cheer them on... even if they are on another team. They will be returned in kind, you can be sure of that.

Little paw-print face tattoos to show their Bear spirit!

Socks with stripes and matching clean white shoes.

Green and yellow eyeshadow. Not suitable for daytime wear...

Let's not forget the super cute uniforms that Saucy picked up in Chicago last November and smuggled home with the Christmas shopping! It was the poms that made the luggage bulky.

And yet, all of these details seemed so trivial last night as they left the floor, leaving the crowd cheering for them. They returned to their prep area high on adrenaline and success.

And then, they cried.

It started when Loopy reached for Saucy with a look of complete satisfaction and relief. Truth be told, it was Loopy who started it. Saucy felt it next... and then, right there, it became a group hug of fifteen weeping Cheerios and two verklempt coaches. Tears are always better out than in, even if they are happy tears... so out they came.

Because, after the performance is over, the details don't matter anymore. The bows, the socks, the shoes or anything that Saucy stressed about, drove The Fan crazy about, made Veto drive around for, pestered Uncle Bug to videotape or audio mix, fanagled Pepper to pinch hit or simply made Jada the Assistant Coach want to lose her mind over... these things don't matter in the end. They are only indicators of the true feelings that will last forever:

Love. Friendship. Fun.

Phone or call one of your high school friends today. Walk down memory lane. Feel fifteen again. It wasn't that bad.


sassy said...

I am smiling (and cheering) for you all! McD was on call, so I cheered from home for you and the team Loopy! The details may fade over time Coach, however, the leadership qualities that make you so...soo. soo. well, saucy, will always glow from within these young gals!
xox Sassy
ps - research day is Saturday, 3 assignments due Monday-must meet for tea before 2011!
pps caught Kags marking down in the baking isle today, put the M on your to do list for Friday!

Jill said...

Ahhh... to be 15 again. Congrats on your team's success-- your cherrios are adorable and are making some wonderful lifelong memories!

Lisa Russell said...

So proud of you and all of the girls! Fantastic!! Hope you can rest a little now. :-)

the treat girl said...

Yeah for you all the Cheerios and the coaches...and all of the behind the scenes helpers! How fantastic! And it's true.....all things they are learning about being on a team, leadership, dedication and commitment...they will carry with them forever. Best of luck next week!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...'ll print out this tribute and frame it for each girl, right?

Megan said...

I almost cried while reading this. Probably because it reminded me of my Cheerios days. :) Thanks for the pics and sweet words!

ps the bows rocked!

Stef said...

Now I'm crying too! Thank you for sharing yourself with girls.

SandraD said...

You have helped & encouraged these wonderful girls to create life long lessons & memories. Thanks for sharing the great photos & good luck with future competitions.

Pepper said...

Great post! I have a tear in my eye. I am really proud of that team, they really pulled it together. (Helps to have great coaching!)
Gotta go and phone an old high school buddy!

ChaChaneen said...

Great Memories and we're all so proud of the girls too! Get some rest this weekend!

Angela said...

Job well done, my dear. Of course I had no doubt that you and the Cheerios would knock their socks off.

Now, time for you to regain your strength with some well-deserved relaxation. Enjoy your weekend.


karen said...

You and the girls put the extra effort in and it was returned in results - way to go Coach - what a great experience you helped create for them.

MJ said...

Go team!!

Great post; tears in my eyes. Funny how the concerns of a 15 year old are often forgotten!

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

I'm so happy that everything went so well & that all of their (and your) hard work paid off. They look like they had a fabulous time.

Anonymous said...

Your stories about your team make me cry. Sometimes I go back and read them again. xo

Denise J