let's talk about winners

I told you I would log in right after American Idol ended to tell you who the lucky winner of the iPod earrings would be. I tried, but there were so many other winners to keep an eye on. 

Let me just say, Loopy and I were riveted to the television watching Joannie Rochette skate through her grief after tragically losing her mother earlier this week to a heart attack. Imagine skating a perfect short program on Tuesday and holding onto third place tonight to win the bronze medal for Canada... just imagine her strength. Her bronze medal is as good as gold to us.

I am so hoping that Joannie will be given the honour of carrying our flag during the closing ceremonies. We're proud of you, Joannie!

And more winning? Canadian women win Olympic hockey gold! There was actual clapping in this house tonight. 

The announcer said that sometimes winners step on the ice and pretend that their Olympic performance is just another day in practice... but a true champion steps on the ice at practice and pretends they're at the Olympics. I'm going to have to spin that around and use it on the Cheerios.

Oh, and since I like to come out early on in the Idol season (last year picking Adam Lambert) this year I want you to know that all of my Farmville coins are riding on Crystal Bowersox. You heard it here first... the girl's a winner.

Our last winner of the day is comment number one - it must be a sign - Lizzy Post, you are the winner of the iPod earrings! Email me (my address is in the sidebar) and send me your snail mail info... I'll get them into the mail over the weekend with some Etsy orders that came in this week.

Reader, what do you think it takes to be a winner? 

Are you enjoying the Olympics? Do you have a favourite moment so far?

Are you watching American Idol? Is there a standout for you yet?

Do you think commenter number one will be thrilled with her win?



The French Bear said...

Love watching the Olympics!!! Go Canada!!!
The only thing great about having the flu right now is I get to watch K-mart curl!!!! Go Kevin!
The women's hockey was awesome, both teams were excellent, those girls can skate!
Margaret B

mary'smom said...

Yes, I agree with you about her...this girl will be the next American Idol.

Jerri-Lea said...

We have Olympic Fever over here and I have turned my family into hockey fans! So proud of our Canadian women's team! We are trying a great little watercolour painting tonight thanks to Jenn's find at aspergertopia.blogspot.com

Lisa Russell said...

Yes, way to go Joannie! What a great performer! I wish her the best. So bittersweet for her. And I agree with Crystal Bowersox -- that girl can definitely sing and is a TRUE winner with great talent!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I don't watch Idol, but I do watch Olympics! And I'm happy for all the winners, without exception. I cannot imagine working that hard on one thing to become competitive at such a level. The girl skaters this year had such amazing stories, too.
I KNOW your winner will love her earrings--I am wearing mine today!

Kristi said...

I had tears streaming down my face on Tuesday night and again last night watching JoAnnie perform...what a beautiful, graceful and talented young woman! Her Mother would be proud.

Hope you are feeling much better!

:) Kristi

Adrianna said...

I love watching the winter olympics! I was not so wowed by American Idol tho. I do love a couple of singers. I need to watch it a little more though.

Lizzy Post said...

YAY!!! Im so excited! This is actaully the first giveaway that I won! Ill be emailing you shortly!!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

I was wringing my hands and pleading and shouting throughout her whole performance... then hoping and praying that no one would knock her out of third place... and I cheered so loud when they announced the final placements that I scared my poor husband to death!

Every woman skater's performance was breathtaking, but Joannie's was heartwarming. Bless her sweet courageous heart...

Jill said...

Crystal rocks!!! She's definitely my favorite girl, so far. As far as the guys go... still undecided. Crystal just seems born to sing-- she's so relaxed and calm!
Congrats Lizzie! Those earrings are great!

Grace said...

Ok as I watched that amazing Canadian skate I cried and cried and cried. Just a strong womnderful young girl! Great Olympics. On my blog there is a dress in Henri Bendel store in NY made of cupcake liners you have to come see.Have a wonderful weekend. Grace xoxo

Kate said...

Olympics...LOVE IT! Joannie deserves to carry that flag, absolutely! As for Idol, I hang my head in shame...I am a HUGE fan and have missed all of the Top 24 shows. Just spent the last hour on YouTube and oh my WORD I whole heartedly AGREE with your choice!!! WOW!

Rosa said...

I am so enjoying the olympics from your country. I LOVE IT!

Meximom said...

I cried watching Joannie, too! What an amazing performance and a beautiful tribute to her mother.

Canada rocks!

Nishant said...

The women's hockey was awesome, both teams were excellent, those girls can skate!
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