pass the advil

The Cheerios with their counterpart Senior Varsity team! Everyone snuggled in for a big family picture! I've said it before and I'll say it again: ad.or.ab.le.

The Cheerios have their first official event this weekend. Are we ready? I'm not quite sure. They were asked... at the last minute... to fill in for another squad and cheer for a visiting basketball team at a local prestigious tournament. It's tradition that if the team arrives without their own cheerleaders in tow, a local squad cheers them on for the weekend.

I'm a little overwhelmed organizing rides, getting them excused from classes on Friday afternoon (they are, as you can imagine, thrilled with that idea) and I seem to be answering the same questions over and over again... but at this point, they are as prepared as they're going to get and this control freak will have to let go, less I become a little Sue Sylvester on y'all.

So now you know where I'll be for the next three days. If you want to check in, the BRIT website will have live streaming video of the games and the Cheerios will cheer at 10:00 a.m. CST on Saturday... maybe you'll catch a glimpse of them there.  There is a big cheerleading competition right after the game - at noon - we aren't in it, but we'll be there cheering on the other teams (and scoping out the competition for the rest of the season ;)


Angela said...

Good luck! I am sure they will do great!


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Darling girl, please remember to pack your iPod, LOTS of Advil Migraine pills, Five Hour Energy Shots, and bite-sized chocolate bars for yourself. It is the only way coaches survive these things! I took groups of kids to colorguard competitions for years and am still amazed I lived thru it. ;0)

alittlebitofscrap said...

I remember going to all the games, so fun! I was a band geek and we performed the best when we were told to "just have fun." So, just have fun! :)

Lisa Russell said...

I'm sure you all will do great! Cheer that team on! Good Luck to the Cheerios!

jenny said...

It is not as easy as it looks like from first watch and I had tried this advil than also feels tough.


Coco said...

I had never heard the term Cheerios until Glee. Is this something that has been around for awhile or was started on this show? Just curious.


Have a great time. Does this mean I'm going to be blog deprived for 3 days??


Have a great time. Does this mean I'm going to be blog deprived for 3 days??

karen said...

Pretty exciting stuff - bet your team is excited too - no pain no gain eh?

Jenn said...

Fun, fun , fun!

First time for everything right? Might as well be a big thing for the first time!

Good luck and have a blast.

S-M-I-L-E Smile girl smile ;)

Grace said...

Good Luck! They will do great...have fun and remember to breath relax and have fun!

Sandra D said...

Have a great weekend making your city proud of your great cheerleaders.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck, eh!

CS said...

Might I also suggest a pillow? And glitter. Lots of glitter. Maybe some extra ribbon and a stapler. I would say a needle and thread but I can't sew so I always take a stapler.

sassy studio said...

ahhhh! The Sprout is BEGGING to be the cherrios mascot! We will c-h-e-e-r-! you on from home! I am sooo excited for you guys!!!!!!

Laura said...

Just discovered your blog and am loving it!
Good look 'Sue' ;) and good luck to your girls!

MJ said...

Sounds like fun, especially for the Cheerios; you? not necessarily so much! I'll be thinking of you as I finalize kitchen faucet selection & purchase!

jkddz said...

maybe I will go check it out =) the way Danica is loving Baton, Gymnastics and Jazz-- I'm thinking this will be right up her alley in High School!

Kate said...

You are wonderful. Just plain wonderful! I NEED to see the little Cheerios in person!!! I am so sad I missed it today!

Saucy said...

Big day on Friday!

The Cheerios will be cheering on their visiting team from Manitoba at 2:00!


Their own school's basketball team will be playing in a big matchup against Holy Cross at 8:00 so they are going to help the Senior Cheerleaders cheer the Bears on to a victory together! Nice.

Saucy said...

No such thing as packing lightly for a weekend with the Cheerios:

first aid kit (with Hello Kitty band aids)
suitcase full of poms
extra socks
extra spanky pants (just in case)
a variety of female "gear"
lipgloss and lip balm
combs and brushes
hair elastics and clips
toothpaste and some emergency toothbrushes
orthodontic elastics (nine of them have braces)
clip-in hair
green and gold ribbon in different widths
tylenol and advil (for me)
fruit roll ups and juice boxes (for them)
phone list and coaches' binder
tournament schedule
music mixes and ipods
sound system
more glitter
extra memory cards
video camera
USB cable


jkddz said...

I strained my eyes to try to catch a glimpse of your squad! feed didn't zoom in once on them!!! guess it will mean a field trip down there, have to see if Dj will go with me right after her baton classes.