a letter to the cheerios

Listen up! I have some things I want to tell the Cheerios. This is as good a time as any. I'm sharing it with all of you because, well, I think it's good advice. Even if you aren't a cheerleader.

No matter what, your schoolwork comes first. You need to commit to be a lifelong learner. This means, never stop learning. Never, ever stop trying new things and accepting new challenges. There's no harm in having fun, but remember: you're at school for a reason, and it's not cheering. It's reading, writing, and 'rithmatic. Hit the books and do well on your final exams this week. We'll get back at it next week and I'll have a little surprise planned to celebrate that you are now 1/8th finished high school.

Be true to your school... just like the old song says. Trust me, these days will go by quickly and soon enough you'll be *my age* and looking back on your glory days. Make the most of these times. You won't regret it.

Take lots of pictures. Document your high school life. Find a box and put it under your bed right now. Until you graduate, save your report cards, notes from friends, school newsletters, some of your assignments, and all of those photos you are taking. They will be invaluable to you someday.

That boy you are worried about... even though he's the center of your world right now, boyfriends come and go...

... but these friendships you are making will last a lifetime. 

Togetherness counts! You are a team. You're like... sisters from different mothers. Lord help the "mister" who comes between you and your sister.

I'm going to talk to all of you soon about how to pose for pictures together. Because in those boxes under your beds, the pictures will be around for a long time. You don't want to be the one with the funny look on your face or who isn't standing in line nicely... if I show you how to stand up straight and tall and full of self-confidence now, you'll do so for the rest of your lives.

Be good to your captains, they are real gems. You're a lucky bunch that way. Help when you can, listen to their suggestions, and be good teammates. Their job isn't easy sometimes, but they really care about the team.

Don't ever be afraid to be different. You may even feel a little silly doing it. Trust me on this, different is good.

Be ladies. Be someone that your family and school will be proud of. Be dignified while having fun. 

Wear your school uniforms with pride. We-are-proud-of-you! We are proud of you.

These are fun times. They can be anything you want them to be. If you want to be winners, you will be winners. You just have to believe in yourselves.

Give it all you've got. Trust me on this, too... if you give 110%, you'll achieve more and you'll have better memories for it. It's worth it. Smile like you mean it.

What seems impossible today is attainable tomorrow. Practice makes perfect. A good cheerleader is measured not only by the height of her jump but by the span of her spirit.

Every team has to start somewhere. Where do you think this team started? Right were you are this year. These things take time and commitment. Excellence takes time and dedication. You have both. I know it.

You will find at least one very special friend on this team. As you grow older, you will attend weddings, baby showers and each other's 40th birthday parties. Take care of each other.

Because, like the Disney song says, "you're all in this together".

I hope you're enjoying it as much as I'm enjoying coaching you. I'm proud of each and every one of you. The amount that you have learned in two months is astonishing... you should be proud of yourselves. This is one of the all-round, hands-down, nicest teams I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Oh, and lastly - I almost forgot. Be good to Thomas. Being the only boy, he puts up with a lot. He's a good guy. Plus, he could be the Prime Minister one day. This is a picture of George W. Bush in his cheerleading days... you just never know, huh?



Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Great letter, Saucy! I was inspired by it so I'm sure your Gals (and Thomas) will be too. Well done!

Pepper said...

So very, very true!

Lisa Russell said...

Great words!!

Gail Lynn said...

Great words of wisdom for all of us non-cheerleaders as well. Good advice for any group of women working together. They are lucky to have a wise woman like you leading them.

MoveYourAsana said...

wish someone had given me this advise 24 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Great advice! On a totally different note, I am having great difficulty logging on to your site these days...a lot of time I get a blank blogger page and have to do a lot of work to load up your blog! Is anyone else having trouble? I can easily log onto any other site! Any suggestions for me...I love your blog and don't want to stop reading it!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such good wisdom. I'd like to share Mr. D's advice to his baseball players: Perfect practice makes perfect play. Or performance in your case.

Katrina said...

Great advice. Way to finish on a note about Bush being a cheerleader...that's just plain awesome.

bluemuf said...

Saucy, Great advice

Hugs Karen

Linda Crispell said...

If only I had known that facebook would exist one day, and people from my childhood were going to post pictures of me looking like a young Howard Stern!!! It's too late for me, but save the children.
Your Pal,

sassy studio said...

beautiful advice Coach Saucy!

the treat girl said...

Just perfect!!! I'm sure the cheerios will remember you forever too!!! How lucky you all are!!!

Cheryl said...

We are all benefiting from those words of wisdom!

Bamm-ela said...

Where were you when I was in high school? Oh right, Junior High! Wish I had read this years ago. Well done.

karen said...

One of your best posts - spoken from the heart, reflecting experience, hope and compassion. Way to go!!

ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha - this was fun and having been a cheerleader myself in *those good old days* I can definitely confirm all your nuggets of wisdom here!

Suzy said...

Great words! I am still the best of friends with my cheerios after 30+ years!

Kate said...

Saucy girl, you are some kind of mama. My 2 cents: Highschool will not be the biggest, most exciting thing you do. So use it as a tool to bring on bigger and better! Work hard, enjoy your time together and try not to get caught up in the unimportant stuff. Saucy knows what she is talking about!!! You have lots of good people rooting for you. Go Cheerios!

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