baby did a bad bad thing

But I did it in the name of the intrepid Cupcake Movie Review, dear reader. Tonight Veto, Buddy Budderson and I ventured out to the cineplex to catch Slumdog Millionaire. The ticket lineup was wrapped deep inside the foyer, past the concession. We each took spots in different cues in hopes of getting our tickets quickly.

Before any one of us could get to the front of the line, the digital marquee said SOLD OUT for Slumdog. Veto, who wanted to see the new Liam Neeson flick anyway, asked us if we just wanted three tickets for Taken or for another movie. Quick scan of the marquee: no other choice. We'd either seen everything or it was sold out. Veto was at the front of the self-serve line... time to make a decision. I was tongue-tied. Veto bought three tickets for Taken.

Here is the bad, bad thing that Saucy did tonight in order to bring you a Cupcake Movie Review of Slumdog Millionaire. As Veto strode into the theatre showing Taken... Buddy Budderson and I hung a sharp right and went into Slumdog.

And guess what? We grabbed two seats in the front and there were at least twenty seats empty in the theatre. Apparently "sold out" doesn't mean "sold out." That must be a little movie theatre secret. Veto wouldn't have a thing to do with our criminal behaviour, even thought he was interested in seeing our movie. He's too honest. He told us that if the cops didn't come to take us away, we'd meet up in the lobby after our respective shows finished.

Was Slumdog Millionaire worth deception, deceit and subterfuge at the local cineplex? You bet. The story of Jamal, a game show contestant who grew up in the streets of Mumbai, was more suspenseful than an episode of the game show it was based on and filled with more drama. There was even a Bollywood dance number at the end. The only thing missing from this story was Regis. I don't know if that would add or subtract cupcakes. Was it worth risking JAIL? Okay, I don't know about jail. I'm exaggerating. Five cupcakes.

I vow that this will be the year I will have seen all Best Picture nominated movies before the Academy Awards. For all the movies that we see, I've never accomplished the feat. Have you?

uncle bug's birthday

Today was Uncle Bug's birthday. I made a tray of my famous lasagna for supper and served spaghetti for dessert... look closer. Spaghetti cupcakes!

They were lemon cupcakes that we first scratch frosted with buttercream icing and then I piped the "noodles" with a plain tip on my pastry bag.

Loopy was in charge of the meatballs. They are Ferrero Rocher chocolates tossed with unsweetened raspberry preserves. For a fun touch, we grated white chocolate "parmesan cheese" on the top of the entire dish before serving.

I can't take credit for the idea... it came from this cool book entitled Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. Check out their website.
If you follow this little blog, I will be attempting most of the cupcakes in the book in the near future.

Tell me about the cutest cupcakes you ever did see, Dear Reader.

valentine art

Unwrap the carefully folded, scallop-edged vellum to reveal...

My contribution for this year's Valentine swap hosted by Sarah.  My little eyes googled right around in their sockets when my dear mother-in-law brought back these playing cards for Veto from Paris... and I begged him for them to use in my art.

Confession: I don't know how to play a single card game other than Go Fish.  Besides, the thought of dusting fine glitter on the Eiffel Tower and jazzing them up was just too too much for me.  I hope she doesn't mind.  It's not re-gifting if I made Valentines out of them, right? 

chick math

When Saucy and Veto were officially engaged several years back, he invited her along on a business trip. This business trip involved entertaining customers in a sunny tropical destination. It occurred to Saucy that she would need to have bathing suits to take on such trips. Being the frugal gal that she is, Saucy waited for the after-Christmas sales at the mall. That shopping trip will live in infamy.

Now that she is home from Jamaica, having accompanied Veto on another lovely business trip, Saucy would like to pose a little mathematical question to you in order to check her numeracy skills. This problem will be phrased exactly like the questions found on your ninth-grade algebra test. Get out a pencil.

If Saucy goes to the mall and finds bathing suits that were regularly priced between $100.00 - $250.00 each but they have been marked down to $10.o0 each so she decides to buy ten of them...

... did Saucy save a thousand dollars or did Saucy spend one hundred dollars?

Scroll down for the correct answer.

Jamaica was really, really nice. We are lucky enough to consider Veto's business associates friends and privileged to travel with them. The food was good, the company excellent... and the entertainment on Tuesday was the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I stayed inside to watch it and that makes me even more of a nerd than you thought I was.

We saw Gran Torino in Toronto during our stopover. I lurrve Clint Eastwood movies and this is his best by far. Walt Kowalski is one of my new heroes. Go ahead, eat my five cupcakes.

Answer to the skill-testing, mathematical equation:

Saucy saved literally thousands of dollars. Although Veto insists that by purchasing multiple bathing suits, even at such a scandalously low price, Saucy need only have one suit... thereby all further bathing suit purchases reduce the savings surplus. By Veto's calculation, purchasing just one suit if the original price were to be say, on average, a mere one hundred and fifty dollars then the savings would have been one hundred and forty dollars. Veto calculates that in purchasing multiple suits Saucy reduced her net savings as each suit beyond the initial investment was a loss of ten dollars. He insists that her belief that she saved money by purchasing more than one suit is "chick math."

But trust me on this when I tell you: I saved at least a thousand dollars. And I have me a drawer full of bathing suits.

it's a charm party!

Announcing the much-anticipated Valentine Charm Bracelet Party, hosted by Saucy and Sassy!

Sunday, February 1st 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. David's Restaurant on Circle Drive (next to Rona)

It's just like the Christmas charm bracelet party we had in November... each participant brings (handmade or store-bought) charms to swap and we each assemble smashing seasonal bracelets after we share and ooooh and ahhh over everyone's creations.

We will be limiting participants to twelve so including Sassy and myself there will be ten spots up for grabs.

The cost will be $25.00 per person, it includes your choice of lunch and unlimited soda, coffee or tea (lunch menu will be determined later), your basic charm bracelet and some "filler" charms. We had to slightly increase the cost to cover the upgraded bracelet closures and the filler charms for this round.

What to bring: your charm contribution (12 identical charms in a Valentine theme), a pair of crafting pliers, jump rings or split rings for attaching your charms (it's nice if your rings are on your charms already).

If you would like to join us, please leave a comment here on this post! You need to leave a link back to your blog or your email address and I will contact the first ten participants when I return from Jamaica!

If there are already ten names, go ahead and add yours, we will start a wait list in case someone changes their mind or can't make it after all. Please don't bring your money until we contact you... I don't want a whole bunch of cash sitting in the mailbox while I'm out of town! Plus, Sassy and McDreamy are in Vegas right now. We'll just have to sort this all out when we get back but we wanted to give you the heads-up!

Yes, we leave tomorrow for Jamaica. We will return on January 26th. The Fan is staying here with Loopy... it should be a fun girl's week and I'm very sorry to be missing out on the fun. I loaded the Apple TV with credit on iTunes so they can download movies. I laid in their essential supplies: Coke and Dr. Pepper, I baked a banana bread and I made sure that Loopy was all set with her makeup...

... because yes, Dear Reader, I help Loopy with her hair and makeup every day. She practiced over the Christmas break doing it on her own but I know she prefers it when I help her out. And if I must confess, I lurrve doing it for her and we have lots of fun in the mornings getting ready for our day together. We share a vanity space and we share some of the makeup... while I'm into Smurfette makeup, I don't wear it myself.

It's time to cut the makeup apron strings, I know. Ten days of doing it by herself... will she still want her personal stylist when I arrive home?

another installment of we're into it

We've always been into Carmex, it's addicting. I mean, just thinking about Carmex while blogging... time lapse... that's better. We found cherry flavoured Carmex in Chicago. We are so into it.
Veto treated me to Van Gogh Dutch chocolate vodka. I'm into it, Loopy isn't. I'm really into it with Dr. Pepper. Seriously.

Winter can be so drying for our skin but we've discovered Jergens Naturals line of moisturizers. These are the most intensely skin-quenching body lotions we've found. The scents are pretty yummy and we're into the all-natural thing going on.

We also dig the nerdy love-in "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS. Battle-bots, Comi-Con references, Dr. Who and DNA jokes rule.

Veto's gift to the family for Christmas was Apple TV. We lurrve it, now that it's all set up and operating. We can rent movies without leaving the house! We can watch YouTube on our TV. I can sync to the computer and while iTunes is playing from the music library the TV screen can display our favourite photos.

Loopy and I are into drinking chocolate milk... on the rocks. Try it. You'll love it.

At Sephora, we bagged the Smurfette collection by Too Faced. Loopy looks ad.or.ab.le in glittery blue eyeliner and Smurfy illuminating face powder (not blue). Who wouldn't love some Smurfilicious lipgloss?

Reader, what are you into?

test shots and to do's

I've been taking the time to read the manual for my new camera... today was the first day I took some shots with it, can you believe I waited so long? This is just one more reason for Veto to call me a nerd. There is a huge increase in the amount of light available in this lens... normally I wouldn't be able to take photos indoors without the flash on a gloomy day like today. Obviously, I am falling in lurrve.

I've been tackling my massive to-do list. We leave for Jamaica on the weekend and before that we have a couple of days in Toronto with family and I really need a recharge. When I say recharge, I mean it. It's been too cold to do much here and I've hardly been out of the house since Christmas...

... and I have a new computer that I don't really know how to work

... and I have a new camera with nothing to really photograph

... and I have a new laptop that really needs a new battery, they're sending it in the mail

... you might just say I've lost my mojo, if only temporarily. Really.

I gathered a few goodies and set them up on the mantle today. Here's hoping it doesn't look too "Christmas-y," I was going for a silvery, glittery, wintery look.

Will you tell me when I get my mojo back?

new toys

It's just like Christmas around here. For one thing, I still have two trees to take down.... this is the downside of decorating multiple trees. So, while the task of taking the last of the holiday decorations looms over my head, I'm busy trying not to be distracted by:

Reader, I'm cheating on PC with Mac. Our computer heaved its last sigh over the holidays and last night Veto took me to pick out a replacement. I was so smitten with Mac's sleek lines... I just couldn't resist. You might even say Veto introduced us. We brought him home last night and everyone has been giggly and giddy since. Do you remember when I chose PC over Mac? I.take.that.back.

The timing is unreal. Look what arrived today. Now how am I EVER going to get any work done around here?

lovely things

Well it appears that The Secret Weapon has an admirer... Rosa sent a package of Chinese tea for our resident connoisseur and we were all just thrilled! You know I will be right there when he opens it and I'll have a sample as well. Thank you Rosa, what a thoughtful gesture! If you've not visited her blog, Rosa attends cooking classes and posts wonderful recipes... and she has the most amazing travel adventures!

Before I take the Christmas trees down, I would like to share a very special ornament that The Fan found for me this year after the awful crash of the "wedding tree"... check this out: a glass version of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, where Veto and I were engaged! I was dumbstruck when I opened the package! I think I had a little tear in my eye but let's keep that between us, shall we? Trust The Fan to get busy and find such a treasure.

Today Veto and I are speeding down the highway towards Calgary for Loopy's orthodontic appointment. It will just be a quick overnight tri
p. Buddy Budderson wanted so badly to come along but was unable to get the time off work... he is disappointed because he wanted a little family road trip more than anything.

Hopefully we will be able to swing by our very favourite shopping spot: Honey B's in the Kensington district. It's chock-full of gorgeous vintage finds and giftware. Loopy almost always finds something she adores while we're there. You must visit if you get to Calgary. Major eye candy.

top ten projects of 2008

In February, Loopy turned thirteen and we celebrated by having a 13-going-on 30 party inspired by one of our favourite movies. Makeovers, photo shoots and Razzle red tongues were enjoyed by all... and everyone took home their own framed Sparkle magazine cover.

In July my sweet cousin Sassy married McDreamy and we celebrated with a big, fat twist of lime wedding. You can get the details here. I lurrved putting together the memory boards and taking part in the celebration. Sassy and I also had a ton of fun with our charm bracelets and will be making more in '09.

For the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in August, Loopy and I decorated a pair of Levis for her back to school wardrobe and she wore them on the opening night of the movie. You can read my cupcake review of the show here.

Inside our home, we redecorated the laundry area that runs along the upstairs hallway connecting the bedroom areas. This involved making a countertop into an ironing board and hanging a chandelier... oooh la la! I lurrve my laundry room.

My Japanese sister Yoko visited in September and we created sushi from cupcakes and candy...

Yoko "knows" sushi of course and she was very particular about how our little cupcakes looked... they were awesome. Loopy took them to school to share with her peeps:

They were a hit, everyone loved them! Here, Breeanna, Janessa, Elayna and Quinn enjoy the our efforts.

I hosted my first swap in October... a Zombie in a Jar event. It filled up right away and everyone made great gifts for each other. This is the "Glamour Ghoul" that I made for my partner Angela, and although the orange bell jar didn't travel well, she is enjoying her new home:

I absolutely loved my Loopy photo shoots. Every time we took her photograph she was more relaxed and self-confident in front of the camera. We planned our wardrobe, styling (hair and makeup) for each shoot and really had fun with it. We will continue this project in 2009.

Just another reason Saucy needs a fancy new camera and a set of photography lights!

The renovation of our flip house nearly killed me, we got it completed in just two short months. If I ever decide to do this again, please slap me. It turned out beautifully, but it was too much work in too short of a time.

In September Loopy and I were Amy's InspiredFriends. This gave us the opportunity to craft together during the summer and Loopy reaped the rewards of our sales - she bought a new iPod. All of our Thread Bears teddies found new homes and we sent the last of the herd - Esther - to Stiletto Mom in a NaBloPoMo giveaway. This little creature was our most loved, named after Junie Moon:

Lastly, Club Little House was another highlight for 2008. I fashioned tiny pink iPods, complete with headphones for my swap partners. I rigged the cards to play music when opened.

Can you see that terribly tiny piece of technology? I had to make so many prototypes to get the scale just right that I ended up having enough little iPods to make about twenty pairs of earrings to share with friends at Christmas.

Now that 2009 is underway, I am excited to get started on new projects, more tutorials and hosting another swap and a charm bracelet party! What were your favourite projects of 2008, Dear Reader?

club little house

It arrived! Loopy and I toted the parcel to open it with The Fan and The Secret Weapon. Loopy had her new pink camera on the job as we unpacked and ooohed and ahhhed over everything. Notice how Amy thoughtfully included a beautiful printed thank you card for participating which had a list of all the participants names and email contact information. As usual, Amy's parcels are thoughtfully and delightfully wrapped... almost too pretty to open!

Doreen and Sandy from Florida contributed this "time out" tea set... the perfect start for our Club Little House opening party. Everyone felt for a spot of real-life tea after seeing these goodies.

Louise crafted this little doll in a doll's bed... with her folksy beaded legs and her sweet face she will look right at home in the dollhouse nursery.

Something from Tammy Gilley's studio! I've always wanted something by Tammy. Look inside:

The dantiest and most detailed quilt in some "very Tammy" colours. The little basket of sewing notions is just the perfect touch.

Oh, and a puppet theatre from Susan! What a funny and cute idea... so original! She loves puppetry in real life so this was a very nice glimpse into her world.

Leslie and Sylvan created this tiny birthday party in a box... replete with cake, presents and a little banner (not shown). The noisemakers are the "icing on the cake"... but wait, so is the icing on the cake!

Jill from California sent this little Christmas parcel - perfect to place under the dollhouse tree... but wait, there's something inside:

Treats for Santa! Those are delicious looking tiny cookies. And she didn't forget Rudolph, either. He gets a carrot. How thoughtful.

Of course all of the packaging for these treats is divine. What is tucked inside this parcel from Heidi?

A Thanksgiving Dinner! I am enamoured with those pies and especially that glittered pumpkin. What a table centrepiece that will make next fall.

Since I saw Claudine Hellmuth on Martha making her cute Poppet creations I have been fascinated with them... now we have a mini pair! Oh, could they be cuter?

Hope Wallace of Paper Relics created a little step back in time. It's a good thing our dollhouse has an attic. A lovely bundle of letters and some antique family portraits to hang on the wall... how clever!

A fabulous presentation by the hostess of Club Little House, Amy Powers herself.

Oh, tiny lucky day! Gardening tools... we needed some badly for the dollhouse and this set comes with a Farmer's Almanac (Veto reads that you know) and a garden gnome... Uncle Bug and I used to pass a special gnome back and forth between our gardens in the middle of the night, as in: "you've been gnomed."

Oh my, what have we here?

Pamela sent this shabby sweet French armoire... I have some neat goodies ready to pop into this piece, and in fact I think it will house some miniature artist bears in my craft room in a special spot.

Last but by no means least... we held our breaths in anticipation that we would recieve one of Oliver Rain's engagement party picnics containing all of the ingredients for a romantic proposal, including a Tiffany's blue box! You know I lurrve me a blue box! Oh, this was truly a highlight for us! Loopy was beside herself and The Secret Weapon pronounced it "marvelous work" and "full of detail". Well done, Oliver Rain!

Thank you to Amy for once again organizing a round of Club Little House. We can't wait for the next one. If you are curious about what our contribution was for this round, click here.