she loves boys who sparkle

I have a friend and she's got it bad.  Real bad.  She manages to keep it together for appearance's sake, but it's not good at all.  She has this thing for Twilight.

A little school-girlish? A tad. But in a delightful way... and I can only say this with a straight face because when Veto is out of town, I like to wear my Rick Springfield pyjamas. So I understand her a bit.

But Dr. Noah Drake is past his heyday and the fuss today is all about Rob. Robmania has hold of my friend Jenn in the worst way. Even Dr. Drake wouldn't be able to cure her.

Little Ed can be counted on to pop out of her pocket at every occasion. Charm bracelet assembly lines. Cupcake baking marathons and yes, indeed, he will join us at the movie on Sunday. Let it be said that Loopy (who affectionately calls Jenn "the Twi-Mom") and I only agreed to see the movie because we want the chance to see it with Jenn. We all have obligations on Thursday night (Cheerios practice) and Lecia's event takes place this weekend (perhaps Little Ed would like a cupcake?) and so Sunday night it is.

We anticipate Jenn to be a quivering mass of hysteria. We are packing supplies: hydration, sustenance, first aid supplies, video camera, and a change of pants and diapers. Friends, it will be a sight to behold.

In the meantime, if anyone dare says that Jenn isn't the biggest fan of Twilight in our fair city, I will... cupcake them. And if they claim that she is indeed the biggest Twilight fan in our city... I will... cupcake them.  This means you, Rambin' Dave. It's a contest sponsored by a local radio station.  If you think Jenn deserves to win, visit Dave's blog and let him know.


jkddz said...

I sure hope Jenn get the title she is entitled to!!

if she could be picked up Friday in a Limo from the Sask. Scrap maybe she could stay focused on Saturday a little more =P

OR maybe her whole anxiety level and pent up energy could be used to our advantage---- for our theme ;)

.... Now back to sewing- not my strong point and I just screwed up HUGE like.... and need to come up with a way to fix it all...

See you this weekend

Jill said...

OMG- that list of supplies is hilarious!!! I don't think you forgot anything!
Have a great time! I'm seeing it with my mom and sis-in-law over Thanksgiving weekend-- we will be sure to pack our supplies (minus the diapers)!

Julie said...

I may or may not be attending the midnight premiere tomorrow...and I will be the oldest one in big deal...haha love the post!

Lisa said...

I'm seeing New Moon tomorrow! Yippee! I can't tell you HOW MANY Twilight/New Moon bracelets and necklaces I sold at all of the craft fairs I was in. Thank you Stephenie Meyer! ;-)

The Stiletto Mom said...

I bow down to Jenn. I am such a Twi-Mom but it sounds like she has me beat!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like she's got it bad. Good thing you're got her back!

Jenn said...

Oh Saucy! You have summed up my Robsession to a T! I will be a quivering New Moon mess. I don't know how on earth I am going to get anything done this weekend. I will be walking around all eyes glazed over.

With everyone's support and stories, I am completely and utterly stunned that Rambling Dave found anyone that even comes close to my Robsession, let alone had another choice as Saskatoon's Biggest Twi-fan.

I don't need a crown on my head to prove I am indeed The Biggest Twi-fan, Little Ed on my head will do just fine ;) Having everyone's support is a huge dollop of icing on the cupcake!

Karen of the KAGS said...

Our Jenn is completely Robsessed. Today I have grin ache and neck ache from so many Jenn phone calls. No matter what the reason for the phone call it soon gets turned around to New Moon. Saucy you will truly be entertained on Sunday of that you can be sure.
Just don't get in a car with her. It's very dangerous. Her head is so filled with Rob I'll be amazed she remembers how to get to the Sask Scraps event at all!
I am truly disappointed the Jenn didn't win the competition. Rambling Dave should be afraid. Very afraid!

Pepper said...

You have Rick Springfield p.j.'s? NICE!

j said...

aaahhhhh! i am not alone, not alone! i just watched the movie and i needed an oxygen mask!