post halloween post

Come into our Halloween home... if you dare.

Miniature pumpkins dot the window sill but something much more sinister awaits you...

A brain in a jar, preserved on the mantle... along with other ghastly goodies from the laboratory.

A jar of eyeballs, a beaker of mystery tonic.

Thanks to The Secret Weapon, who of course had so many dusty old lab flasks and beakers... and the special phosphorescent dye also. I explained to him that I didn't want the glass cleaned up, I wanted it all grungy and dusty.

Thanks to Jerri Lea and her darlings, the entry way screamed, "eek."

Upon the old typewriter quoth the raven, nevermore.

The Halloween grotesque goodies were set out.

There were cupcakes, of course.

... and apples dipped in caramel and dotted with marshmallow halves and Halloween M&M's, and then drizzled with black chocolate. I like to paint the sticks Halloween orange with craft paint before I stab the poor, helpless fruit, and plunge it into the boiling cauldron of caramel (actually the cool Halloween microwave bowl from Kari - with a handle it has proven too useful to hide away, even though it has spiders on it).

The jars were filled with candy, and little Halloween treat bags were wrapped and ready:

Time to get Buddy and Loopy dressed!  They were characters from a Japanese show they watch called Gurren Lagann.  Huh??  I have no idea, but I worked from a picture. 

I stitched up the crest with scraps of felt from my drawer onto a thrifted hoodie found at Value Village.

... so you see? It sort of worked. Some craft foam, a little paint, a kiddie skirt and some felt. Buddy needed to be tattooed with a Sharpie marker. My nephew Zach made his own costume himself and we raced over to his house for a group photo op!

After I dropped Loopy at a party, I worked late into the night finishing goodies for the First Chance Craft Show. Can you imagine that later this week my Etsy will be stocked with more:

... silver iPod earrings...

... dark pink iPod earrings... and light pink ones too.

iPhones, dangling from your ears! Can you imagine that? I have to get cracking, these are pretty much gone after the show. If you would like a pair to slip into someone's stocking, let me know.

On Sunday, I was ready for the show. At the last minute, out of desperation, I put cupcake necklaces inside liners in a baking tin. Necessity is after all, the mother of all invention.

Taking my shadow boxes off the wall made perfect show cases for the charm bracelets. Goodbye to the last Marie Antoinette bracelet, the "Locked In" bridal bracelet, and two new bracelets that sadly, I didn't even get to photograph before they sold.

Luckily, I have a few new ones to put into the shop later in the week.

People really enjoyed peering at the iPod earrings through the magnifying glass. A reader from another city sent her mother to the show to pick some up! Then, two young guys came along and they were just blown away. So blown away, they went straight to the mall and got their ears pierced. I warned them before they left that the piercing lady wouldn't put in other earrings than the studs in her gun, but off they went...

... and they returned for a photo op, ears a little red but no worse for the wear. They were sporting their tiny iPods with grins from ear to ear. Who knew?


Sandra D said...

Love the halloween decorations & costumes. So glad to hear that the sale was a success. Wouldn't you love to know what those guys' moms thought of their new accessories?

Pepper said...

How awesome for those guys to come back!!! I was coming to the craft show but ended up sick in bed...bummer. Thanks for the pic's so at least I felt like I was there!!

the treat girl said...

What!!?? I can't believe those guys got their ears pierced!!!!!...AND came back!! How perfectly wonderful your home and goodies look!!

Jerri-Lea said...

Glad it went well!! WOW! Unbelievable that those two guys followed through with getting their ears pierced!

bluemuf said...

Great Halloween decorations Saucy. It looks like you have a fun weekend. Loved the costumes.

I'm so glad your sale went well.

Hugs Karen

Tamara Jansen said...

It's just so much fun to dress up kids for halloween, isn't it? My son went as a pillow this year. He was at a friends and had a whale of a time making his own costume :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The little pumpkins in the window are my favorite. Very cool that your ipod earrings can go with ANY look;)

ChaChaneen said...

That's great that they came back to show you. ha ha I lurve your candy selection too... Dots and Necco's are among my favs!

Angela said...

Congratulations on all the sales! That is wonderful, although not terribly surprising! ;)

I get the costumes now, thanks for posting! They turned out great! I will try to get you one of my boys. Our parties, worked out well, and everyone had a great time. Your house looked wonderful, even though you were so busy... what is the print above the doorway on? Do you peel that off?
Hope you are getting plenty of time to recover.


Taija said...

Too much fun!! Creativity, style, pizzaz, girl you got it all! Fun fun! I loved the brain on your mantle!

Rhonda Roo said...

Excerpt from Martha Stewart's Diary:

Dear D,
That Saucy is at it again! Every time I turn around she's created another cute costume, or done something brilliant with cupcakes, or re-invented the use of an every day object for something better-like shadow boxes for bracelets and muffin tins for cupcake necklaces!

I sent spies disguised as teen boys to purchase a pair of her Ipod earrings...Tres Chic.

I'm going to have to hire more staff...why oh why didnt I hire her when she sent her resume way back when???

Marie. said...

Love your Halloween decors! And wow at the guys who got their ears pierced haha that's amazing!

Desiree said...

Those guys are funny! Are you worried they will get infected and come back to you? Good thing you warned them. All they really have to do is keep them clean and they'll be alright.

Desiree said...

BTW thanks for filling my etsy order so fast! The bracelet came today and I think my mom will just LURRVE it as you say - it's her Christmas gift. And it's packaged so nice, I don't even really have to wrap it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look how terrible and bourgeoisie your home and life is. You should arrange to have yourself buried. The corpse of your aesthetic is starting to reek.

Saucy said...

Dear Elisabeth Hasslebeck,

Is that you? Are you back under your Anonymous moniker to flame my blog yet again in the name of post-feminist Republicanism?

How I have missed you, my Anonymous Blog Flamer. You add spice and verve to my otherwise... what was the word...bourgeoisie life that I share with my loving husband and extended family. Let's not forget my charming children who must be rotting under the shell of this stinking corpse of mine!

Dear Anonymous Blog Flamer, if you are indeed Elisabeth Hasslebeck as I believe you are, then do yourself a favour and return to the confines of The View studios and hide behind Bill Geddy and the skeleton formerly known as Barbara Walters! Until then, let yourself be known by name!

You may find my aesthetic disdainful but I find your anonymity distasteful.