Nothing to show, nothing to say... except just for fun, I thought you might like to see my "to do" list for the rest of the week.  I'll keep you posted at how it's going.

  1. Finish measuring all the Cheerios for their new uniforms.
  2. Order the uniforms on Thursday at the latest.  Done!  And poms and shoes too!
  3. Organize and order footwear for the Cheerios... this can happen locally, thankfully.
  4. Help The Secret Weapon gussy up a new bag of vintage coins for bracelets and necklaces.
  5. Run out to pick up the chain I use for the necklaces and then antique it.
  6. Assemble said necklaces.
  7. Mail out some Etsy orders.
  8. The charms are arriving steadily for the swap; I need to keep on top of whose have arrived and be at the ready to send them out.
  9. Buy groceries to make 150 + cupcakes.
  10. Make 150 + cupcakes for Saskatchewan Scraps on Saturday.
  11. Be ready to show my new jewelry pieces at the event on Saturday.
  12. Plan the agenda for the Parent-Community Council meeting next Wednesday.
  13. Cheerios practice tonight and Thursday night.
  14. Mark and record all of Loopy's KUMON for after school tomorrow.
  15. The laundry... oh, the laundry.
  16. The ironing, oh, the ironing... but I did manage to set up the ironing board so that's a start, right?
  17. We might have to eat.  Apparently not.  We can subsist on a steady diet of smoothies and cheese and crackers when Veto is out of town.
  18. Still on the search for polka dotted gymnatics briefs for the Cheerios. I gave up. I ordered plain yellow boy shorts. We'll fancy them up somehow.
  19. Need to figure out something for the Cheerios to sell ASAP to get some cash flowing.
  20. Need to set a date and plan for the Cheerios Cupcake Party fundraiser.
  21. I've set up a Cheerios website for them to use privately. I need to get the routines and information put up on it and let the parents know about it.
  22. I have some special Etsy orders I need to finish.
  23. Get a bracelet to Pepper to give to her head cheerleader as a gift.
  24. Take Halloween decorations down.  I did it while the water meter guy was here, and I dusted the main floor while I waited for him to finish.
  25. Have the water meter replaced
  26. Call a plumber to have the other work done. Yay! He's coming tomorrow!
  27. Arrange the metal guy to remove the old chimney. Yay! He's coming Monday!
  28. Ummm... the dog license renewals didn't go through. Grab the paperwork and go to City Hall to straighten it out. 
  29. Follow up with our contractor.  Loopy's bathroom renovation begins Monday.
  30. Buy or order a new tub before Monday.
  31. Reschedule/juggle some doctor's appointments. Rebooked for December and January!
  32. Buy the fabric and notions for Loopy's Home Economics sewing project by Friday.
  33. Wash and dry the Home Ec project fabric.  Now I need to iron it.
  34. Help Loopy finish her major Ethical Living assignment by Friday at the latest.  She has been working on it for three weeks and it is still not done.
  35. Go to Walmart and print more photos for the pictures she needs to finish the assignment.
  36. Get vaccinated for H1N1.
  37. On second thought, avoid getting vaccinated for H1N1. I don't have time for side effects right now.
  38. Finish the charms and plans for the local charm party on November 29th. Now I have to package them.
  39. The cheque is in the mail.  At least, that's what they told me at City Hall when I phoned them looking for my paycheque.
  40. Pick up prescription refills.
  41. Rearrange the hotel plans for Chicago. It's a long story. Veto took care of this.
  42. Find the perfect shade of ribbon for a custom wedding garter I am making.
  43. Get to Michaels and use my 50% off coupon.  And then do it again on Thursday.  And maybe Friday.
  44. Do something to my favourite paint-splattered Levis to make them look like I wanted them that way.
  45. This is the first year I'm not done my Christmas shopping by now. In fact, I've barely scratched the surface. It's dismal.

It's going to be a squeeze, my friends. Like I said, I'll keep you posted. I'm going to cross things off my online list just to let you know how I am making out.  The only problem with this, is that I will likely add to the list also.  Isn't that the way it works?

At least there will be some cool necklaces to show you later in the week... and if they don't sell out over the weekend again, they might show up in my Etsy next week.

Is it just this time of year, or are you overwhelmed also?


jkddz said...

have so many to do lists! and I to have no shopping done- not like me at all.... maybe that is why I am still not sleeping at 2am!! and for some reason decided to watch "My Sister's Keeper" now my pillow is full of tears....and I have a snuffy nose from crying through the whole movie....
can't wait to see your new necklaces...good luck with your list

J.G. said...

I'm listing like crazy and not making much progress. Maybe I should post my own! It's not as long as yours but still too much to handle on adequate sleep. Midnight oil, here we come.

And I haven't even thought about Christmas. Yow.

Lisa said...

You may have to tell me how you do #5! Sounds lovely! Wow, you have A LOT on your plate!! Make sure you take your medicine and get enough rest. I hope you got my charms and Loopy liked her necklace I sent! xoxo, Saucy Lisa

Anonymous said...

Wow - good luck Saucy! I can't wait to taste one of your spectacular creations at the Crop this weekend....yummmm! Dena

Jerri-Lea said...

Cross off #15, ironing? What's that?

TidyMom said...

WOW - that's longer than my long list! LOL that's why I haven't been around much! when those to-do lists get long, I can't get around to all my favorite blogs!

FYI- I still have my Halloween up too! LOL - baked 118 cookies (donating to a shelter)yesterday and have 2 more double batches of dough ready to bake today!

.....I'm hear looking to see if you have a recipe for cinnamon butter cream icing????? I want to make pumpkin spice cupcakes for Thanksgiving!


Heather@PixieDust said...

I'm feeling overwhelmed just reading your list!

Anonymous said...

We certainly do over-schedule, don't we? I have a high school aged child as well and find that I'm more busy now than ever!!! The HS Band Booster Turkey bowling event tonight will just have to deal with store-bought snacks as I ran out of time last night.
I hope I don't get kicked out of the band boosters! :)

Saucy said...

Oh and I forgot:

I need to make or buy the charms for the swapper who dropped out over the weekend from the online swap.

I need to change our travel reservations for Chicago.

I have to finish the forms for the television ratings thing we did - we were a Nielsen Family this month!

I have the last of the door-to-door canvassing to do for the Alzheimer's Society... please don't make any jokes about me forgetting to do that. I get the irony.

Pepper said...

OMG Saucy,
How the heck did you find the time to make the bracelet for me???? Did you finally give up on the sleep factor?

Joanne said...

I feel the SAME WAY! I have an unbelievable amount of school-stuff (assignments, lengthy papers, exams) to finish up in the next six days... then just five more classes until I'm done with grad. school! I have an overwhelming list of holiday craft projects, my house is a mess, I have more dirty clothes than clean ones, and I've barely started my holiday shopping either. Phew! Will we make it to December 25?! : )

Saucy said...

The bathroom contractor just showed up and I just got off the phone with the metal workers to get the chimney removed and the roof patched - we are gaining an extra two sq feet in Loopy's bathroom!

Now, add to the list:

Buy a new bathtub BEFORE MONDAY. No problemo.

Kristi said...

I'm done Christmas shopping and can't wait to wrap presents over Thanksgiving weekend! It's the little things in life that make me happiest...

I do, however, have a ridiculous list of things to do (and purchase) before our friends and family dinner next Thursday afternoon.

Good luck with your list!

;) Kristi

Jerri-Lea said...

#38 Be thanked for wonderful beautiful surprise delivered to "you know who". You are a fabulous person!! Hopefully "you know who" can catch you for quick call. Thanks sweetie! (Got them this am!)

SandraD said...

Wow - that is some list. Take care of your health & good luck with everything. I wish I lived closer and could help out.

Lisa said...

I have only bought a few gifts, but that is a start. Saucy, quit adding to your list and start crossing some of those off! ;0)


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Miss Saucy~ I need a nap after reading that list. I think we can all identify with the growing laundry lists (pun intended). The cooking and cleaning really do get in the way of my creativity. If it makes you feel any Halloween decor is still gathered together in the kitchen waiting to be carried to the garage, but the best is the sound activated witch that's still hanging from the foyer
Chandy. I got tired of her cackling at me every time I walked I begged the hubs to pull her from the rafters, needless to say she's still there....I've had to add bring the ladder in, to my "to do lists!" I'm impressed you were able to consolidate it to one organized list.

Sweet wishes,

sassy studio said...

ahhhh! And here I am calling you with more projects to ponder! You are my super woman Saucy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Overwhelmed and PMS to boot this week. 'Tis awfully ugly here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha,
I just wanted to say thank you for the tasty cupcakes you left for me at work yesterday. You really didn't have to, but they were delicious. Enjoy your season with the green and gold cheerios!!


ChaChaneen said...

Laundry and Ironing can wait... and wait... and wait... :0)

CuteStuffInside said...

Overwhelmed? I don't even want to talk about it!


LoriLyn said...

I think it's the time of year. But, if anyone can do it- it's you! You seem to function well at a constant state of busy-ness!

MJ said...

I'm overwhelmed in Nov to prepare for my overwhelming Dec.

As for the swap, I had oodles of left-over charms from the Halloween swap. It may not be necessary to make/purchase charms for the person who dropped out.

PS: ensure you have left over jewelry for Etsy. I've been haunting there too!

Cassandra said...

Miss Sasha, when you cross things off your list, that doesn't mean you are supposed to add 10 more!! You got quite a bit done today though! Any trips to NYC planned in the near or distant future?

the treat girl said...

Right there with you!! My lists are having their own lists!!! And I almost freaked when I opened my car door and THE MAIN LIST blew out and across the parking lot!!! Grabbed it in the nick of time!

Lisa said...

#19 -- other than your fantastic cupcakes, another good and fast fundraiser is making car magnets! I think they cost like $1.20 a piece to make, you upload the design, and then they send them to you. You can then sell them for $5 a piece. Very cool and fast! I think it is like I can tell you the exact website if you like. Good luck!! Lisa

SandraD said...

If you are still looking for a fundraiser for the Cheerios, you might want to consider Sobey's gift cards. Do you have Sobey's in your city? We are selling them for our school so we can purchase new computers. If you want more details, send me an email.