first chance, for local readers

I will be taking part in this first gift show of the holiday season on Sunday... if you are a local reader looking for some Christmas shopping ideas, do pop on by.  If I can get my act together in the midst of all the Halloween hubbub, this is what will be on hand from me:

Hopefully a few sweet embellished Thread Bears from my collection.  These come with a gift tag holder... a really sweet way to present a store card.

Tiny iPods, I think I have the time to finish these sweeties up.  Maybe The Secret Weapon can give me a hand (hint, hint!).

Cupcake jewelry... necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I've made a giant batch of red velvet cupcakes, just in time for the holidays. These will be on an assortment of styles of chains!

Bracelets that haven't been listed in my Etsy... sort of exclusive right now.

The popular iPod earrings will be making a comeback - an awesome stocking stuffer for teenagers!

I will be disabling my Esty store at Midnight on Saturday and bringing those bracelets to the show for locals to pick from and offering some pretty delightful gift wrapping... if you know me, you know I just lurrve to wrap gifts all fancy!

Unveiling a few Christmas bracelet designs early!

... and more... as time permits. Some antique coin jewelry, vintage button jewelry and more. Hope to see you there! Even if you just swing by for a little gab, I'd still love to visit.


Lisa said...

Good Luck! Everything looks great! My craft show is on Halloween Day, so I'm trying to get a few Halloween items made up. Everything is getting stress-crazy now! ;-)


FENNOfashion said...

I LOVE all your creations. The I- pod earrings are just too cute!
Too bad I can't make it, otherwise I'd be at your show in a heartbeat.
I know you'll be a huge success!

SandraD said...

Good luck with your show. Your creations are beautiful - I am sure you will be mobbed with customers.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Yay! I bought a couple of bracelets to lighten the load you'll have to carry to the show. :-D

They are beautiful. Can't wait to get them!

Helena said...

How I would have loved to take my little jewellery company there! I'm in London so a bit too far, I'm afraid.

Have a great time!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I get complements every time I wear my ipod earrings...just got a ton of nice comments on MONDAY!

Jerri-Lea said...

Wish I could pop in and say hi to you and give Sassy a hug. CD's 2nd birthday party!