where saucy is just like the informant!

Dear Cascade,

With regards to your letter dated June 12, 2009:  Thank you for sending an impersonal form letter in response to my complaint about the horrible performance of Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action.

I especially enjoyed the part where you said, "hearing from you and other consumers helps us toward our goal of delivering top quality products and services worldwide," as you so artfully sidestepped the issue of  your product destroying the interior finish of my new dishwasher with a skill set that would make any husband jealous - should his wife ask him the unfortunate question "does this make me look fat," to which, of course, there is only one truthful and undeniable answer. Bravo!

I am still in possession of the coupon that you attached, good for one Cascade product, any size. For weeks now I have mulled over the question in my little blonde head, what size could possibly be miniscule enough to ensure no further damage to a major appliance? The answer is of course, nil.

I contemplated returning the coupon to you, enclosed in a carefully worded letter outlining my concerns, but alas, I had already sent you a carefully worded letter outlining my concerns, and since redundancy is my sworn enemy, I decided it best to address the situation here today. My good friend Pepper can attest to the fact that I do so enjoy crafting a complaint letter. Why, it might just be said I have a bit of a knack for it!

As we near the expiration date of said coupon, I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Clearly you choose not to engage in the easygoing, chatty discourse we previously enjoyed. The fact that your most recent letter to me was not signed by a person but rather imprinted by laser ink indicates that perhaps you do not understand the gravitas (a word you do not understand) of the situation. Did you not peruse the plentiful comments left by readers on my first post to you, many of which indicated that why, yes indeedy, Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action must be at the root of this groundswell of dishwasher inhumanity?

But I digress.  Back to the coupon. For an instant, I considered offering it up here on the blog as some sort of sacrifice to the cleaning gods. A symbol, if you will, of goodwill and a testament to my suffering. I realized that if chose to share the coupon with one of my readers, I would perhaps be inflicting the same outcome upon them, and in unleashing the Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action, would such heinous damage to their dishwasher occur I would be mortified and perhaps, in some roundabout way, feel responsible (another word you do not understand).

Thus, I have decided to simply offer my readers this piece of advice: use Electrasol tabs instead. It took multiple cycles over a period of weeks to eventually reduce the discolouration left by your product, but the Electrasol did the trick. Thank you to all of the readers who suggested it. Even the clouding and etching that was beginning to appear on my drinking glasses appears to be lessening!

Lastly, I would like to suggest to you that if, in the future, someone complains about the quality of your dishwasher detergent (and it is quite likely they will) you might not imply in writing that that someone is somehow incapable of operating a dishwasher properly or possibly that that person has really, really dirty dishes and no detergent could get it clean. Especially do not use this as your argument after claiming in a previous letter "these things just happen sometimes and we haven't figured out why."

It might possibly be that that someone could presume you have some sort of credibility problem. That someone might blog about it, thus negating all of the advertising that you have done for say, the last week. Let's just say, for argument's sake,  just the last week.

Yeah, just the last week. Let's just leave it at that.

No lurrve lost,


With that, Saucy feels like a regular informant! Not only did the family attend an Islanders/Flames game this weekend, they saw Matt Damon in The Informant! Matt Damon is so very likable but it occurred to Saucy that Matt Damon always appears as Matt Damon, just sometimes he wears a fake mustache. The story is interesting enough, and it gets more captivating as it unfolds. The same cannot be said for the Islanders/Flames hockey game.

The Informant! was not without its charm, but ultimately it was only slightly more satisfying than Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action and NHL hockey, natch.

Three out of five cupcakes. Please do not rinse the plate before dishwashing.


Karen said...

Well I am glad that electrasol seems to have been an improvement at least. It is so annoying when organizations ignore the problem and try and side step around the issue.

Sweetina said...

You Go Girl~lurrved your letter!
It burns me up when companies don't want to be responsible for
a shoddy products.
Glad the dishwasher is healing with
each dose of Electrosol.
We shall all ban Cascade!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Rolling out of my chair, laughing! Three cheers to Saucy, and a plague upon the House of Cascade!

Coco said...

I am thankful I never used that particular kind of Cascade in my dishwasher. Mine is stainless inside too.

Claudia said...

Love the letter - I love a good complaint letter, too. I just wrote one and got back a one sentence reply. Not good enough - so I will send another one.

I'm glad the Electrosol works!

E said...

I'm so glad you found that the Electrasol is helping. I will say I need to be careful what I could be drinking while reading your blog, my computer screen has been frequently doused in several beverages while I laugh at what you've written! Saucy you are a funny gal!

CuteStuffInside said...

That'll teach them! Don't mess with Saucy! I'd stop buying the product myself, except I don't have a dishwasher, but if I did I wouldn't use that brand anymore - I won't even mention their name.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the Electrasol is working! You are too funny!! And I completely agree about the hockey game - boring. I'm guessing they wont sell out two more games here if they don't send a few more stars next time....D

The French Bear said...

I never knew that, I haven't used Cascade before, I still won't. I was hoping the movie was going to be good, too bad.... oh well, I hope the hockey game was good!!! My husband's cousin plays for the Flames, too bad!! I just can't cheer for them, sorry, he he, well maybe only if front of his parents!!
Your stories make me laugh!!!
Margaret B

princess*momma said...

You should start a "cascade sucks" twitter trend ;) I just hate how companies pump out crappy products shove them in our faces and then when something goes wrong they pass the buck. grrrr

Kristi said...

I saw The Informant! two weeks ago...as a sneak preview in the Dallas area. (It was a free movie for me, which I realize might shape my opinion...just a little.) However, I really enjoyed the movie...it's witty and is unlike so many movies that are produced lately. It seemed a bit outlandish at times, but it's based upon a true story. It's entertaining, especially Matt Damon's inner-thoughts...too darn funny!

Sandra said...

I can't believe the arrogance of that not to be mentioned company. Trying to address a complaint about a product by sending a coupon for the same product - what are they thinking? There is a trouble shooter on our local CTV news station who handles issues like this. Perhaps a little negative television publicity might get their attention.

Sheree in CA said...

Saucy this caused me to go look under my sink and make sure that I too was using Electrasol and the brand who shall not be named.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm not a Cascade fan either--ever since I switched brands I've been happier with my dishwasher. But I am a Matt Damon fan.

Jerri-Lea said...

I wondered when you might let the blogging world know about the letter in question! It seems that we are living in a world where people do not understand the word "accountability"!!!

Saucy said...

Saucy wants everyone to know, she wasn't compensated to endorse Electrasol detergent tabs - she just really wanted you to know they worked, they removed the Cascade scum, and her dishes are now really, really sparkly.

Linda Crispell said...

Did you use too many multi-syllabic words in the first complaint letter?

The Shabby Princess said...

Glad you seem to have been able to salvage your dishwasher--and dishes!! Stupid people at Cascade.

Well written letter, obviously :)

Tracy said...

My comment to Hubs at the end of seeing The Informant was that it was an interesting story, and certainly Matt Damon is VERY talented, but the story didn't seem worthy of being made into a feature film. Interesting, but not THAT interesting.

Kate said...

I do love me some Electrasol. It's the only thing I use and I do NOT rinse before I wash. I've stuck the most disgusting baked on dishes in my new dishwasher with said tabs and they come out sparkling. Stick it to the Cascade man Saucy! Apaprently some other words that escape them are BLOG and POPULAR. Please use those words in a sentence. "Saucy has a fabulous BLOG and is wildly POPULAR."

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie and thought, "meh". But that Matt Damon is cute even with thirty extra pounds and 80's glasses :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you Saucy!
I had given up on my dishwasher because it was so gunked up and wasn't washing the dishes and had been washing dishes by hand. I had been using the Cascade the entire time. So I decided to try the Electrosol (called Finish, in the US) without any dishes. Wow, it actually started cleaning the gunk on the first time. Then I tried it with dishes and OMG! It worked! I was certain that the problem it was my extremely hard water but it seems it was the Cascade! It's like getting a gift!
Thanks again!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

I had already sworn off using ANY Cascade product when you got your first response about the damage to your dishwasher, but this just cements it for me.

When a company does not provide a satisfactory response to a complaint, they make my personal boycott list. I should publish that one of these days, come to think of it. Maple Leaf foods is definitely top of the list, with Cascade a close second. (Of course, Maple Leaf has done enough to irreparably damage their own image recently.)

I do love a good complaint letter. Brava, Saucy! Too bad they don't care and probably won't pay any attention to this either. Unless of course, your readers make a point of writing to them as well, including a link to your blog as reference.

Just sayin'.

Melody said...

I just have to tell you that my Sister had the same problem and switched to Electrasol. She did find a product that restored the stainless steel interior called Lemi-Shine, apparently it looks like new again.