prizes and a movie review

I am finally sending out the prizes for my seven clever questions giveaway today. The OCD part of me was waiting for all of the mailing addresses so I could send them at once, I like to do things that way. The winners are getting a polymer clay sculpted cupcake necklace in a sprinkles zipper wallet! How perfect is that? The tutorial for the polymer clay cupcakes can be found in my left sidebar.

I'm buried under a few projects. I'm writing some reports for a friend and trying to upload them to her server. Veto's birthday is coming up so I was pulling recipes out late last night. I need to get over to help Sassy with Photoshop. Today Loopy has to get caught up on her summer math program, I think we fell behind a bit... for no reason except I think I was just being a little slack. Last night she and I managed a little break from all the hubbub and slipped out to get a few school supplies... she just lurrves shopping for school supplies... and we saw the new almost-Disney pic, Band Slam.

I mean, I think it is Disney-related. It has Disney stars in it with a few unknowns, and Lisa Kudrow from Friends. I was really expecting something very, very Disney. Even now, I don't quite know how to cupcake review it for you. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't even know if the producers of the movie know how they themselves feel about it. 

Exhibit A:

Note the movie release date. It's all over the internet and in the trailers and on the poster. And yet, it was released last weekend. Have you seen many television ads for this show? Is that why there were only twelve people in the theatre? The two of us and a big group of high school kids right behind us?

Exhibit B:

Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame is not the main character in the movie, but some of the posters feature her. Obviously it was an attempt to lure in the HSM followers.

Exhibit C:

At this point I am thinking that it wasn't even supposed to be called Band Slam. Check out the cast list on this one: David Bowie, as himself. But they decided to market it a little more like High School Musical, and this is what they did with it:

Exhibit D:

Ummmm... reminiscent of anything? The only thing that would make this look more like HSM would be if it were red, black and white!

Exhibit E:

Gah. I bet Vanessa Hudgens threw up a little bit in the back of her mouth when she saw this. Still, it's no High School Musical. Her character is an obvious departure from the one that made her so famous, but don't take anyone under, say, twelve. It's still pretty Disney-powered. The band Honor Society appears on the soundtrack courtesy of Jonas Records. Oh, that's why Loopy wanted to see it. Now I get it.

Maybe they should have stuck with their original, edgy promotion. It looks less slick, more rock and roll. However, the group of teens sitting behind us loved it. They clapped along to the music and they good-heckled it. Good-heckling, you know, the kind that doesn't annoy the other two people in the theatre.

I don't know if Band Slam rocked my socks off or not. It was a little long. It was a little interesting. It was a little lost. The music was good. 

This is the poster that might have sold it for me all the way. I'm going to give it three and a half cupcakes, because where it could have been predictable, it wasn't. It lost one and a half cupcakes, because where it could have been predictable, it was. Rent it some fall evening when your teenager has a bad day. Serve with popcorn, soda and chocolate.

Tomorrow: a sweet tutorial. After that: a game.


SandraD said...

Congrats to the lucky winners - they will enjoy their special necklaces. Thanks for the movie review and the advice re renting. It sounds like it will be available in the video store real soon.

Amy said...

I have to admit that I have a hard time picturing Vanessa Ann Hudgens as anything but Gabrielle. I'm sure it is going to be one of those we must see once it comes out on video. Luckily the ads have been few and far between around here so my 12 year old hasn't "noticed" it yet. Cute prizes, btw.

Anonymous said...

My DD wants to see this show very much. I should take her on the weekend but it sounds like it will be at Blockbuster sooner rather than later!

Chelsea said...

I saw this movie! I lurrved it, as you say! I think it should have gotten at least four cupcakes!

karen said...

Lovely prizes.

You might like time travellers wife - my son recommended it to me but warned me of "extreme emotional content". He says the book is great so I am going to read it as I liked the movie despite tear shedding.

Saucy said...

I'm torn about whether or not to see "The Time Travellers Wife"... Eric Bana is a plus. I'm not much for tearshed in the theatre.

Anonymous said...

I think those little wallets are really sweet, and oh so perfect for you.

Cheers from Maryland.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there cutie,
yeah for the winners,
fab prize!!!
thanks for the movie review, i doubt i will ever see this, my kiddos are past this age. i still love these kind of movies!
hope you are having a fab summer.,

Claudia said...

Just a bit of info in passing - a former theater student of mine wrote the screenplay.He's a nice guy; very smart, funny and irreverent.

Anonymous said...

I took 4 14 yr olds to see this movie. They liked it a lot, not "loved" it but really liked it. I think they were a little suprised by Vanessa's character. I mean "Gabriel" would Never act that way, ha ha
So not her usual.
We loved the song they sang at Bandslam, we have it on our Ipod and play it all the time now.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Haven't even heard of this movie and I have one teen and one preteen. Weird.

Jodi said...

I watched a great "making of" about this movie. The kids Relly played the music on the soundtrack and the movie. Some had some playing experience and others had 6 weeks of crash course music lessons. So as the director said, "If you are watching and wondering, are they or aren't they? They are." So that makes me and DD more interested to watch it.

Saucy said...


Just to let you know, I'm behind on my tutorial. Gah. I have to run over to the doctor's office and get some prescriptions filled as he will be away for two weeks and a Saucy unmedicated is not Saucy, indeed.

I love that the Bandslam kids played their own music - very cool. Loopy and I are also enjoying the soundtrack, and the website... check it out! Very cute.

sassy studio said...

great prizes! any free days next week to play photoshop?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those are some funky prizes, Saucy!
I got behind in T's tutorials this summer, too. Ah well.
I'm skipping this movie, looks too old for my tribe and too young for me!

Kelly said...

I saw Band Slam with my kids & it totally SUCKED! It was so long and boring and down. We were not impressed. Plus Will was not loveable, at all.

BAM said...

Thanks so much for the fab surprise in my mailbox! It reached me on Saturday afternoon and was promptly worn.

I love it...