hello kitty necklace challenge

Loopy and I visited the Sanrio store in Chicago. We are suckers for the Japanese cartoon cat. Aside from gawking at the general silliness of Hello Kitty waffle irons and door mats, we drooled over the showcase of dazzling collectible necklaces. I snapped some shots through the glass with my pink spy-cam.

Who needs a Hello Kitty guitar, bicycle or umbrella when you can have serious bling? They were not a light touch. Unattainable on our shopping budget at $150.00 each. Scandalous!

Veto would (rightfully) commit homicide. Or have a stroke. Neither scenario is ideal.

They were so lovely. We kept thinking about them. Then it struck me... $150.00 is so very unreasonable, but I figured the materials for each piece had to cost less than ten dollars.

Could I make Hello Kitty collectible jewelry for Loopy for less than ten dollars? Yes.

Hello Kitty Petal and Pearl Necklace

Hello Kitty pen: $3.95 (I snipped the dangling Kitty charm off it)... still have the pen!
Forever 21 necklace: $5.99
Gold tone jump ring from supply box: pennies

Total: $9.94

Hello Kitty Pearl and Tattoo Necklace

Hello Kitty cell phone charm: $5.95
Faux pearl necklace with rhinestone clasp: $1.00 (Claire's 10 for 10 rack)
Pink bow cell phone charm: $1.00
Miscellaneous bedazzling jewels from stash: pennies

Total: $7.95 plus jewels (pennies)

Hello Kitty Serious Bling Necklace

Gaudy rhinestone prom necklace: $5.00 on clearance table
Pair of Hello Kitty earrings: $1.00 (Claire's)
Heart-shaped Hello Kitty key chain: $1.00 (Claire's)
Hello Kitty silver charms: free (thanks Pam!)
Swarovski heat-set crystals: $4.50 (with 50% coupon at Michael's)

Total: $11.50

So I blew the budget on the last necklace but it is the closest to the ones we saw in the store... and probably the least likely to be worn by Loopy, ever.

But I did it. I made $150.00 necklaces for an average of ten dollars. *APPLAUSE SIGN*

And... on a disappointing note... I had no idea that I was nominated in this category for the BlogLuxe Awards at the BlogHer convention this weekend in Chicago. No idea whatsoever... and I could have pressured all of you to vote me into the finals, and gone to Chicago this weekend to lose, but hey, how cool is that? Perez Hilton was also nominated in this category but failed to make the finals, so I am in the company of blogebrities.

The category "Guilty Pleasure Blog" is described as,

"The blog you love to hate or hate to love, but either way you find yourself reading it when you should be doing other stuff. You just can't help yourself."

So whether you love to hate me or hate to love me, thanks for the nomination.



{lauryl} said...

wow- super cute necklaces! and LOL about your blog nomination. ;-)

Linda Crispell said...

Dear Saucy,
Lulu and I did the exact same thing after we visited with you and Loopy in Chicago!!!! We admired the Hello Kitty jewelry and thought we could make it, so we bought keychains and anything with Hello Kitty charms and turned them into necklaces.

Congrats on the recognition, how tremendously cool!
Your Pal,

Miss Quoted said...

I got a Hello Kitty water cooler last Christmas, that cat thinks of everything.

MaryCatherine said...

I neither love to hate you OR hate to love you...I love loving your blog!

Totally enamored by those necklaces and I am going to try to make one myself now!

J.G. said...

Your creations are so much cuter! Please have pity and consider a giveaway for the all-thumbs among us.

And you've got my vote, whenever you need it.

Coco said...

Very cute. I always say that if I like it I can make it. I am sorry you weren't aware that you were nominated. I commented on something letting you know that I had nominated you. Next time I will bombard you with comments until you respond and I know you KNOW....

Copy this link and go see....


Gail :) said...

Gorgeous! I love the little kitty too! $150 is totally excessive! I adore all of your creations :)

Jen Anderson said...

But, but...I love to love you. Not a guilty pleasure at all!

Great necklaces.

Hunny Bunny said...

Those necklaces are fab! I think I have to make all of us our own here, we are HUGE Hello Kitty fans. Like we have the waffle iron, and the toaster fans.


Great job! I wish my daughter liked "Hello Kitty". I would so be coping your necklaces today.

ChaChaneen said...

I had no doubt you could make the bling, shucks, the challenge was probably too easy for you, Master Saucy of creativity! (wink) The first one is my fav! And congrats on your nomination... very COOL!

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no guilt in 'spending time with you' every day! You are definately a highlight, and I would have voted for you. I think you could have won. Dena

Tamara Jansen said...

Well isn't that just the coolest. A trip to Chicago would be sooooo much fun. Let's nominate eachother next year and plan to meet out there for a wingding of a loser party :)

Amy said...

That's crazy you didn't get any notice about your nomination. Total excuse to have gone back to Chicago. And I would've totally voted for ya.

Grace said...

I love Kitty....not real cats they scare me like nightmares and deadly allergic...but she is a cutie! I found this cupcake "sleeve" site I did not know if u ever saw it , I saw it and thought of u instantely! http://www.roundaboutsleeves.com/


Miss Tiffy Lee said...

Oh my gosh. I LURVE LURVE LURVE that last Hello Kitty Necklace. What a creative mind you have! You did a great job!

karen said...

they need another category...the love to love your blog...you would be hands down winner

Kristi said...

I loved Hello Kitty as a young girl. My (favorite) Aunt Pat always gifted Hello Kitty goodies for Christmas and my birthday. Oh how I loved those goodies!

Just last weekend, my Mom and I spotted blinged out HK jewelry...who knew that kitty would still be such a hit so many years later?!?

Happy Friday!

:) Kristi

Saucy said...

Oh, Coco, I don't know how ever I missed that comment of yours, since all comments are practically printed out and slipped under my pillow at night... gah. Thank you, thank you - thank you!

You're a doll.

3rdEyeMuse said...

hehe ... I like YOUR Hello Kitty creations BETTER than the originals. :)

Congrats on the non ... if I'd known, I would definitely have voted for you ... though now that I think of it ... I love, loving your blog. :)

Michaele said...

You *do* know that the last person who needs an applause sign is YOU, right? We're already applauding!

LOVE the Hello Kitty jewelry- she's my favorite too- and just the perfect character to unite me and MY daughter!


SandraD said...

Congrats on your nomination. Hopefully next time we will all get to vote on our favorite blog - yours! The jewellery is awesome & so much better than the inspiration pieces.

Cassandra said...

Wow, they totally have you in the wrong category! They don't know you at all! You are definitely in the love to love category!

Adorable necklaces! Loopy is a very lucky girl!

MJ said...

Great necklaces! You are a jewelry maker extraordinaire!

CMMC97 said...

No hate here- Just pure LURRRV. <3

Rosa said...

Oooh, I love all the kitties!

bluemuf said...

Oh my Saucy, I love, love, love Hello Kitty. The necklaces you made are gorgeous.

Hugs Karen

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

There's only love, my dear. Only love. ox

Tracy said...

Sadly, I have almost all of the Hello Kitty Tarina Tarantino necklaces you showed from Sanrio! I did spend big bucks, but I LOVE Hello Kitty and bling, and I am not crafty at all! I do love your creations though!! Check out tarinatarantino.com to drool over her other beautiful pieces!!!! :) (She has sales too!)

Saucy said...


Thank you so GLADLY for the link to Tarina Tarantino... hey, is she related to Quinten?

She has an amazing site, I recognize some of those pieces from the store. The girls at Sanrio didn't explain it to us or direct us to the site. You should work there... you'd get a discount ;)

I think I lurrve Pink Head.

Moony said...

Someone else beat me to it, but those necklaces are from Tarina Tarantino. You could check consignment stores for them, or even eBay. I got one at a local consignment shop in new condition for $30. ^^

Mens Necklace said...

Great work... This is very cute.

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