loopy's new look

It must have been time for a change around here. Loopy decided to take her hair darker, shorter, and with a slight bang. I decided to take pictures.

I like to add some interest in our photo shoots with props or costumes. Today, I grabbed some feather butterflies from the craft room and away we went. They kinda/sorta matched the butterflies on her blouse. It's just what she happened to be wearing.

I don't know what is more fun: taking the photos or playing with them in PhotoShop. Sometimes we plan our photo shoots, and that's quite a lot of fun for me. Today, we just grabbed the camera, and went... down the alley.

Loopy was not amused. Alleys can be a little... sketchy. At the best of times. 

She questioned my sanity. I had to work fast. She does not have the patience for my silly locations, especially when they are stinky and filled with cats.

You see, we started out on the steps of the school, with her pink guitar. We weren't feeling it.

I needed more indirect light. I didn't have my reflector, because of that whole grab-the-camera-and-go thing. The light was too bright to be anywhere but in the shade of the alleyway.

So, I turned the vehicle around and opened the door. The mirror on the door reflected the light directly onto Loopy.

See behind her, on the wall of that old garage? That is where the reflection of my side view mirror ends.

Isn't it amazing what you can do post-production, as they say? Here, I added more blue and increased the contrast. Use your burn tool around the eyes, that's a little trick I use. It makes them pop.

I lurrve square photographs, don't you?

I am constantly amazed by the simplicity of backdrops found all over the city. The side of a funky old, soon-to-be condemned garage. Who knew? 

Remember, I like to use my crop tool. Check out the difference between the two following photos:

Perfectly nice, but the heel of her little sandal is distracting, and so is the hinge on that gate. Notice that I am trying to frame my shots in thirds as I shoot, it makes for easier editing since I subscribe to the rule of thirds anyway. 

If this photo were cropped tighter:

Voila! Less distraction and more focus on that Loopy little expression. Classic Loopy, right there.

Remember, if you take enough shots, something will work out and all of the elements will click together nicely.

We're getting our photo shoot groove on. We have another planned and if the weather holds out, we'll do it this week. Local readers, check your back alleys.

Oh, and did you notice? You were probably directed to my custom domain: saucysprinkles.com. I told you things were changing around here.


karen said...

WOW - very pretty!! and great photos

is blogeddy...no more?

Saucy said...

Bloggedy blog blog is still here, the same old blog. New visitors will see my new domain name and old visitors will be directed so nobody is going to miss out on a single cupcake!

The archives will still remain, if you have anything bookmarked. It should be quite seamless.

My blog, like myself, is a work in progress. I like the idea of a more streamlined URL. It feels... legit!

Sweetina said...

Wow Saucy~these are wonderful photos of Loopy.She is so pretty and patient! Love the colors.butterflies and the contrast of the garage.
You are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!!!!!
I wish my kids would agree to photo shoots anywhere.

Stephanie B

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the shoot and especially what looks to be like a wooden fence in the background, adds to the rustic but hip feel. My fav shot is the last one. So pretty!

{lauryl} said...

loopy is adorable and i love the slightly darker hair color on her! your photos are grand... i am terribly jealous of anyone who has photoshop- and especially those who have and actually know how to use it. i find it frightening and confusing. ah well.

Oliver Rain said...

Beautiful. She's such a gorgeous girl. The new hair is very glamourous.

Miss Quoted said...

I didn't notice it at all! but there I was at Saucysprinkles - which is perfect for you.

Loopy's new 'do is truly fabulous. She looks great - sophisticated and soft!

Looking at these left me thinking when fall comes I might have to make arrangements to send you some Mardi Gras props...that would be a photo shoot I would like to see.

Michelle said...

I wonder what it would take for me to get Brynn to agree to such a wonderful photo shoot. You have greatly inspired me! Loopy looks fantastic, her eyes are just wow.

one and one + two said...

Beautiful photos!

I need to learn Photoshop. But I have enough trouble just getting my kiddies to pose for photos right now!

Jerri-Lea said...

I'm loving the darker hair!
CJ was just as "impressed" with the graffiti wall! We are waiting for a cloudy day to go shoot some of CJ.

Congrats on the web address!! (I didn't notice until you mentioned it!)

Tricia dyksman said...

WoW!! Great photos, love her hair!! Hope you guys are having a great summer!

TidyMom said...

I LOVE Loopys new do!! and love the photo shoot!! - I took Sunshine to our downtown a few weeks ago and was AMAZED at the walls and doors we found that we had never noticed before! LOL.....now if I could learn how to take great pictures OUT of AUTO on my Nikon D40 - it's just too overwhelming to me - when to use Aperture Priority, or Shutter Priority or any of the others and then what do I set everything on??? aaaaahhhh! - I need to buy a good book!


Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Loopy is beautiful, as always! And I love her new 'do! We girls gotta change it up every now and then!!

My favorite pictures of my girls were taken downtown Oklahoma City and behind an old building in Norman, Oklahoma. I love random backgrounds like that!!

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

I remember alleys from when I lived in Calgary - they were always so fascinating. You're right; so many different textures and lighting situations. Very cool.

Loopy is really a lovely girl, with a lovely mom. She'll appreciate having such an in-depth photo documentary of her life when she's older!

Cheryl said...

great photos! Love Loopy's new "do" the color suits her. We went out on a photography road trip last saturday, you are right in saying that there are great photo ops everywhere. We kind of concentrated on abandoned yards and flowers, but it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Soooo creative you girls are!!! I love it! D

bluemuf said...

Saucy, great captures. Loopy is a gorgeous subject.

Hugs Karen

sassy studio said...

love the new photos! Loopy's new do is great too!

Amy said...

She looks so good. Of course. And it's funny cause my DD has decided to go dark too. I'm nervous cause she's always been a blond but Loopy looks so good I'm willing to try.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Only you, Saucy, can make a sketchy back alley seem beautiful. Loopy's hair is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo shoot. Neat idea with the props.....and the side mirror on the car, who would've thought? You are my idol Saucy!

~Rhonda from Minnesota

Saucy said...

You don't think its a little too... Katy Perry?

Rue said...

She gets more and more beautiful everyday :)

xoxo to you and The Fan!

Angela said...

Lovely new look Loopy!
And of course I am always amazed at your eye for light, Saucy!

You know with the new hairdo, I think that you could easily do some vintage glamour shots... I see something there, just not sure exactly what - Audrey H., maybe?


3rdEyeMuse said...

would never had know this was a grab and go shoot if you hadn't mentioned it ... Loopy's new hair is FABULOUS and she looks seriously terrific! ... and yes, yes I WAS directed to a new spot (though directed back for commenting - seamlessly, though). :)

Just say Julie said...

This is such a beautiful shoot. I'm still working on getting all the tricks to work together, and the young un is not the most willing of models!

AwtemNymf said...

Congratulations on your own domain Saucy! You go girl!!
Beautiful pics of Loopy. I love the new look & hair! And be still my heart- she looks like a singer in the photo with her guitar! Move over Taylor Swift- Loopy is in town and she's a headliner!! :O) Hugs!

Lynn said...

Loopy is pretty!
Did you get those butterflies at Michaels?
I got some today!

MMW said...

And what I love is looking back at photos of loopy a few years ago...and compare that with how she looks now. yowza. what a beauty! I hope she loves the photos as much as your adoring fans do.

the treat girl said...

Lots of fun!!!! Cindy Lou and I are planning one as well......she always loves to see what Loopy is wearing! :) I STILL haven't figured out Photoshop!! Which one do you have???? Should I start out with the free one? ....or can you recommend a version???? Thanks :)

Leica Forrest said...

super nice! love her hair change!

SandraD said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Loopy is a beautiful girl and these photos really capture her essence. It would be great if you could post some of the details of the work you did in Photoshop. For example, do you use actions, or are there particular steps you consistently use?

Rosa said...

How beautiful! I love the new look! And all the pictures are brilliant!!

Linda Crispell said...

Excellent Mother, the most entertaining writer, chef, decorator, party planner, jewelry designer, teacher, and amazing photographer!
I feel terribly inadequate.

Loopy is stunning.
Your Pal,

Joy said...

I have one question - what type of camera do you use?

Love your blog!!!!!

Saucy said...

I am shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi. I only have the kit lens it came with: 18-55 mm.

I edit my shots in Photoshop Elements 6 for the Mac.

Someday, because a few of you have asked, I will walk you through the edits I normally use. I haven't gotten into actions too much but I'd like to.