come to the concert with us too!

We are back with fantastic tales of our journey to see the Jonas Brothers in Edmonton over the long weekend!

Look at these two happy faces! This is Loopy with Poopsie, the winner of our Jonas Brothers concert ticket giveaway. Poopsie is a real pill! She had us in stitches all the way back to our hotel after the concert... we are so glad Poopsie and her peeps could join us! Why don't you join us too?

Let's cue up at about 3:00 in the afternoon for our admission to the VIP soundcheck party, courtesy of The Fan. It was too generous, a gift for Loopy's grade school graduation. The package included priority concert seating, two VIP gift bags (we shared one with Poopsie), and admission to the soundcheck party. You would like a Jonas backpack and water bottle, wouldn't you?

Before we tell you all about the soundcheck, meet Misty (in the checked cap and black tee). Misty is the Ticketing Coordinator and your host for the event. She will keep everyone organized and things in check. Trust me on this: Misty's got it going on. She is friendly, efficient and clever. She makes sure that every single fan in attendance gets personalized attention, is in the loop and knows exactly what the story is. Applause for Misty for being on the ball *hearty clapping*. We hear you lurrve cupcakes. We've got some baking, just for you!

Now meet Amanda. We seem to make friends in line at Jonas Brothers concerts. Remember Hannah and Lida from the concert last year? This year we bonded with Amanda and her mom, Angela. We hung together all afternoon in the lineup, visiting and holding each other's places. Amanda and Loopy became fast friends and exchanged digits. We'll keep in touch, for sure. Jonas concert friends are friends forever!

Perhaps your child has tickets for the soundcheck but you do not. Don't worry, if you speak to Misty, she will make sure parents and children are not separated. She made sure that Angela and Amanda could stay together... are you as impressed as I am?

Stay close... we will be ushered into a "holding area" after Misty explains that the boys are running late for the event. We are offered places to sit, Misty and the crew do everything to keep the fans comfortable. As you can tell from this photograph, there is lots to see, so don't worry about getting bored here.

Here's one of Misty's crew, as fans with wristbands get ushered into the stadium in numeric order. I had a vision of mass chaos but the crew kept it in order! It was pretty seamless.

May I just say that it was fascinating to see the roadies finishing the stage setup. It was sooooo cooool. Apparently, they work right up until the moment the concert begins putting the finishing touches on the set. Check out their precision as they hang tape measures from the lighting rigs to make sure they are all at the right height.

Mr. Jonas (Papa) will come out to say hello to the small crowd gathered for the soundcheck party. He apologizes profusely for things not running on time, thanks everyone for their patience and speaks a little bit about the tour. He seems friendly and genuine. He explains that although Nick has arrived, Joe and Kevin aren't on site yet. He assures everyone that the soundcheck will still be full-length, they don't want anyone to leave disappointed.

No matter! After a few minutes, Nick strolls out by himself. The crowd will clap and cheer, he plays some songs solo and answers audience questions. Misty will swing into action again, grabbing the microphone and taking questions. The crowd is actually a little taken aback, it seems like the fans are stunned to see Nick without his sidekicks.

For a minute, I think I will be able to ask a question, so I conjure one up in my head that I figure Nick has never heard before... he must get tired of answering "what is your favourite song" and "are you single" all the time. Can you guess what my question for Nick was?

It was, "Do you need a triangle player in your band, because my daughter Loopy is looking for summer work?" But alas, Misty did not bring the mic my way so sadly, Loopy will be taking babysitting jobs. Yes, Loopy has brought her triangle to the concert with her. She's interactive that way.

Perhaps you are wondering, why did Loopy pick the triangle? A true Jonas fan would know the answer.

Eventually, the two older brothers will arrive and the tone of the party will change to instant giddy excitement.

The soundcheck is fun and interactive. Members of the audience get asked onstage to participate in games and playing songs. After the soundcheck is over, we should find our seats for the concert.

Honor Society is the first act and they are great! Opening acts give me time to get my camera set correctly.

Jordin Sparks will come out next. She is as entertaining in person as she was on American Idol. The girl jumps in high heels!

The next act was not on the playbill: the Asian sensation "The Wondergirls"... the lights go low and they only perform one song. Do you want to know what I think? That's when the Jonas Brothers took their places under the stage for the show. I think it was all some sort of sassy, synchronized diversion. I would tell you that, but it's so noisy in here!

Finally, the brothers everyone have been waiting all day for take the stage. The crowd is whipped into a frenzy. The moment is dramatic... are you feeling it?

They put on an amazing show... perhaps you have real tickets to see them on this tour, so I won't spoil any of the surprises. 

Watch as the brothers take the stage with Jordin Sparks for her new single, "Battlefield."

Just look at Loopy's face... isn't all this screaming worth it? You won't be able to hear a thing for three days, but these are fantastic memories, aren't they? Don't you especially love the part where she sings along and plays air guitar? I do.

When Joe sings, he might just be singing directly to her.

Or... he could be singing to the girls sitting in front of us. Who knows? Everyone has a fantasic time nonetheless. Did I hear you say you want a tee shirt? Or that you need to pee first? I have no idea. Let's check out the merchandise on the way out anyway.

I hope you had as much fun at the concert with us as Poopsie did. Guess what happened when we were checking out of the hotel?

Amanda and Angela were there! We were so glad to see them again, it was a real treat. The girls hugged each other and reminisced about the concert. I was glad to give Amanda my VIP lanyard, she will get much more enjoyment out of it - look at those two cute fans! Amanda: email me with your mailing address, please. Please.


PS. Superfans can see more of my concert photos here.

PPS. Coming tomorrow! The cupcakes you have been waiting for, plus the winner of the CSN Rug giveaway.


YSLGuy said...

What a great time that must have been!!

TidyMom said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! - it was about this time last year that we saw them!! What fun those boys are!

Thanks for taking us with you via your great post and pictures!!!!


Laura said...

Memories to last a lifetime - what a fun trip!

MJ said...

LOL! I love the triangle! I don't know anyone who owns a triangle! We have a tambourine and a harmonica somewhere ~ they might be useful in the future for concerts?! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

jkddz said...

Looks like you had an amazing time....Great photos!

Lacy said...

Wow! What a dream day for any young gal! Love the sequencce of the day in pics.

sassy studio said...

what a great play by play, I feel like I was actually there!

roostreehouse said...

So sweet! We did a backstage Aerosmith thang. We had a Misty whose name was Becky and I was soo impressed with all of the controlled chaos and hard working roadies and...we scored Steven Tyler's harmonica, which to this day my son refers to as "the holy grail" and I refer to as "Tylers DNA".

YAY Loopy (and Poopsie and Amanda!) will remember this 4 evah-go Hot Saucy!
xoxoxoxox Rhonda Roo
PS In this busy week I neglected to link to your fab rug giveaway {hangs head in shame} time I promise!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

don't tell Loopy, but I am not a fan (now, now ... I didn't say they have the plague ... just a little after my time), BUT ... I am grinning ear-to-ear from enjoying the concert with you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a random reader that usually visits your blog, but for once I just dropped by to add a comment. I'm going to a Jonas concert too on the 18th of July (: So I definitely can't wait for that. Looks like you guys had fun (: Btw, I like Loopy's necklace [: I'm not sure if I'm seeing correctly (Probably not), but is that made out of ... buttons?

Saucy said...

Good eye! I saw a necklace made of yarn and buttons at Anthropologie and I made one for her just like it (but it didn't end up costing me $120.00).

Have fun on the 18th, I hope we didn't spoil any of the surprises for you. You will leave the concert feeling like you got your money's worth at any rate. Enjoy it!!

Suzy said...

Wow, what memories you'll have to share....They are the cutest! Thanks for sharing looking forward to hearing POOPSIE's VERSION. She must have been in awe!

Anonymous said...

Nope, you didn't ruin any surprises for me at all. I sort of spoiled myself already by watching some concert footage on Youtube. I'm not very good at containing myself because I've just GOTTA see and can't wait any longer! No patience when it comes to Jonas haha [:

$120? Wow. Pricey. Looks like you saved yourself a lot of money! Anyway, thanks for replying back! (:

Kennedie said...

You and Loopy do the most funnest things together! I wish my mom and I did half of the stuff you guys do, she is realllly lucky! You guys are <3 awesome!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! DId I see on Twitter you guys are going to Green Day?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a fun time--bummer that Loopy couldn't pick up summer work with her triangle, but at least her smile got a great work out that night!

Sarah B. said...

What a fun recap of the concert...and what an amazing memory! I have never commented but have been a reader of yours for awhile and let me tell you, what a fun Mom you fun!

Junie Moon said...

What a wonderful time y'all had and sharing it with Poopsie and your new friends Amanda/Angela is great. I love the triangle question you had ready, what a shame you didn't get to ask it.

Kay said...

Wow!!!! What a mom! And what a lucky girl to have a mom that not only bakes kick-ass cupcakes but records the memories of great concerts.

Anonymous said...

I know why the triangle! From the TV episode! That is soooo funny you guys! YOU ROCK!

SandraD said...

So glad to hear that the concert was a memorable success. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our fair city. Again, I must apologize for not being able to meet up with you! I hope we can get together soon.

Rosa said...

How exciting!!! Thanks for taking us along! I love it!!!!!

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Tracy said...

FUN! I was excited to hear about the oldest Jonas brother's engagement the other day. :)

Julia said...

what neat memories!

Kate said...

Well written Saucy girl! This is why I luuuurve you. xox

Deborah Non Blogger said...

Dear Saucy
Which fan club is Loopy in that got her such great tickets and passes!
We're hoping the Jonas bros will head to Australia next year and my 14 year old pixelchic would just DIE to have sound check passes. tell...pretty please with sprinkles.

Saucy said...


Loopy is a member of "Team Jonas" and we got her tickets and the ones we gave Poopsie in the contest through that official fan club site. They put the tickets up for pre-sale before tickets go on sale for the general public, you get a special code to log in and purchase early. Club members also get a present and access to the fan club website. It's pretty awesome for Loopy. She has "Team Jonas" peeps that she hangs with online.

Good luck getting tickets... although I will warn you, fan club or not, the premium seats with the soundcheck party package were pricey. You can thank The Fan for this post. Anyone with concert tickets can sign up to win a "meet and greet" and one of Loopy's school mates got to meet the boys. That would also be fun for a fan!

Deborah said...

Thanks Saucy!
We are on the case!
We will get good tickets...if it kills us! (...or bankrupts us!)