graduation party

Yes, we had cupcakes. They were in school colours.

We had pizza. It was provided by Alexandra's parents, they own one of the best restaurants in town! We had enough pizza to feed a small country.

We had a game show, hosted by Scott's dad. We had trivia questions and video challenges, too!

We had a wheel for the game... here, Macy gives it a spin.

We had a DJ laying down some mean dance tracks. It was Buddy Budderson. He kept them moving and grooving, well past his usual bedtime.

We had a dessert bar, with three kinds of ice cream... and blue and gold Jell-O.

We had waffle bowls and a fruit tray and also all of the makings for a banana split: bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

We had Skor bits, Oreo crumbs, and Kit Kat bites. Don't forget the caramel sauce.

We had a giant bucket of Loopy's crack corn.

We had a voting game... "Most Likely To..." with unusual categories: Most likely to get arrested for a worthy cause, most likely to reduce reuse and recycle, most likely to be on the cover of Vogue, most likely to star in a reality TV show.

We had a photo booth with a professional photographer. We had a little setup of a backdrop, balloons and a funky cool ladder.

We had some rules. Five pictures per student, in any combo. You could pose five times by yourself or five times with friends but every time each person stepped in front of the lens they had to give one ticket. This prevented people from bogarting the camera.

We had cute girls hiding in balloons.

We had entire groups posing together for one last time.

We had mothers and daughters together.

We had old friends saying goodbye. We had a wonderful time.


The French Bear said...

What wonderful memories you created for your daughter, and the family too. All those decorations, and food!!! Great job! I loved it all!!!
Margaret B

jkddz said...

what a wonderful time you all had!
MMMMM waffle bowls, my favorite...loaded with ice cream chocolate sauce and strawberries..
and if I dusted off some of my grade 9 Grad photos(small town-grade 10 was when I spent 2 hours on a bus one-way to High School ;P ) I looked more like some of the 4's or 5's now!

Maybe we should post a "What did you wear?" Grade 8 Grad photo challenge... inlight of them now called "Farewell Parties"...and see how many have the phrase GRAD in the backgrounds

karen said...

Meant to say you look great in the photos yesterday - ditto today. Savour the moment eh - everything looks so wonderful.

Angela G. Willis said...

looks like it was fantastic-I am sure Loopy loved it.


Miss Quoted said...

What a wonderful time! I don't remember any of my grad parties being this cool!

What a great set of grads and a wonderful set of parents!

YSLGuy said...

Looks like a fun time!! Those cupcakes look delicious

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Thank you so much for sharing those photos...what a wonderful time!

Will all the kids go on to different schools now?

Are the Mean Girls going to other schools, too?

Hugs, Sonya

Cheryl said...

Wow, you look like you had lots of fun, what good memories to have. You had great looking food too, love the jello in school colors!!! The cupcakes look yummy!

SandraD said...

Wow - this is worthy of a photo spread in "In Style" magazine! Great job as always.

MJ said...

And nary a veggie in sight! It must have been a splendid evening! Great ideas for grads!

Great haircut, Buddy!

nikkisawicky said...

*sniffle* It's all so wonderful. I am crying because all that food was not consumed by me. It all looks so good....

Amy said...

It looks so wonderful! I haven't seen what our school does-I just know they made the boys where Sunday best but the girls could wear anything as long as it wasn't ripped jeans. Didn't seem too fair. And I want to hear about what happened with the Principal!

Coco said...

Wow. You guys know how to do it right. How special.

Tracy said...

Happy graduation to the Loopster!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's a graduation party I soooo wish I could have crashed!!!

Big Congratulations to the entire class & an extra big Congratulations especially for Loopy!

Rhonda Roo said...

Methinks they should have named you an honorary graduate! You get an A+++ in my book because I can imagine how utterly you are absolutely jonesing for a nice cup of tea and a little protein!
And a long nap.
Above and Beyond, Ms Saucy.
You rock it sideways.
xoxox Roo
PS Loopy also rocked the chucks and I'm going to claim her as the daughter i would have had if you dont mind. She rocks too!

boracay condo said...

nice party! congratulations!

Linda Crispell said...

Was Loopy voted most likely to succeed beyond everyone's wildest dreams? You know she will!
I noticed that even the cupcake batter is in the school colors! I hope they rename that school after you!!!
Your Pal,

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Aww so great! You are such a great mom! I just left after the graduation and picked up after the dance in my jammies :)