graduation, part one

Yes... Loopy bucked the high-heel trend and went with pink high-top Converse sneakers, or "Chucks" as she calls them. Scroll down to see her outfit in its entirety.

First, this is what my stairs looked like for the past week or so:

This is what 200 pieces of curl ribbon cut for balloons looks like.

This is what the graduation banner looks like. Loopy and I strung up and decorated a 5x7 photo of each of the 33 students. We embellished them individually... we now have no blue or yellow buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, yarn, ribbon or brads left in the craft room.

This is what a tired Saucy and Pepper look like! We got everything done

This is what forty bags of Loopy's crack corn looks like...

... tied with ribbons and stuffed into paper bags along with face tattoos, pencils and note pads.

This is what Loopy's memory board looked like... we found out that we needed a memory board on Monday morning. Gha. These are the things that stress a mother out. Thank Gawd for the craft room, and the fact that I raided the memory board in her bedroom. Since we had no blue or yellow stuff left, it was pink and black.

This is what the podium that was made as a gift to the school on behalf of the graduating class looks like. It is oak, crafted by my buddy Rory at Oakland Supply. Rory did quite a bit of the woodwork and finishing at our house when we renovated. He did a beautiful job on this podium.

This is what the graduate looks like! She channeled Avril Lavigne, Harajuku girls and Lucky Star anime characters. She carried a Hello Kitty handbag. We found her dress in Chicago at Nordstrom in December... remember when she had her photo taken with the cute sailors on Michigan Avenue? Then.

Everyone looked fabulous! This is what Loopy's pal Bree looked like. What was fantastic about this group, every girl picked a dress that perfectly suited their personality to a "tee."

This is what purple streaks and pink bits courtesy of Aunty Andrew look like! Sarah gave her a manicure with black nail polish and rhinestones. Loopy layered necklaces from our collection, including her special necklace from Pam, in the perfect colours for her outfit. It's all about the accessorizing.

This is what funky bows on the back of her lacy shorts looked like! Can you see them? I'll try to get you a better shot tomorrow. It's a good idea to wear little shorts if your skirt is really short and it is windy out. Trust me.

This is what Pepper's daughter Macy looked like! Her hair was also just lovely, all curly like that.

This is what Delane and Quinn looked like! They had adorable dresses.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember elementary school graduation to be quite this glamorous in my day... we saw strapless dresses, high heels and false eyelashes!

This is what Loopy wearing her sweater over her dress looks like! She wore the sweater for the entire event. The evening air was chilly and the door was open right behind where she sat.

Tomorrow, party highlights!


KAGS Herself said...

Saucy you are the best and I really don't know how you do it.
Lucky lucky Loopy. She is one lucky girl.
Now, what's the next project?

Angela G. Willis said...

So glad you made it through, you do look very tired- I know that you are!

Everything looks wonderful, especially Miss Loopy! So glad things turned out so nice!

Can't wait to see the rest tomorrow!

Rosa said...

So beautiful. Congrats!!!

LiLi M. said...

Congrats on your daughters graduation. I love her outfit! Oh when was the last time I was wearing neon colors? I think I even cannot remember, now I'm really getting old. Have fun!

jkddz said...

Super cool outfit Loopy! I just got back from a grade 8 Grad too and gotta say some of their dresses were top notch for sure!

Miss Quoted said...

I too have Pink Chucks! And black ones... and purple ones, but I don't have the laces - those are awesome. Those are some glamour pusses, all very beautiful, and my ... I don't know if I look that grown up!

I especially love Loopy's style punky pretty with a dash of sass.

It looks like it was a great day, for everyone involved.

TidyMom said...

Every thing looks fantastic! LOVE Loopy's dress and whole look!!

you are right though, I've never seen such a glam grade school grad!!


MJ said...

Happy graduation, Loopy! You looked spiffy ~ you made a statement! Enjoy your summer vacation!

kerryanne said...

Congratulations, Loopy! You are by far one of the *coolest* young ladies I've ever seen. Enjoy this time!

What does One Strong Drink look like Saucey once this is all over??

nikkisawicky said...

They all look FAB.U.LOUS!! I can't wait for all four of my girls to be big enough to share makeup, jewelry, clothes. I can wait, but I can't. You know?

Cheryl said...

Boy is it a small world, I work with Pepper!!!! Love Loopy's outfit and I am with you on the overboard stuff for an elementary grad, it's way too much. When my girls left Grade 8, the school was still trying to play it down but there were a few that treated it like a grade 12 grad!! I just shake my head!

Saucy said...

Yes, the girls really did rock some bright colours!

The laces in Loopy's Chucks are sheer black ribbon that The Fan found for her at Michaels, they just sassed up the shoes enough to be evening attire.

Cheryl, Pepper and I have been close friends for years! Small world indeed! Macy and Loopy have been friends since they were just days old :)

SandraD said...

Great photos of a fun evening. Loopy looked awesome - a very personal look. It is great to see her self-confidence and maturity shining through. Loved the coloured streaks in her hair - truly the crowning touch.

Amy said...

Everything looked amazing-of course. I am a big fan of Loopy's outfit. She looks stunning.


Oh, can you believe how grown up she's becoming? I love all the details and once again, am incredibly impressed.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I love how unique she looks and how she wore chucks! Much better than the hooker heels I saw an 8th grader wearing at the last graduation I went to! Now you have a few years before you have to do the next one :)

Lynn said...

How are you going to top that!!!

Oliver Rain said...

Wow. Loopy looked wonderful. Such a fashionista!

Tamara Jansen said...

I still remember my grade 7 (or was it 8?) grad.....very glamorous indeed. Then when my own FIVE children graduated, I did my best to inject some glamour into their wardrobe as well. all my kids were quite "tiny" compared to their classmates so it was hard to find glamour gowns that fit but we managed.

Hope you guys all had tons of fun!

{lauryl} said...

totally adorable!

marissa said...

wow that's one fancy elementary school graduation! Everything and everyone looks great

the treat girl said...

Girlies!!! Every detail is perfect!!! You'll always have wonderful memories....they are forever.

Cassandra said...

I just don't know how you do it all either!! Everything looked wonderful, and Loopy was beautiful as usual! Congratulations to her on her graduation. I'm a fan of the low-top Chucks in ALL the yummy colors!!

Leica said...

AWESOME job super mom!!!!

queenoftheclick said...

Your daughter Loopy has a lot of personality!!

I'm a middle school teacher and I love the kids who stand out from the other children and who dress the way they feel :)