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Behold the contents of the secret parcel left on my doorstep earlier this week... a hard cover copy of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  I asked Loopy long ago if she would like me to get it for her and she declined politely, as she is mad for a young wizard with broken glasses and felt that reading about teen vampires would somehow be less than loyal to the students at Hogwarts Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I didn't push her and truth be told, I never really entertained reading it myself.  I filled my nightstand with all of the Marie Antoinette, French Revolution, Henry VII, Katherine of Aragon and even as much Shakespeare as I could stomach since my undergraduate days.  Way to avoid Twilight!  I even started (and quit) Pillars of the Earth three times since Twilight hit the bestseller list.

So now, Edward has arrived on my doorstep.  Literally.  The only question left was, who left it?  I had only two suspects.  It turns out that it was none other than Edward Cullen himself, but the suspects were his accomplices.  For details of their adventure, click here

Edward's accomplices recommend that I watch the movie before reading the book, and then again after.  In this case, I think I agree.

And another bestseller-turned-movie, we went to see Angels and Demons tonight, based on the book by Dan Brown.  If you've not read the book, I don't want to spoil it for you although if you are at all familiar with Dan Brown's writing (The DaVinci Code) it is predictable in its own sort of way, and just like with the DaVinci Code, just when you think the story is over... it continues for at least another half hour.  Gah.

Don't get me wrong, it was still a good show.  Fantastic sets.  An interesting fabrication of a story based on a very loose premise and buoyed up with a fair bit of historical fact and quite a bit of fiction.  If you're into art history, the Renaissance and secret societies, then this is for you.

Frankly, I leave movies like this and my head spins for at least an hour.  I usually end up taking some Advil and having a bath.  When we came home I watched the Sex and the City movie to sort of cleanse my palate like a cinematic sorbet.  Angels and Demons was unusually intense and I had to focus and as teachers say, "activate prior knowledge" to get the most out of the film.  

Don't get me wrong.  It really was a good show.  It was long.  It was intense.  It would be an excellent rental because an intermission would serve it well.  I agree with Buddy, we stopped caring about halfway through.  Three and a half cupcakes out of five.

Oh, and just like National Treasure, Donnie Darko, and all the Harry Potter movies, I have a strong urge to come home and create some sort of creepy art scrapbook filled with cryptic sketches, wax drippings, mystical symbols and seals, and things written in code.  I never do, but I always feel like it for a day or two.


Lisa said...




queen-of-nostalgia said...

I too, love Harry Potter, and am not sure if I dare read the Twilight books. Would Hermione scoff? I saw the Twilight movie (I have a 13 year-old-niece) and wasn't toooo impressed. I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series), but that is campy fun with clever wit... not sure if Twilight will measure up. Dare I set myself up for disappointment?

Jerri-Lea said...

The previews of Twilight look pretty intense compared to our 80's vampire movie "The Lost Boys".

Enjoy the read...
(Wow, Kags has beautiful writing!)

MJ said...

I've enjoyed the 2 Dan Brown books but have never seen the movie! Surprise! I don't go to movies (between the kids and people crunching/talking) and the DaVinci Code has never played on Max. I could go to a video store but do they still exist? Weird, huh!


abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

loved twilight, loved the movie (which i watched by myself because the husband would have nothing to do with it)

i also loved pillars of the earth, try again please?


Oliver Rain said...

I haven't seen the Twilight movie yet, but I got lost in the books. Pretty much every one of the nurses at the hospital also got hooked. I find I usually enjoy the books much more than the movies, with the exception of the Harry Potter movies, which also they tend to condense the whole story a bit, stay true to my vision of the books. I love Dan Brown but was totally disappointed with Da Vinci Code (the movie). Oh well, I'd rather stuff my nose in a book normally anyway.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I love the Twilight books and have a feeling you just might, too. :)

... oh, wish you WOULD make that creepy/cryptic book-o-code ... hmm ... maybe this could be an alternate Halloween swappy thing.

KAGS Herself said...

OMG Saucy you have to read Pillars of the Earth - it's one of the books I have read many times over and love it every time. It's the only Ken Follett book I like!

Would you like us to come watch Twilight with you?

Dayle said...

This post made me laugh. I was downtown (in Edmonton) yesterday at the dentist, and after my appointment, I went in to Audrey's Books to buy an atlas (great bookstore by the way), and there it was, Twilight, on sale in paperback. I bought it and proceeded to read the ENTIRE thing in one sitting. I felt like I was in junior high again. Loved it.

Saucy said...

Let's do it! Since I am a Twilight virgin I might need some friends to hold my hand! We are leaving tomorrow for Calgary but will be back on Tuesday... perhaps next weekend?

What does one serve for a Twilight viewing? Apple pie? Bloody Mary's and such?

KAGS Herself said...

Next weekend then - shall we bring Edward?
I'll make some more of those filled Red Velvet cupcakes that Jenn loves so much...or would that be like bringing sand to the Saudis?

Tricia said...

My 11 year old loved the Twilight series, and read and reread them all numerous times. She was never interested in reading the Harry Potter series (and she reads alot), finally she received the first two books for christmas this past year and became hooked. She eventually confessed to me that she liked the Potter series more, which I never thought would happen...I had to leave a comment on that ladies blog, we almost peed our pants!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just "okay" with the Twilight book, but loved the movie! Now I am reading New Moon and I am really enjoying it!


Trace Geworsky said...

Im 30, and even I am obsessed with the books and movie..Team Edward;)
i went to see "ghosts of girlfriends past" tonight, and gave it about half a was pretty meh.
TRace Geworsky

TidyMom said...

YIPPPEEEEE! You're going to drink the red kool-aide!!! Wooohoooo!!!

I did it EXACTLY that way - I saw the movie, liked it, read the book LOVED it....saw the movie again, LOVED it (not quite as much as the book, but I loved seeing, and hearing the characters) then I read the rest of the series while I continue to see the movie several more times (I lost count)

I can't wait to hear what you think!

FYI - my girls both LOVE HP too, but loved Twilight even more!

I ♥ Edward!!
even named my puppy Cullen. LOL


Jennifer Juniper said...

You will thank yourself if you pick up Pillars again. I'm not kidding when I say, it is a masterpiece of writing. I think I might have liked the second book (a prequel) even more.

Really Saucy, you must read Pillars...please?

bluemuf said...

Another great post Saucy, I went over and read the post on how Edward dropped off the book. What fun.

I finally read Twighlight and enjoyed it, so I read the second book. Not bad either.

I haven't been to see Angels&Demons yet but have read the book.

Hugs Karen

the treat girl said...

All of the Twilight books GRABBED Cindy Lou too.....I just can't bring myself to read them!!! But Jennifer Juniper does RAVE about the Pillars book and I plan on reading it next.....hopefully soon!

Jennspiration said...

I dare you to read the Twilight series! I loved those books, I found myself in love with Edward for weeks on end...couldn't stop thinking about him!

Aspergertopia said...

Did someone say Twilight viewing? You know you don't have to ask me twice Saucy. I.Am.In!

SandraD said...

I haven't read the Twilight series yet so am very anxious to hear what you thought of them. Please add my vote to the fans of Pillars of the Earth - an excellent read!

Anonymous said...

We are huge Harry Potter fans around here but just didn't get into Twilight. The anticipation of will they or wont they just gets so boring after awhile. I eagerly await your review.

Christine said...

I read Twilight and was a huge fan of it ... up until I read it for the second time. When the movie came out I saw it and loved it...up until the third time I watched it. I would say read it at least once! Harry Potter is by FARRR a superior book though. As for Angels and Demons I definitely have to see it but I don't know if I'd be able to handle sitting in a seat that long with a movie that makes you think so much. I heard the books are better than the movie though so maybe I'll read the books first.

P.S. Whenever I watch movies like that I totally wish that I had some huge problem to solve and save the world :\

Christine Bruce

Lenore said...

I also scoffed at the Twilight books and movie thinking it would be a betrayal to Harry. thing led to another and I found myself picking up the first book about two weeks ago. And yes, Edward's love for Bella had me feeling like a teenager and next thing you know I have read them all.

I also snatched up the 2-disc special edition while browsing in Costco the other day. And I may or may not have watched the special features and like a keener I may have possibly listened to the director's commentary (where i found out Stephanie Meyer actually makes a cameo in one of the diner scenes - keep your eyes out for it).

And if the teenager in you needs more - read the first part of the 5th book on the author's website. There is about 300 pages and it is the first book but from Edwards point of view. Definitely dreamy *sigh*.

Katie said...

Ah, books made into movies...such a love/hate relationship.

I am reading The English Patient and I have to say the movie was soooo much better.

I read the whole Twilight series (because I am nerd) and watched the movie. I thought the movie sucked bad and the last few books did the same. Such dissapointment...

btw~ Lurve your new look!