pick of peeps

It's almost Easter... I thought it high time to bring the much-anticipated sequel to the girlfriends list by offering my pick of peeps. Not these peeps...

... these peeps:

Just look how much alike this girlfriend and I are, lolling about on the bed with our laptops and gadgets, some cool refreshment and a lipgloss within reach.  We would spend our free time twittering back and forth about the new face of the Republican Party and her self-espoused moderately liberal views.  We're both Daddy's Girls and since I already have hearty respect for her father - once she got to know The Secret Weapon, the feelings would be mutual.  

I would have a front-row seat and be as supportive as possible while my friend brings a youthful voice to the GOP.   We would go to the salon and have our highlights done at the same time and discuss how someone should really feed Anne Coulter a ham sandwich already.  Because girlfriend, it doesn't matter what size of jeans you wear if you have an open-minded, thoughtful opinion.

This girlfriend and I discuss real issues such as developmental delays, autism advocacy, the vaccination debate, and what the inside of the Playboy Mansion looks like. Also, do they use spray-on tans or just photoshop you like that? I admire this girlfriend for maturing and growing into a caring and thoughtful parent... but still immature enough to date Jim Carrey.

This girlfriend and I would also talk parenting because I really want to know what she did to get those four cute boys of hers to be such stand-up guys. People compliment me on Buddy Budderson's manners all the time, so I think I could keep up. Plus, Loopy would want the scoop on her future mother-in-law.

This girlfriend and I would share some pretty decent laughs, probably at the expense of our mothers. I really dig "mama punchlines" and she delivers. Plus, picking this girlfriend is like picking two girlfriends because she has a wife, and Portia would probably always come along but not be a third wheel, like a husband would be.

I only really picked this go-back-in-time girlfriend for free clothes. So sue me.

With this girlfriend, I would belt back a few and make fun of Britney, Paris and Lindsay. They asked for it. We would put our pretty dyed heads together and pen a powerful self-help book for teen girls. Our ex-husbands would write the forward.

This girlfriend would wear her Buddy Holly glasses around me, we'd kick back and mix old-school highballs and cocktails, watch old footage of Meet the Press and reminisce about Tim Russert.

Then, to lighten things up if we felt teary, we would get that tape of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal coming out to make the Republican Response to the State of the Union Address, play it back and forth really quickly so he looked like he was tap dancing, and laugh ourselves silly.

Oh, and this girlfriend would probably be there, too.

Don't forget to add your
pick of peeps to the list.

Peep 1: Meghan McCain, political blogette, daughter of Sen. John McCain
Peep 2: Jenny McCarthy, former Playmate, autism advocate
Peep 3: Denise Jonas, future in-law, mother of Jonas Brothers
Peep 4: Ellen DeGeneres, comedienne, talk show host, twitter pal
Peep 5: Coco Chanel, fashion designer
Peep 6: Pink, singer/performer, nobody's fool
Peep 7: Rachel Maddow, CNBC talk show host
Peep 8: Tina Fey, the perfect woman


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I like your girlfriends. Share?

3continentfamily said...

Tina Fey, Margaret Cho and Parker Posey!

Carrie said...

I love your girlfriends... don't forget to invite me & Molly Ringwald.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have great girlfriends, girlfriend! I think I'd have a beer and a barbeque with Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes, Mrs. G from the Women's Colony and Tina Fey when you're finished with her.

Anonymous said...

i really think i could hang with julia roberts and engage in some mama talk -our kids are similar in age. did you see her on letterman last night? soo cute, the 2 of them!

MJ said...

I'm so glad you included the names of the women you wrote about; a few I couldn't identify (mainly because I watch mostly pbs and cbc!) and I don't get to watch daytime tv unless I'm at the gym!

Professor J said...

Good peeps. I love Rachel's glasses, too.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Your peeps seem very nice.

But Coco looks sort of pissed, like she does not want to be anyone's peep.

And Jenny is a tad too perky. She frightens me more than Coco. I think she is on something that gives her that extra sparkle.

The Shabby Princess said...

Love Meagan McCain, Tina Fey, Ellen, Jenny, Coco... Love.

I'd need to add Giada de Laurentiis to the mix so she could cook for me....

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey, Drew* and I would like to join you guys! Let's meet up for some cupcakes, coffee, and laughs.

*(Barrymore, silly!)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus....I LUUURRRVVVEEE her! If you haven't got her show on your *to watch* list...you're missing some good times!

My latest post inspiration was from you.
Cup cake extraordinaire! Come by and see what confection I cooked up.

Sweet wishes,

the treat girl said...

Jennifer Anniston!! I admire her style....we could play in her closet!!

Anonymous said...

I could hang with a few of those woman as well.
Love this blog entry

Stephanie B

Amanda said...

Hey! We have that in common, Denise Jonas is going to be my daughter's mother-in-law too! :)

Dana said...

I love your list! Someone I would add is Paula Dean. She seems like a very sweet and sincere person, and a lot of fun to boot;) Add Rachel Ray too LOL I see a theme going here :)

NancyBradshaw said...

My favorite of your peeps? Mrs. Jonas! Does marrying Nick make me your in-law if Loopy marries the Brick?


Christine said...

So your list is pretty darn good! I'd have to steal Ellen and Tina Fey because they are both hilarious and extremely talented women. Also..how in the heck did Denise Jonas do such a good job?! She's not on my list but I would like to know too.

Other women on the list:
Jane Goodall - Because of what she does for the world and the living things in it.
Oprah - Because who doesn't want to have her for a girlfriend?
Reese Witherspoon - I dont know what it is about her but I just love her.

Christine Bruce