win a trip to see the jonas brothers with saucy and loopy!

To celebrate my third blogiversary AND my 600th post, Loopy and I have decided to have some awesome fun and share our good fortune at the upcoming Jonas Brothers concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on July 2nd!

You see, we're a couple of pretty lucky gals. We've got a great family, we've got a home, we've got each other. We also have two extra tickets for the upcoming Jo Bros show. This is where you come in... we were thinking... would a couple of blog readers like to join us?

We will be drawing for the winner on Memorial Day: May 25th. That is plenty of time to read the archives, make comments and leave your contact info strewn around this blog... good luck! Every comment that you make, you need to include your contact info... sorry, there's just no easy way to do it. Email or a blog address will do.

Regular blog readers who don't want in on the contest can just make... you guessed it... regular comments.

I'm going to continue with my regular posts while the contest is on but check out the button at the top of my right sidebar, it will be a link back to this post.

Legal stuff that Veto's guys want me to say: (The fine print)

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, simply follow the directions above. Each and every qualified comment made on this blog between the start date of the contest and Midnight, May 24th 2009 will be eligible. We are not responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed entries. Entries received by telephone, fax courier, email or personal delivery will NOT be accepted.

Only one "comment" entry per post but you may enter on multiple posts, no limit per day. The archives are yours to explore... so get in there, read, have fun and comment! Make sure your contact info is in each and every comment you make!

Incomplete entries will be disqualified. You must include in your comment a contact e-mail or track-back URL to your own website or blog in order to be contacted should your name be drawn.

Jonas Brothers, Hollywood Records, Team Jonas and the Disney Corporation are not involved in this contest, nor any of their representatives. This is purely an opportunity for true Jonas fans to share an awesome concert experience with other fans. We're just cool like that.

Contest Rules:
  1. The contest is open to all Canadian and US residents, if one member of the party of two is aged 18 or older, identification must be produced on request.
  2. A random draw from all eligible online entries received will take place on Monday, May 25th, 2009.
  3. Prize must be accepted as awarded and has no cash value, as it is simply an evening spent with fellow Jonas fans enjoying a great show!
  4. The winner will be awarded two premium fan-club seating tickets to the July 2nd Jonas Brothers concert at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well as a Jonas Brothers gift pack (as we will have an extra thanks to Grandma).
  5. The prize must be accepted as awarded: no substitutions to see the Jonas Brothers on other dates, at other venues. The winner of the contest must be in attendance at the event. You may not transfer, trade or sell the prize. NO SCALPING!
  6. The winner will be transported by air from the nearest major airport to their residence to the Edmonton International Airport at a mutually agreed upon schedule. Winner is responsible for their own transportation to and from the closest major airport in their region.
  7. The air flights and arrangements will be made using our Air Miles points, therefore we will work with the winner to arrange appropriate travel times but retain the right to make the final choice of flights, connections, stopovers and connections. The flight must be booked within a week of winning the contest.
  8. The winner will be responsible for their own accommodation while in Edmonton and in the case of any stop-overs en route. We will do everything possible to avoid overnight stop-overs.
  9. The winner will be responsible for their own meals and ground transportation in the city of Edmonton.
  10. Decisions of the contest judges are final - no substitutions will be available. The winners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who agrees to the contest rules listed above. Winners above the age of 18 may be accompanied by a daughter, son, niece, nephew or just a die-hard Jonas fan!
  11. Potential winners will be notified by email and/or announced on this blog.
  12. If there is no confirmation from the winner within a 7 day period after the draw, another winner will be selected from all eligible entries.
  13. No correspondence shall be entered into with contestants other than to inform them of winning and to make the necessary arrangements.
  14. Winners must sign a release form as prepared and accepted by the hosts of this event acknowledging their acceptance and understanding of the complete contest rules.
  15. The hosts of this event will conduct communication with only the selected winner with no exceptions.
  16. Chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. The more you enter, the greater your chances of winning. We do reserve the right to make a final choice (if we suspect potential scalpers or unsavory folk are involved).
  17. Any attempt to deliberately damage any website or to undermine the legitimate operation of this contest is a violation of criminal and civil laws and, should an attempt be made, we reserve the right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  18. By entering this contest, you acknowledge and accept that you will abide by these rules and regulations.

That's totally the end of the legal mumbo-jumbo. We basically just want to spread the love, share some fun and our good fortune with some lucky Jo Bro fans. Good luck and let's have some fun with this over the next month!


the treat girl said...

Saucy!!! This anniversary thing is OVER.THE.TOP!!!!!!!! I would have never imagined!!! I was just thinking something with sprinkles on top!! Have fun!!

hh-Designs said...

Yea!!! What an awsome idea. I would love to go but I don't think my 6 or 3 year old boys would get as much of a kick out of the concert as I would. That Joey is a cutie patutie! More then anything it would be nice to just get away for a weekend. Maybe stop at Ikea as we are completly renovating our newly purchased home...and of course stay at a hotel and slip on one of those cozy robes.
Have fun with your contest and I hope you get a bunch of new saucy followers

Jerri-Lea said...

You are the sweetest!!! No Jonas Brothers trip for us but WOWZA for someone else... now if it were Michael Buble, I'd be your gal!!

Cassandra said...

This is absolutely the BEST!! What a generous thing to do! And Veto...are there even words?

jkddz said...

Oh My what a way to celebrate!!! count Danica Jade and I in!!!
She would just melt!
this is so generous of you and your family =)

Karssa said...

Wow this is such an awesome idea

K :) Family Historian said...

good gravy, what a terrific contest. my little 9 year old (to be) would go nuts. as always, thanks for being so fun and generous.

Tricia said...

Hello Saucy!!! Count me in!!! And my daughter, who is a huge fan of the jonas bros.!!! It would be my pleasure to leave comments on my favorite posts!!!

coRinne not connie said...

that's an awesome gift! i was hoping for cupcakes... i'm sure that someone will enjoy this much more!

and the next time you're doing a bake sale, please let me know -i'd lurve some of those pretzels!

Rosa said...

You all are just the sweetest, kindest folks around. I LOVE YOU ALL! (This is just a regular comment, so please don't add me to the drawing--I'm too old for the boys myself.) I love your new look. Love sprinkles too. You make life so much fun for everyone around you--including me way down here in Nashville. Big hugs and may the bestest peeps win! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Your generosity is amazing.
This would be a great trip to go on with my own family member.
Thanks for offering the opportunity.

Stephanie B

3rdEyeMuse said...

goodness! you TOTALLY make me wish I could brainwash my daughter into loving the Jonas Brothers just to play along ... sighs ... that just wouldn't be fair to all those REAL fans, so instead, I wish the rest the best of luck & all of you a most wonderful time. :)

Laura said...

Wowza - what an awesome giveaway! Too bad I don't have kids and I'm not into the JB. But, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding two deserving fans!

bluemuf said...

Saucy...what a wonderful contest. This is going to make some lucky girl and mom so happy to be able to hang out with you and Loopy, as well as, going to the concert. It is going to be so much fun to see who the lucky winners are, and get to see pictures of the event.

Happy third blogiversary and 600th post. I hope there will be another 600
Just another regular comment :)
Hugs karen

Pepper said...

Wow Saucy! Nuf said..

3continentfamily said...

You are a sweetheart.

Deb said...

You are just toooooo much, Miss Saucy! This is awesome and I think very possibly the BIGGEST BLOG GIVEAWAY EVER!

All I can think of is the deluge of seventy thousand comments on this post due to Google searches for 'Jonas Bros Tix'!!!

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

Um.... YES!!! I'm in.. the real bummer will be what the heck will I tell my TWO tweener daughters when they find out I've got two tickets and only one of them gets to go with me to fabulous Edmonton....!! :)

I'll manage.

Oh and can I just say wow.

did you totally upload jpegs of all the writing? I had a friend ask how to do that exact thing.. thanks!

Leica said...

ok you are just like Oprah. This contest is going to be huge for someone! Good luck everyone. I would love to go just to escape on a getaway with you, (one that would involve Sephora, shoe stores, a stop off at the bead places, etc...) but my kids are too young for this adventure. you need that dreamy girl in love with a different Jonas brother than Loopy!
cannot wait to see where this amazing reader is going to come from!

Amanda B said...

You girls are amazing for doing this for everyone. Count me in

annifranni said...

Saucy! How amazing and generous you and Loopy are. My soon to be 10 year old daughter would absolutely pee her pants if we happened to win this! I LOVE reading your blog - it's so fun and inspiring, and your posts about how you get many great things (parchment paper, tree decorations that you jazz up with sparkles, etc...) at the Dollar Store crack me up.

Last night I used your cake mix and frosting recipe for cupcakes. Yum! I'll go to those posts and comment.

I've been to Calgary and Banff, and I hear the Edmonton is home to one of the largest malls in the world!!

Please count us in, me and Kaileigh. :)


TidyMom said...

Oh WOW Saucy this is an UNBELIEVABLE giveaway!!! Sunshine and I went to the JB concert last year in STL we had 12th row tickets and it was AWESOME, one of the best concerts I've ever been too! LOL those boys are as entertaining as they are CUTE!

Sunshine is not quite as into them this year, but I bet she'd love to come to Canada ans see them and you guys if we won!!

I'm going to blog about your contest too!! (if that's ok)


Jo said...

Saucy, you never cease to amaze me with your kindness and generosity! I can't wait for Holly to be old enough for all the teenage crushes that I can enjoy with her! In the meantime, I'm not entering your comp I just wanted to say WOW! Good Luck to everyone and I hope you have a fabulous time at the concert!

Chris said...

Wow , what a nice girl , no fans here but sound mighty fun , I wish my daughter liked them .

Julia said...

What a fun idea! It's so sweet that ya'll are sharing. Hmmm...if I had a giveaway it would be something like...Lunch with me at a local take out eatery in South Florida...that's it. I like yours better.

Anonymous said...

Wow! (don't enter me as I have a 10yo and 14yo that I would be required to choose between)I just wanted to say you are one of the most generous-fun-outgoing amazing people I have never met, but really want to! That goes for your family too!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hi Saucy! No entry for this lady, but my oh my you are one generous girl! I can't believe it! You are amazing!!

Taiya said...

What a generous giveaway! My daughter is 1, and we don't listen to the Jonas Bros. around here, so I don't want in. :) I just thought I'd tell you how happy you will make some young girl and mother!

Trace Geworsky said...

Are you for real??? That is the sweetest, coolest giveaway I have ever heard of!!!!
I would love the opportunity because I have a 5 year old son, who would poop his pants with excitement..okay, maybe not technically;
He LOVES the Jonas brothers!!! He is all about the girl jeans, hoodies, etc(except he wants dark, curly hair like Nick's) I had wanted to take him to Winnipeg's show but good tickets went fast!!!!For a chance to make my lil guys dream come true, i will DEFINETLY be even more of a blog stalker, and leaving you lots of comments!!!
Thanks so much,
TRace G

Anonymous said...

This is the best giveaway ever! I have a 13 year old that would die to see the Jonas Brothers. I think she and Loopy would be instant friends. We've never been to Canada. How long of a flight is that from Texas? Count us in.

Joanne said...

Wow. So cool! I don't have a daughter, so don't enter me, but I just wanted to let you know how sweet it is that you're doing it. Such generosity! Can't wait to hear about all you gals and your concert fun!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, if I win, I'm bringing Mr. T who LOVES the Jonas Brothers and he loves women and frankly, he's quite loveable himself.

Linda Crispell said...

Wow, this confirms that you are indeed the love child of Oprah and Martha Stewart. Wonderfully creative and extraordinarily generous!!!
I feel like I win a prize every time I visit your blog. I always learn something, get inspired and have a hearty chuckle!!!
Thank you,

sassy studio said...

Hey Saucy,
what a great idea, you will have so much fun!
you found us a band! tell more! i picked up a few hats and banners (white red and blue, you are so right!)

Amanda said...

I found this post through my google search alerts for 'Jonas Brothers'. I am a happily married 44 year old mom of teens who ADORES the JBs! I would love to win your contest and bring my 13 year old daughter. She's never been to Canada. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Junie Moon said...

What a spectacular opportunity. I think the best part is sharing the adventure with the two of you.

Despite my enthusiasm for your generous give-away offer, I'm not a J.B. fan, so no need to enter my name in the contest.

Amy said...

So what about those of us who regularly comment? Do each of those comments count? Huh, huh? Well count me in at least on this end and I'll go back and comment on others. My DD would love to see the Jonas Brothers and would love to meet you and Loopy. I am constantly showing her stuff on your blog. And honestly-your husband is the best. (don't tell mine I said that) :)

Izzy said...

I have to say that this is quite amazing & so wonderfully refreshing... good karma is on your side. I wish those that enter good luck, they will be blessed to receive such an amazing gift.

Suzy said...

I would love to come to Canada and just hang out. Unfortunately, my girls are out of the JB phase. We used to see them for free when they toured the East coast. When you could get as close as you like, no body guards. They would come out to sign autographs and not too many in line...I'm sure Loopy would have loved it!

Anonymous said...

Saucy I am a long time faithful lurker but only the Jo Bros could bring me out of hiding. I am also a friend of MJ's over on the sputterings and we all went to high school together - now aren't you curious? My eleven year old daughter would lurve to see the Jo Bros and Loopy as she lurks on the Loopy-related posts as well. You can find me at

bekaboo said...

Wow! What an amazingly generous giveaway! We couldn't go anyway, so please don't enter us, but I have been enjoying your blog so much and I envy the lucky winners. I am NOT telling my daughter about this! ;p

Helena said...

Don't Veto and Buddy want to go?

Starshine said...

You are so generous! I so wish I had a kid to take with me to this concert! :) Have a blast. I hope we'll meet someday, Saucy!

Sonya said...

And to think I was hoping for a care package of something salty-caramelly!

Holy Moly, girlfriend!!

You are gonna make some mama and her daughter BEYOND happy.

Alas, no trip for Lu and I, due to timing, but YAY for whoever gets to go!

And this TOTALLY makes any giveaway I do in the future blow. Thanks:)

Oliver Rain said...

Lizzie would be on top of the moon, and so would I to finally meet you both, PLUS we are within driving distance and we have FAMILY in Edmonton so hotels are not an issue! How generous of you guys. I hope we win, I hope we win, fingers crossed...

MaryCatherine said...

Saucy, you are by far the coolest blogger ever! and so generous! It's just too bad that Isabella is not older or I would totally be entering this giveaway...I wish everyone the best of luck!

Kate said...

Um yeah...NOBODY is going to topo this EVER. This is going down in RAK HISTORY!!! You rock! My niece would absolutely lose her mind if we won!!! ~Kate

Kate said...

P.S. Can I link this on my blog? Spread the news around!

Anonymous said...

What a super-duper thing to do. My 10 year old daughter would go crazy to have this opportunity. How blessed are you that you are able to make some lucky fans so very happy. Fingers crossed!

Mememoi@SiblingRevelryBlog said...

Wow! This is such a cool thing to do. Can't wait to check out your site further. Thanks for mentioning it on our JB superfanblog - I hope one of our readers (an awesome group of gals/daughters) wins!!! :P

Joe, Christina, & Rocky said...

This is so sweet of you guys! I have no kids - but I'd love to enter for my Cousin Carmen and her daughter Estefania - she would LOVE it.
Can I tug at your heartstrings and tell you that she's just celebrating her 1-yr anniversary of being cancer free and would be over the moon to take a trip with her daughter?!
Even if I don't win - you guys are so generous!

Anna said...

Wow! This is such an amazing giveaway. My oldest daughter will be 10 in a few months and this would be such an amazing thing for her! Please count us in...I am going to dig in the archives right now;)


Janis said...

Wow Saucy! What a great gift!! My seven-year-old daughter and I are fans and would love to win the 'girls-getaway'. When asked where we should go for a holiday this year, my daughter simply replied, "Edmonton". We could certainly make some great memories (leaving the boys at home!!) Good luck to everyone who is entering!!!

Joanna said...

Oh my! This is totally awesome! My daughter, Kayla would love to go. She is a huge Jo Bros fan!! Of course all the others entering are too, I am sure! But, pick us, pick us!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! You are so generous! My dughter would just flip if we won this!!!


Aspergertopia said...

Wow Saucy! What a way to celebrate!

Angela said...

uggghhh... Wow! you are like a real corporation throwing a contest, laywer speak and everything. Out o' hand!

Okay, here is where, to Loopy's shigrin, I have to admit that with 3 boys all under the age of 10, I have never even heard not even one Jonas Brother's song... but I would love to spend time with you in Canada. Guess it won't do to add my name to the drawing, then. Oh, well... you are all very generous to offer such a lovely prize.

Happy BlogAversary!

The Bradford Babe said...


I am new to your site ( which is terrific) and am just amazed at this Jonas Bros. contest! My daughter Emily and I saw the Jo Bros. last year in Michigan (where we live) and we are fans for life! My daughter is going off to college in August and I cannot think of a better "send-off" for her. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saucy,

I left a comment earlier to be entered into the contest but due to scheduling it won't work for our household this time so you can remove us from the running.
Good luck to everyone that enters.

Stephanie B

The Bradford Babe said...


In my zeal to thank you for such an awsome contest, I forgot to leave my contact info for the Jo Bros. contest!

Diane Bradford (The Bradford Babe)

Genette said...

WOW - I found you off of Today's Creative Blog and I can not believe the constest that you are offering!!!! I am sure to enter - my daughters love the Jo Bros and although I would only be able to take one and that would be a tuff choice I am going to try anyways.

Thanks - and offf I go to enjoy more of your blog!!!

Peggy. said...

Wow this has to be the biggest blog giveaway ever! My Cherie and I would be happy to travel from StL to meet you and enjoy the concert.

scrapscape said...

I am doing this for my daughter She too loves the Jonas brothers and I totally missed out in buying tickets
I would gladly even buy them from you !! Good luck with this though and how cooool for someone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is totally awesome I was at the Burnin Up tour last summer as well aww I wish I met you guys; ut great idea & a way to share Im in

SandraD said...

Wow - what a generous gift! I live in Edmonton and my 9 year old daughter and I would love to go with you and Loopy to the concert. In the spirit of generosity and paying it forward, I am prepared to offer my assistance in any way to make your trip to Edmonton more fun (even if you don't draw my name for the tickets). Please send me an email and let me know what I can do. Think of it as my blogersary gift to you sweet Saucy.

The Fancy Yanceys! said...

This is absolutely amazing! Not only do I love cupcakes but I love the Jonas brothers! I've never been to Canada!

The Fancy Yanceys! said...

I forgot to give you my e-mail...

Dana said...

Hello there :) Happy Anniversary!
I am just finding you thanks to Today's Creative Blog :)) I'm going to enjoy some coffee, and reading previous posts! Your blog looks great! We saw the Jo Bros last summer in Hershey PA. I have never seen my daughter so excited :) They put on a great show!

Thanks for giving us a gift for your Anniversary ;)


Jane said...

What a cool contest! Congratulations on your blogaversary!
Faithful reader/mostly lurker,
Jane - Jacksonville

Kelly said...

Wow Saucy, that is so amazing! You are so generous! And I love our blog, I have lurved it for a long time ...

Sydney said...

WOW!!! What a great thing to do. This mother and daughter team would love to check out the Jo Bros in Edmonton. ROAD TRIP! I wake up to the JB and go to sleep at night to the JB. Imagine the excitement if my daughter Sydney actuall got to go??? Her favorie is Nick. Mine is Kevin...he seems to be the underdog.

You can reach us at I hope to hear from you! and THNAK YOU!

Misty said...

Wowsa! This is the most amazing thing ever. My littles are too little to enjoy such an event, but I would surely be the BEST AUNT EVER to my niece Annie if I won!

You are so awesome to do this and congrats on your 3rd blogiversary!

toadman said...

You're only sharing what you have because you're SOCIALIST!!!


Remember that one time, when you got smacked around online for that?

Yeah.. good times, good times..



michelle said...

WOW!! You are a awesome lady...Just randomlly saw your posting on kijjii..I have a 8 year old that sooo wants to go. We live in saskatoon so i didnt know till after show sold out. She would be so completelly happy. I'll try your contest but dont blog too much lol. Even if we dont win remember I think you have a really kind heart

Tamara Jansen said...

oh man, I wish I knew who the Jonas Brothers were because this sounds like tons of FUN!!!!

michelleb. said... just hit me while reading your latest blog entry (love the cupcake display table!)if I were to win, I could bring the 14yo and promise the 10 yo tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert! So, please, accept my entry!

michelleb. said...

Here's my email as it doesn't seem to be coming up in my Blogger acct.

jobrosrock said...

hi i would love to take my dauster to that she is a big big fan of the jo bros she knows all there songs and there little brothers please pick us
thank you email me back my email addres is
thank you

Michelle said...

Hey I'm Emily. I'm fifteen years old and I'm from Sonora California. Haha I just realized I'm posting this through my moms account! Anyway I love the Jonas Brothers. I have been a fully dedicated fan since 2005. For me the Jonas Brothers aren't just three hot guys performing on a stage, but they are three really incredibly talented young men who love music. I was first introduced to their music in May of 2005. From there I decided to extend my knowledge to have a better understanding of who they were, where they came from, and what they have done to pursue their dreams. Through this over the years I have watched them grow and succeed as young performers. A few months after becoming a fan I went through some rough times, both my Grandpa and my cat died within the next year. I began writing song lyrics and poetry. This was partly because of my loss but also because through those hard times I was able to see that the Jonas Brothers Had been through similar things. The Jonas' are such an inspiration to me and most of the kids that I go to school with don't really understand it but they really mean a lot to me. Although they are big celebrities they are the only celebrities that truly seem real to me. They care about their fans so much and always take the time to listen to their fans and get a sense of what the fans are doing and going through. These boys inspired me to get back into music and performing and I haven't stopped since. For me it's not an obsession but a connection that I have with them. Since 2005 I have written thirty song lyrics and around fifteen poems, and honestly the Jonas' are the ones I have to thank for that because without their inspiration things wouldn't be the same for me. As well my mom has been beside me through it all and has understood my love for them. My mother is one of the main reasons why I continued to love the Jonas Brothers after everyone I knew said that they were dumb and stupid. It would mean so much to me and my mother if you chose me. Words can't even describe what a dream come true it would be for me. I would love to take this opportunity to support them more than ever before. Because they deserve it. Thank you so much for opening up this terrific opportunity!

Kayla Taheri said...

you are the sweetest girl ever! ur amazing! i dont know anyone that would do that!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS.....I REALLY WANT TO MEET U GUYS AND KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU GUYS! U GUYS SEEM REALLY COOL! AND UR VERY PRETTY! u dont know how manyy girls appreciate u right now! u guys are very luckyyyy!!!! PLEASE PIK ME!


JamieLeiJonas said...

This is a great idea. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this.
Im not going to lie and be like 'ive never been to a jonas concert' because i have been to many jonas concerts. But ive never been able to win anything. And i think this is a great thing you are doing. its really amazing giving two people the chance to win tickets and see them for the world tour.
well im going to try so heres my email..
so good luck for everyone.
and thanks again for doing this

LeanneJonas said...


My email is:

This is the best contest ever!!!
I would do anything for the JoBros!
I entered like a billion contests and never won one! :(

and I'm sure the Jonas Brothers would be proud of you for giving other fans a chance to win :)

I think all of us (meaning JB fans) would like to say THANK YOU! for making this contest and for being so generous!
You're the BEST! ♥

Tamara B. said...

OMG you are kidding me! My tween daughter would actually pass out if she had the opportunity to see them. She definitely would be the envy of her girlfriends or the star of the group.

Natasha said...

AWE that's so sweet of you guys!!!! I love JB! And i have never seen them in concert before. So cool!

Emily said...

Uh, I want to win for myself. And I'm not afraid to say it.

Emily said...

ooops. Forgot contact info.

Kristen Bridge said...

omg, you can obviously count me on on this contest. it is amazing. i love the jonas brothers, but i couldnt get tickets to this concert. but i would love if you picked me. it would be like the happiest day of my life. (:

Samantha Travis said...

OMJ!,This is the best contest for me!I am a HUGE Jonas Fan and I don't have a lot of luck unfortunately. I am a DIE HARD fan and would do anything to meet my inspirations! They mean the world to me and represent the key to my heart and I'd show my passion for them anytime!When people at my school make fun of them, I stand up for them because I know that's what a true fan would do, I care for all 3 of them and not just Joe and Nick, I keep updated on everything that happens so I get more and more knowledgeable about them, and every time I walk into my room it changes my day in an outstanding way! I believe in them for having purity rings and showing their faith, and I support them with their relationships with girls,even if it's not me ;)Haha.
My mom said she would do anything to see me at a JB concert because she knows my life revolves around them and they make me happy.I haven't been to a concert before and I want my first experience to be at a Jonas Brothers concert,foo shhoo! You girlsare amazing,generous people and this is a great idea to help fello Jonas fans! I'll rap it up now and cross my fingers and pray to god that I get this opportunity & even if I don't win,I want to thank you for making it possible for other fans to win! =)
God Bless xoxVancouver,Canada


#1JONASfanONearth said...

I absolutely would die for this opportunity! I Love The Jonas Brothers with the passion of 1000 suns and I adore them.Their music means a lot and represents who they are and nothing will change that& that's why their fans love them. I wish JB could see all of these comments to see are devoted we really are to them,even though they already know how much we love them,it doesn't hurt to actually hear or read the actual proof that we care so much for them! <3
I really want to meet them or see them perform live in concert because I know watching them live would be way better then watching them on youtube ;)God bless the Jonas Brothers,Frankie,Elvis,Denise, Kevin Sr, and the rest of the family! <333 xoxo

Samantha Travis

ivy! said...

saucy! you guys are absolutly amazing, thank you so much for doing this! <3
i would absolutly LOVE to win. the jb are of course my faviorite! and i adore them! haha i have juvenial diabetes, so nick is an amaizng roel model and hero! my mom is a huge fan too! haha so we would both really enjoy it! thanks so much!

my email is

Tanisha H said...




Saucy said...

Just to clarify a few things, players!

We are offering the awesome seats at the concert plus the trip to get you to Edmonton, but unfortunately we can't offer that you will meet the boys in person! We wish. We'll get you to their gig, though. That part is no problem.

Make sure you visit our other posts and have some fun over here! We want to get to know everyone better and have an interactive game!

Hugs and fun and cupcakes,

Anony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KC said...

That's like seriously beyond nice of you guys! Not just the tickets but flying out the person? Wow, that's all I can say!

I hope the winner seriously appreciates that! haha


lizp02 said...

I just wanted to say, you are awesome for doing this. Like honestly, I actually "aww"-ed out loud when I read it. Thank you trying to make someone's summer so much better with this contest.

But on to the contest...

I would love a chance to go see the brothers in Edmonton. On July 2nd. Because it would be like deja vu. Since I saw them on July 3rd and 4th last year. And I'm deprived of concerts in July so this would be the MOST amazing addition.

Check out my blog too! :)

- Liz

chelsea said...

WOW! than you so much for doing this. You are so generous and have a beautful heart.

littledarlinx16 said...

Sounds amazing! I would love to tour Canada with my mom! Not to mention you would be hanging with the HUGEST Jonas Fan in all of the US. Not even kidding you- total expert- I did like 5 school reports on them. :)

My name is Jordan
and contact me at

Mariie-Piier said...

Oh My Goodness...I can't believe you would actually GIVE tickets to somebody like this + Plane Tickets ?! It is so nice AND generous of you guys :O You sure you would not want to do another thing with these points?! Anyway...I'm not gonna complain about it, that would be REALLY silly of me huhh :P
So, OF COURSE, you can count me in because I'm a really big Jonas Brothers fan (Ouhh you didn't expect that did you ?!:P) since a while (if 2 years is enough...) and it's going to be my very FIRST JB concert this summer and I can't wait, I'm so excited!!

And another thing, I LOVE getting to know new JB fans : I met 3 of my best friends because of the JBs in some (really close) ways, and I talk to people from US, Canada, to Argentina who are also JB fans.

And a last thing, not really linked with the JB, I'm a french Canadian (from Quebec :D) And I've always wanted to travel my country...the farter I've been is Toronto but since in my soul I consider myself as english canadian xD I would enjoy this trip SO much, you don't know how this would mean to me...
And I could shop at Forever 21 since there's not one here xD lol

Once again, this is SO nice of you, I still can't believe it..and this whole anniversary really makes me think of my mom (she got me a X-BOX, and an awesome ring for HER birthday...)

So my e-mail is
And I just want to thank you SO much for only letting have this chance and this dream (and I'll stop here 'cause now I'm getting too cheesy lol)

cassie-carlson said...

wow what an amazing contest you guys r sweet for doing this

cassie carlson

Mariie-Piier said...

Didn't think my comment was THAT long! =S I'm so SO sorry for this huge thing...

Duane said...

that's so cool that you are doing this
id loveeeeeeeeee to go

this tours gonna be so amazing!


Anonymous said...

Heeey, Girls
whaaat an awesome contest for Jonas Brothers tickets :)I'd love to enter :)
pCee Outt Rachel
E-mail Me:

Caitlin! said...

Wow that is so cool that u are doing this!!
You are soo generous!

jacklyn said...

omg this ios so nice of you!
like amazingly especially with the economy this is literally crazy! please take pics of you and the winners :))

Tiffany Presley said...

Wow, I'm so amazed that you guys are giving away this amazing contest for someone to join you for the Jonas Brothers Concert. I hope that a lot of people will see how awesome you truly are. Words can't describe that feeling I got when I was reading your blog.

I just wanted to wish everyone luck and my figures are crossed that maybe I'll be choosen for this once in a life chance to see Jonas Brothers in Canada!


Ginny said...

Wow what a contest. I have 2 girls that are big fans, but if I won I'd take my tween. What a great thing to do!

Maddie said...

this is seriously an awesome idea! thank you so much for doing this! i'll definetley look at your site more now! i've never seen it before but it's pretty good! thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

wow you guys seem really cool and that's so awesome you guys are doing this!!!


Prpldy said...

OMG! What an awesome giveaway. Would love to win and bring my Grandson!!! Please enter me into the giveaway.

prpldy (at)

Anonymous said...

woahh. this is awesomee! haha my mom would loveeee a mother daughter jonas trip! she finally admitted that she actually likes them! its soo nice of you guys. this is a great way to make sure that actual JB fans get to go instead of scalpers giving them to the highest bidder! Thank you sooo much! =]

Alyssa C.

NancyBradshaw said...

You girls are mondo-generous. This is such an amazing oppurtunity.

The name's Nancy and the email is

No bribes and if you don't pick me, then congrats to the ones who DO get to go.

Julia (Blog Owner) said...
Hey This is my e-mail and if i dont get picked congratulations to whoever wins it :)

- Julia

CaseyParsons said...

Hi. This is awesome!! My daughter is a huge JB fan. As her mom I'm really glad to see my daughter like such wonderful boys. I can't believe you are willing to give another JB fan this experience. This is amazing. You have to be one of the biggest, sweetest fans of all times. Thanks so much for making someone elses dreams come true.
Casey Parsons
New London, NC (USA)

kelsey said...

PLEASE pick me i am one of there biggest fan , & if u want to hang out with a real fan , im your gal !! :) PEACE.LOVE.JONAS <3

jb625 said...

Wow! A trip to see the Jonas Brothers in concert! That is so generous of you and your family. We are huge fans. Ya, mom is too! lol
To win this contest would mean not only bringing one dream true, but 2! Shopping at the West Edmonton Mall too! My daughter would be in heaven and so would I.
It would be the best birthday gift ever! The draw is on my birthday!!!

Here's hoping we win!

Katyann Santa Maria said...

This is a great contest you guys are having! :) It would be so amazing if I ended up winning! It would be my dream come true for my 18th birthday :) and I would get to go w/ my mom and see Canada which would be even better :) <333

- Katyann S.M.

Kelly said...

You guys are so sweet! I would LOVE to go to a jonas brothers concert. I would go with my mom. I'm 13 by the way. I have asked my mom and shes watching me write this right now! I've never been to a jonas brothers concert before but im a big big fan! I live in florida but i have never got any tickets to a concert before. Last year we tried for the burnin up tour but this year we just cant do cause we just cant do it. The economy is just to bad. My dad has four jobs but we're still stuggling, i would love to go with you girls to see the jonas brothers concert. That would be the best day of my life! okay so have a great day. i love you guys!

Oh and my e-mail is :)

Devan said...

Wow! That's so awesome of you to do that :)
I'm definitely entering!
It's seriously my moms dream to go to a Jonas Brothers concert, and she could only ever afford to buy me a ticket !
That would make her sooo happy!
Well goodluck to everyone :)

JonasGirl725 said...

OMJ!!! Great Idea! This is the best contest in the world.
Kudos to everyone including me<3
May the best Jonas Fan Win.
(kinda corny but true!!!!!?)

JonasGirl725 said...

I think i will cry if i get the tickets!!!! i saved up for ages to get ticket to go to the toronto show but i still dont have enough money to be the front row or floor seatss im am too excited.

JonasGirl725 said...

OMJ!!! Im too excited

BTW. Guys, its

JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...

ILY jonas!!!!


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...


JonasGirl725 said...

i LOVE JONAS!!!!!!!!

Kaitlin said...

wow! what an awesome idea!!
i love in canada :)
i have not been to a concert yet but i would love to go to one!!

Lauren said...

this is really cool and i love you for doing this :]
you are really awesome and over the top for this contest :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think that is so awesome that guys are doing this! especially since i LOVE them! Nick is my favorite and I have been wanting to see them but all their concerts nearby are all sold out!

Christine said...

Seriously, this is so amazingly sweet of you guys you have no idea! I wound up missing out on tickets for them for my little sister and lets just say....I thought she was going to kill me. So count me in on this one!

Christine Bruce

Catharine said...

What an awesome giveaway...I just found your blog and luv it of course...My 12 y/o daughter would do anything to see a Jonas concert..Thanks for the opportunity.

Charming27 said...

This is the most awesomest idea daughter is a huge Jonas brothers FAN and I would be right there with her to experience her exciting moment!!!

Victoria said...

i would love to go to a jonas brothers concert so count me in on the contest.


CaseyDehart said...

That is so sweet of you to do!
Unfortunately my mom died a year and a half ago from cancer on nicks bday but i can always drag my dad along since i'll only be 17. [:


Stephanie said...

this is amazing !
you guys are so sweet for doing this !

Franniejonas said...

You guyys are sooooo nice!!!!!
and your right you shouldnt sell the tickets!
No Jonas Fan should not be able to go to a concert!
Good luck to everyone!!!!
and again thanks for making this wonderful contest!

Emily said...

Hey I'm Emily! I'm 15 years old and I'm from Sonora California. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Wow you guys rock! I am a 100% TRUE JONAS FAN and I'm proud of it! Haha wow! I have written about them for the past three years and always find some connection between what I'm talking about and them. Ok I could be talking about the moon and just randomly say that Kevin wanted to be an astronaut! No kidding I do that all the time lol! people Think I'm crazy because I like them so much but I'm honestly a very devoted fan. I would do anything for them! I even just pre-ordered their new CD. I have all of the J.O.N.A.S. episodes on pre-record and I can sing any of their songs on cue. Haha I know it sounds like I'm obsessed but I'm not haha. I will be walking some place and randomly burst out into on of their songs. Lol I love to have fun and just have a good time and be around people like me! I love meeting new people and love to talk to fans about their experiences!!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!! ~Emily

Emily said...

haha oops i totally forgot my contact info lol

btw thanks so so so so so so much you have no idea of how much this would mean to me lol it would be crazy amazing!!!! I'm just a normal girl with a big heart and an even bigger dream!!!! Please help me make that dream come true by letting me see my idols! The people who gave me my dream and inspired me to pursue it! They are my life and they will always have a special place in my heart until the day I die I will always love them!!!! Thanks so much!!!! ~Emily

Emily said...

Hi I'm Emily! I'm 15 years old and I'm from Sonora California!!!! How cool would it be to come to CANADA!!!!! Of all places I've always wanted to come to Canada!!! My grandparents have been there and they have told me that it's beautiful!!!!! But i would love to see it for myself!!!! My mom is so cool she told me to enter this and said she'd come if I won!!!! Wow from what I've read about you guys my mom and I can totally relate to you. We are always running around from one event to the next! I've always told my mom that i have to have a busy life style and I will always have a busy life style! Anyway, how cool would it be to meet you guys and celebrate our love of Jonas together!!!! Just so you know I really would love to win this thing haha no joke I never win contests but this one seems different!!!! Thanks so much for putting it out there!!!!! ~Emily

cgarcia0x said...

WOW you guys are actually so amazing, that is so generous of you! I live in Edmonton Alberta actually so that would save you your points!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I LOVE the fact that you would come out of your way like this to help a Jonas Fan,that is totally generous & caring of you <3 Anyways...I would love to win this contest because I am a loyal fan! I will enter this contest every single day so I at least have a good chance to win! Haha,you probably don't know how bad I want this. I want this so bad I'm so excited to see who wins.I am 10000% dedicated to these boy and nothing will ever change. I believe I will always have a place in my heart for them,no matter how old I am,I mean,you can't just give up on the most inspiring people you have in your life right? That's right,I would kill for this chance.I've never really traveled because my family doesn't really have the money for it,but I believe that god won't let me down,and I will get my chance to meet these boys,but I really want to experience them in concert and meet you girls because you are inspiring to me for doing this and I want to thank you even if I don't win because one lucky fan will win this and they defiantly deserve it. xoxo

Samantha Travis

barbara burkard said...

OH OH OHOHOH.....JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP...(DO YOU SEE ME BACK HERE?) wait..(tap tap this thing on?) OVER THE TOP IS THIS BLOGGING ADVENTURE!!! OH MY GOSH! this is just...hmmm (if i'd say GROOVY..i'd be dating myself...but things from way back then ARE BACK!) (at one time i went to see "gasp" NSYNC (JUSTIN JUSTIN JUSTIN!!!) with my daughter...what fun would this be for my 7 going on 17 year old granddaughter and I!!! (NICK NICK NICK.!!! would be over the top! going to check out your blog now!!
Maddysen and her Nonnie

Tina Maharath said...

I thought this contest idea was SO cool. So i thought i'd enter :) I have a little sister who is OBSESSED with them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are one amazing woman! How do you do it? I love the cupcakes that you make, and my friend Joanna talks about you all the time from your kids school saying how wonderful you are!

My daughter is 7 1/2 and is totally and completely in love with the Jonas Brothers!

Jennifer Fast

Anonymous said...

I absolutely would die for this opportunity! I Love The Jonas Brothers with the passion of 1000 suns and I adore them.Their music means a lot and represents who they are and nothing will change that& that's why their fans love them. I wish JB could see all of these comments to see are devoted we really are to them,even though they already know how much we love them,it doesn't hurt to actually hear or read the actual proof that we care so much for them! <3
I really want to meet them or see them perform live in concert because I know watching them live would be way better then watching them on youtube ;)God bless the Jonas Brothers,Frankie,Elvis,Denise, Kevin Sr, and the rest of the family! <333 xoxo

Samantha Travis

Anonymous said...

OMJ!,This is the best contest for me!I am a HUGE Jonas Fan and I don't have a lot of luck unfortunately. I am a DIE HARD fan and would do anything to meet my inspirations! They mean the world to me and represent the key to my heart and I'd show my passion for them anytime!When people at my school make fun of them, I stand up for them because I know that's what a true fan would do, I care for all 3 of them and not just Joe and Nick, I keep updated on everything that happens so I get more and more knowledgeable about them, and every time I walk into my room it changes my day in an outstanding way! I believe in them for having purity rings and showing their faith, and I support them with their relationships with girls,even if it's not me ;)Haha.
My mom said she would do anything to see me at a JB concert because she knows my life revolves around them and they make me happy.I haven't been to a concert before and I want my first experience to be at a Jonas Brothers concert,foo shhoo! You girlsare amazing,generous people and this is a great idea to help fellow Jonas fans! I'll rap it up now and cross my fingers and pray to god that I get this opportunity & even if I don't win,I want to thank you for making it possible for other fans to win! =)
God Bless xox


Anonymous said...

This blog is really neat! I love the jonas brothers they are my favorite band. Lol yo sorry that was crazily random.

Anonymous said...

Saucy and loopy, thatbirthday thing was crazy!! lol

mblaise3 said...

What a co-inky-dink, I'm in 8th grade and love the Jonas Bors. just like Loopy!

#1JONASfanONearth said...

AWESOMENESS! This is so cool of you!! I would love to win this because I live in Canada but I've never had the chance to travel or anything and I've never been on a plane before.I would really like to meet you girls and win this contest because I am in grade 8 and I <333333333 The Jonas Brothers from the bottom of my heart and they reach out to me and inspire me beyond words.I support Nick Jonas 100% and I admire him,his diabetes has made him who he is today! :) The Jonas Brothers have got my heart & I don't want it back.Everything in my room is JONAS JONAS JONAS! & I LOVE IT! everyday after school I rush to my room,turn on some Jonas brothers music,go search up Jonas brothers websites and get all the scoop and stare at my Jonas Walls(Look at my pic,that's just part of my one wall)I haven't been to a concert before and this would be so amazing for me,& my mom says she always wants to have some daughter/mother time because I have 3 brother (two older ones) and its tough at home for me so it's important for my mom when she sees me happy,so I'm sure she would love to come :) thanks for this opportunity and good luck to everyone. God bless you and The Jonas Brothers.

Samantha Travis

(Pick me! =D )

#1JONASfanONearth said...

That's so awesome,I don't know many times I'm going to enter,but I wanna win! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! whoooo hhoooooooo!!! JB for life!! Noo Mattter Whhattt ! <3333

Lovee all you JB fans and I support JB 1000%%%% <3333

Samantha Travis

reina said...

Wow Saucy!! Where do you find the time??? Would love to win!! My daughter is a huge fan!!How fun to have a mother/daughter weekend away! Reina

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a generous prize, my DD would just die if she could go see them!! Shelley

Anonymous said...

this would be soooo much fun! My daughter and I would love it.

Laura said...

hello My name is Laura Osegueda.. I love the Jonas Brothers with all my heart..I truly would do anything for them.. AND I MEAN ANYTHING!! WHATEVER THEY ASK!!! LOL.. well anyway I just wanted to say that I was really confused because I mean I really have never met the Jonas Brothers and it would be such a great oportunity.. I just love them and if one day i meet them I will be the happiest person on this planet..

p.s. I thought I had to post my comment on nickjonline and I had no idea I had to post it on here.. OMJ this isn't fair well seriously I didn't know where to post my comment!!! Please read my comment!! I love you guys... o and thanks for this great opportunity...

Laura said...

ooo hello again.. I love the Jonas Brothers.. please forgive me but I really had no idea that this contest was on this website.. I truly thought I had to past a comment on because it was on that website.. Please consider me as a person who would want to meet them.. I truly do.. I am very sorry.. Please contact me somehow and tell me if you can please make some arrangements or something.. PLEASE!!! I am really dying to meet the Jonas Brothers... I LOVE THEM!!!! <333

my email is

Please help me!!!

Saucy said...


The contest is over and the winner has been chosen! We have contacted her family and made travel arrangements, we are looking forward to meeting them for the first time in Edmonton on July 2nd!

Thanks for your interest in this contest! Make sure you check this blog frequently for more contests and great Jonas updates! We're always up to fun around here!

Saucy and Loopy